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Evolution of Revolution – Saturn Retrograde, Tunisia and Egypt

February 1, 2011

The Ancient Babylonians studied astrology with a fervor for detail that would satisfy anyone with OCD. They recorded the movements of the stars and the correlation of important events for thousands of years, and with that information, formed what we know as Modern Astrology today. With that same eye, it is very interesting to look at current events today.

The young man, who set himself on fire in Tunisia as a protest to food prices, did so just before the Dec. 21 eclipse and died on the second eclipse of January 4th. As previously noted in my story on eclipses, they are times of impulsive, explosive energy and things seem blown out of proportion. The energy lasts for about six weeks – from two weeks before the 1st Eclipse (this Lunar Eclipse was in December 21st), two weeks between the Eclipses, to two weeks after the last Eclipse (on Jan. 4th). The resulting trickle down of effects through the government and overthrow shows how this energy can magnify when it interacts with the Chart of Tunisia – the first eclipse was square Tunisia’s Sun (change of leadership), and the second one was right on Tunisia’s Mars (man dying, sparking anger). Because the conditions were right in that country, people were already pushed to their limits economically, the country found itself thrown into change.

Anti government demonstrations in Egypt started the day before Saturn turned retrograde in Libra on January 26th. But it had it’s beginnings when a man set himself on fire on January 17, still within that window of feeling the effects of the last eclipse, and two others did the same the next day, the last day of that effect. Then we went into another full moon and the tide turned, politicians asked Mubarak to step down and people poured into the streets.

The transit of Saturn in Libra pushes hard for balance in world structures, and the retrograde allows for structures to re-order themselves making use of the seeds of resistance sparked by events in Tunisia. People have been feeling repressed for along time and they have had enough. It is amazing to watch the joy on peoples faces and hear their happiness as they talk about how amazing it all is. And a great reminder for us Americans who think we are the only ones that can spark revolution, that people will follow our lead when it is right for them to do so. We don’t have to force it, in fact it is more powerful when it comes from within. When people own revolution, then real change can happen. Not when we force it on them.

Looking ahead, this is what it is going to be for many…thrown into change. And change looks good. Saturn goes it’s merry way challenging structures as it touches all the sore points we just experienced since July of last year when it entered Libra. So any glimmers of unrest, and discomfort and constrain on leadership or unfair control that we felt last year will be revisited. It is a very unsettling time, because the other planets are challenging us as well. We have to get our ducks in a row under trying circumstances. But take heart, it is the only way we will get through this time.

When Saturn goes direct in June, it will pass the same point it was at during the unrest, in August of this year. So change is ongoing and will refine itself as new leadership emerges and others struggle for the void. The good news is that with the north node entering Sagittarius in February, we all will be engaged in spiritual activation and the struggle for justice, so our consciousness is turned in a positive direction all year. Our individual soul longings are dovetailing with what needs to happen in the world. Let’s make the most of it!

This is going to be a very interesting year folks.

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