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Soothe the Inner Beast – Meditation

January 25, 2016

Here is a meditation I wanted to share from my January Planetary Wisdom Course. This is a great meditation to integrate for the next 2 weeks, during the waning moon till the next lunation, the New Moon on February 8th in Aquarius. Especially helpful when we might be feeling held back by the wiles of Mercury retrograde (which is ending tomorrow Jan. 26th). We are on a vibration of opposites here as we take in the wisdom of Leo with the waning moon, to clear the way for creating a plan of action when the Aquarius New Moon arrives, when we can ride on the waxing or building energies. We will be meditating on calm Earth energy and visualizing breaking through anything that holds us back.

Daily Leo/Aquarius Meditation

sunflowerengravingeditedSit straight with your hands on your knees face down. We are going to circulate energy inside of us. Close your eyes and relax. Let go of any troubles or stress from the day. Breathe it out. Breathe in the freshness of earth energy. Allow any aches and pains to drain out, or if they persist, send them love and healing energy. Feel yourself whole and renewed.

As you breathe, draw in energy from the top of your head, from the cosmos. Feel the lightness and beautiful white light filter down into your spine and light up your body. Hold it and feel it circulate. Feel it’s quality of lightness. Now breathe red earth energy up from your 1st Chakra, the perineum, on the pelvic floor just before the anus. Allow this red earth energy to come up your spine, wrapping around the white light like a spiral, then spreading out into your body adding a reddish glow. Feel it direct you to a calm and centered feeling. Feel yourself solidly on the earth, stable and strong.

As you enter this place, balanced between solid earth energy and the light of the cosmos, imagine something that is holding you back. It might be fear. Imagine white light illuminate this fear. Then imagine red energy wrapping around the fear and drawing it into the earth, dissolving it and rendering it neutral. Now see a new emotion rise up from the earth like a small plant sprouting up. See this new emotion of competence, determination and steadiness of action rise up and flow into you, circulating and settling into your energy field. See it being held by the white and red glow. Know that each time you meditate this will grow stronger. You will know when it is time to move onto the next obstacle in the next meditation. Repeat this, identifying an obstacle and letting the earth energies suggest a supportive and loving counter measure to replace the obstacle.

This is a powerful, yet subtle way of re-imagining yourself. And letting the energies of the earth and the cosmos reshape you.


Blessings for a Leo Full Moon

January 24, 2016

More from my Planetary Wisdom Course:

If you need to add a little oomph to your life, especially  around abundance, then this is a great way to change your vibration. Spiritual herbal baths align our energies with plant energy. Plants have different specialties. Some are used for love, some for power, some for abundance. The essence and vibration of herbs enhance our ability to resonate with what we want more of, by changing our Aura to reflect that.  A teacher once told me, if you want to know pine trees, then wash yourself in pine needle water to absorb their essence and receive their teachings that way. This the same way.


Fresh basil, mint, calendula, and chamomile with essentials oils. Cramp bark in silver bowl.

Spiritual Bath for Success

Calendula Flowers
Loose Tea Bag
Essential oils of all of the above
Optional: Cramp Bark, or Devil’s Shoestring

Use at least 3 of the herbs, plus Cramp Bark for protection if you can get it. You can use the dried herbs and/or add 3 drops each of the essential oils as well. You will do this ritual 3 days in a row in the  morning is best, but it can be any time of day. Doing it 3 days in a row will bring these herbs energies into your aura. So we will be creating 3 of these tea bags if you are doing it that way.

IMG_4791Combine the herbs in a tea bag or tea strainer. Brew it in a cup. Let cool. Hold the cup and pray:

May my ancestors and my helping spirits bless these herbs. Calendula, may your fierce sunny power infuse my plans and fill them with successful light. Chamomile, may your gentle spirit make my plans flow with ease and power. Basil, may you bring good luck and abundance to all I create. Mint, may your essence spread and multiply my efforts to spread my work to the 4 corners of the earth. I see myself embracing my plans and the success they bring. I see my life adjusting and welcoming new ways to flourish. I see my step by step efforts bring good direction and spiritual blessings on my purpose. I see myself align with spirit and revel in the joy of releasing my creations into the larger world.

After you have finished praying, pour into a larger container with warm water. You can now either pour it into a bath for yourself or, after you finish showering, let the herbs be a final rinse before you step out of the shower.

Know you are blessed.


To order hard to find herbs, try:

Lucky Mojo Curio Company –

Local Resources in NYC:
The Herbe Shoppe –
394 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Remedies Herb Shop –
453 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Flower Power –
406 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

New Moon in Capricorn Jan 9, 2016

January 10, 2016

2016 planetarty wisdom smb

This is a preview of some of the nuggets contained in the Planetary Wisdom Course. Its an easy way to begin to re-enchant your world with the natural energies around you. And start a nature spirituality practice all your own.

January 2016

January is an interior month, full of surprises and opportunities. Because most of it is during a Mercury Retrograde (starting on the 6th), it is not time to initiate a lot of action in an outer way. Rather, use these influences to plan, rewrite and re-frame your goals. Great time for editing and going over work. Its also the start of Jupiter Retrograde on the 8th, where good luck and influences take an interior turn as well till May. You will find it best to expand your spiritual practice and meditation time for the next few months. Be in touch with the guru within. By the time the Full moon in Leo on the 23rd touches us with it’s love for others and superb leadership capacity, we will be bursting to try out our revelations when Mercury finally goes direct of the 26th. This month it’s all happening on the inside! But don’t fret if you do have to do things on the outside (contracts, purchases, etc.). It will be okay, just remember to have patience and know there might be a few glitches to weather. Or not. Whatever you do keep your chin up!

Astrological Happenings
These are the days and events to look out for this month.

 Day              Event                              Time           Degree & Sign
January 6     Mercury Retrograde                           1 Aquarius
January 8     Jupiter Retrograde                              23 Virgo
January 9     New Moon                        8:31 pm       19 Capricorn
January 23   Full Moon                         8:46 pm      3 Leo
January 26   Mercury Direct                                     14 Capricorn

Astrology of the New Moon
New Moon in Capricorn January 9th 2016 8:31 pm EDT
As most of you know, New Moons draw us inside to consider what we want to manifest. Luna’s energy is easy to work with, and more consciously felt by all of us. The natural progression from dark to light and light to dark brings our inner most selves out to engage the world, and then draws us back in to assess how it went. When we use this energy to create and manifest our desires, in harmony with the unique gifts each moon provides according to which sign it’s in and house, we align our goals with those energies for an extra boost. A turbo effect. This is a really great way to use planetary energy to infuse ritual, strategic goals, subtle activism and self care for ourselves and the planet.

a18Capricorn in the 5th house gives us the opportunity to gain traction on creative ideas and projects. With Mercury in retrograde starting January 6th, these are going to have to stay in the planning stage till The Winged One goes direct on the 26th. Retrogrades are prime time for internal processing, so let yourself explore your communication style, the way your mind works and how you move through your life. You might be surprised to find dynamic new insights flowing in with only a gentle nudging. And a plan for action emerging, which seems achievable. Perfect for considering 2016 and your strategic plans.

With this particular New Moon, your dreams, passions and untended creative urges are going to jump to the front with fierce determination. So plan to take time to let them spill out and get them down on paper. If you are writing, plan on setting up time every day to do so. This is an optimum time to establish schedules, routines and practices. Especially pertaining to strengthening the body. So all you magical folk, restart a yoga practice, daily walk/run or exercise routine. Your body is calling!

As Chiron is sextile this moon, healing relationships is another area of growth possible. Forgiveness and building bridges, if taken step by step will start things in motion. Little things count, like praying for difficult people in your life, and reaching out gently. You can reestablish trust during this time, but don’t rush in, as you might seem inconsiderate. Take the high ground and wish the best for the situation. Meditate on it and work your spirituality around these relationships and you will see change. Take time to listen to responses in a detached, information gathering way. Don’t be daunted. If you want to repair, nudge the relationship along, but make sure you make the adjustments necessary in yourself as well.

We are called deeply inside this month to develop our own unique spiritual path. Take what you love from the paths you have studied and make it your own. Create your own inner spiritual home. In Shamanic terms, what is your inner territory? Journey to that place of spiritual renewal inside of you. Also look at the parts of your spiritual journey or path that are difficult. Look at how you might breathe new life into that particular place. Personal example: I have arthritis in my big toe which has kept me from the joy of my Vinyassa practice. So my goal for the month: Inventing new ways around that darn toe, and loving it into a new way of doing yoga that doesn’t stress my toe, and allows the rest of me to get what it needs. What do you need to support for yourself?

With Jupiter and the north Node leading the pack this month, we are right up in our purpose and desires. We definitely need to delve into this part of ourselves. What is our passion, and how do we express it? What do we love and what lies by the wayside? Where are you going and how do we lead ourselves there?

Want More? Want to get your Nature Spirit Mojo working? Sign up for the Planetary Wisdom Course before January 15th and get January FREE.

The course includes:

  • Astrological Overview
  • New Moon Astrological Report
  • Monthly goal setting using planetary energies
  • Meditation to align you these energies
  • Full moon rituals/herbal brews/
  • Monthly Q&A call
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I can’t wait to have you on the first call – January 19th.

Shamanic Healing: Batteries not Included

November 4, 2015


A good part of my work is setting us humans straight with the spirit world, including our Earth Mother. This can take the form of connecting clients to their loved ones on the other side, cleansing spaces and land, clearing a persons energy field and body of spirit intrusions, clearing the ancestral line of spirit interference, and honoring the spirit beings and ancestors. Spirits and humans…we have bonds that extend throughout time. It is vital to both of us that we be in communication and heal the broken ways for both living and non. It is part of a larger crisis our planet is facing.

There is a natural way of handling relationship with this part of our spiritual nature, which has been forgotten over time. It used to be that people partook in ritual, were tended to by Shaman’s who understood the natural process of attachments, soul loss and guidance from beyond. They knew that spirit attachment is a natural occurrence that resolves itself as a person heals naturally. That speaking to our loved ones in spirit is a necessary and important healing act. When one is depressed, or experiences loss or illness, a hole in the aura opens up. Spirits with similar issues, sometimes misguided, will think they are helping, or just don’t know what else to do and attach to you. Sometimes it is more intentional, but that is rare. As you naturally heal, the hole closes up and the spirit goes away. Sometimes though, when the wound is too deep or multi layered, the spirit clings on and prevents healing. Especially when soul loss has occurred. This is when the Shaman comes in and does their work, closing up the aura and letting you heal and move on. Although not everyone is a shaman, the healing process works better when we are engaged in the process. Recognizing the entire natural world, and honoring our beloved dead through our own personal rituals, as well as community ritual, keeps us whole.

Not attending to this way of natural attraction/interaction with the spirit realm has led people in our modern world to experience a lot of problems. A lot of messes have stored up for both our ancestors and we the living. The living can amend this, the beloved dead and other spirits cannot. We have the energetics and the tools to heal the past and the future by working on these issues. It is freeing, important work that demands the full attention of both our hearts and minds. And the follow through of work that leads us to a deeper understanding of our lives and purpose.

Spirit interference is a wake-up call and an opportunity. It is not a passive event. We are all too used to being passively healed. We take medication and something happens. We see the doc and are given instructions, we are operated on and things get better. Healing is not a passive act. It is to make one whole. Wholeness requires effort on our part, and, a willingness to be restored to our natural state. The shaman and the client are partners, one helping the other to restore balance to the community. If one member of the community is ill, the community feels it and is changed. We are interrelated. Connected. Bonded. Therefore, more responsible than we thought.

For the healing to be complete we must work on our connection to the parts of our spirit that were out of alignment and damaged. We need to sing ourselves back to health. Tell our own stories. Time after time, clients are reluctant to make the healing real by interacting with the returned parts, or creating personal ritual that connects us to the healing process. They are skeptical of the spirit messages and information. They want the Shaman to take care of it all. Although we do a great job, it is not in our abilities to make the healing take. That is the responsibility of the person being healed. Admitting our weaknesses and taking steps to strengthen ourselves is required. Otherwise the conditions can and most likely do recreate.

IMG_1531I have puzzled on this, and realize that it is something that is just so out of our modern culture. Clients seem so connected in session. Yet the healing needs to be repeated because we lack experience to embody what we are learning. Without regular time set aside for connection to spirit, we get run over by our phones and too busy lives. It’s not intentional, we are allowing this because we have forgotten how to be whole. If it isn’t automatic, we just don’t do it. That is what needs to change.

Another factor is fear. We don’t want to know that the spirit world is real, that it requires our attention. It scares us. It tells us that things are not so much under our illusion of control. It stretches our imagining of reality till it almost breaks and when it snaps back it is bigger than before. It tells us the truth…about most things. And opens us up to what we don’t want to see. We are so attracted to busyness because we are running. But sooner or later it catches up with us. It then causes havoc in our lives.

We are born containers for spirit, and the earth, our mother, is the container for that luscious, life giving, creative connection. When we are connected, it is not scary. It is amazing. The earth and her spirits teach us all that we need to know. We ignore her and her wisdom at our peril. Our disengagement is why we are in such an ecological mess. And why we are not rising up and fighting back. It all starts with us. Reconnecting to ourselves and the ways of spirit. And we need to start with our relationship to nature, which nurtures all that we are. We need to take action today to make the call. Invite the spirit world to help you be whole. To guide you on your path. And Illumine the way as we walk out of darkness into the light which holds it. We don’t need to be fixed. We need to be restored. And from that we can care. About everything that matters. I know we can do it together. Here is to holding that intention.

Becoming More Authentic…and a special offering.

August 27, 2015

IMG_0603Original meaning of the word Shaman –One who knows”
From the Language of The Tunguska people in Eastern Siberia

As I became more willing to call myself a Shaman, the response from those who knew me ranged from fear to respect. For me, it was the logical next step as a healer, medium and diviner (reader of tarot, astrology or other divinatory methods), to combine all 3 things and commune with the spirit world about healing others and the planet. Simple, direct, and comprehensive I felt. When people started to tell me their fears about this I realized that they were imagining something entirely different and, in a sense, projecting their own fears about awakening intuition and connection with other worldly beings onto my own experience.

Now this I can understand. As a teacher of intuition and healing, the fear factor is quite effective at keeping oneself from growing into, and accepting, the luminous, creative forces of alternate awareness. Hey, the mind can only grasp so much at a time. We are not used to letting go in this way. And yet the call remains and no matter how hard we try to rationalize it or push it away. The call sometimes gets louder and louder till it has our attention. And then something feels off and maybe we are sick or suffering in some way. Now what?

How do we answer the call when we are not familiar with the territory? Where is the map? First off, stand still. It might feel so yucky, but do it. Stand still. Breathe. And then reach out to someone who can help. Someone who knows the song of our soul. It is through the consistent work of journeying, remembering, and implementing our insights, that we engage in the call of our spiritual and healing path. Its song keeps us active and moving ahead in our lives. And wanting to write the next melody.

I am here to say, don’t be afraid. The other worlds are incredible. The fear is there to tell you that something is emerging, beckoning you. Things fall apart, we don’t know why, but it is a signal to look deeper. What are we pushing away? What might we be fracturing into soul parts that we will have to eventually integrate? What are we avoiding because we don’t want to face the pain? Or accept who we are at the core, which might not match others expectations of us?

Let me tell you a little story about myself that might resonate with you.

Intuitive and connected to spirit from my earliest memories as a child, I struggled to accept my gifts. There was no context for them in my Catholic family. With out support and full of fear, I kind of stashed them away. There was no place for them.

Fast forward. I was 19/20 years old. My life was at a turning point. I had a very bad first year at college. Something about that school was not right for me and since it was my parent’s alma mater, I couldn’t convince them to let me go anywhere else. So I flunked out. After a brief fling in CA, I moved back home and began to pick up the pieces by enrolling in college part time at a very good nearby school. My first classes were a psychology course on the Paranormal, and Art History. I felt immediately at home. I think my whole being was saying “Finally.” The Art History class connected me to the spirituality of visual expression and enhanced my connection to vision. I reveled in it. The parapsychology course was different. It awakened things long ago pushed away and forgotten. It brought me right back to my fears and the experiences I had as a child. Seeing this, the spirits rushed right in and wanted to play. Still afraid, I again pushed that part away and landed more in the divinatory part of my gift and went on to study Tarot, Astrology and Palm Reading. Knowing I was afraid, I also fled to spiritual sources to understand and feel safe about the spirit connection. But still not wanting to accept it yet.

Years later, even though I was working as a Medium, Intuition Teacher, and Shamanic Healer, I felt something was missing. At a stuck place in my career, and wanting to embrace myself authentically as a shaman, realized that I needed healing. Even healers need help! I consulted my own trusted healer, Christina Pratt. I told her of my stuck-ness, my feeling of being held back and that something was off. She suggested a spirit retrieval, and when she came back with a 20 year part of me that had been staying with a shaman in the other worlds, I was shocked and relieved. Not only did that part of me go off for safe keeping, it was being held by a Wise Woman who was sick and tired of tending for it! When was I going to get it? Duh! She was leery of coming back because I had thrown her away several times and she didn’t trust me. That makes sense. I wouldn’t trust me either having done that! I really had to work at convincing her that I wanted her back. I was equipped to take care of her, I would listen to her and I would learn from her. It was a welcome home that allowed me to be more of who I am without fear.

The practice of going into the other worlds to negotiate with the spirits on others behalf is an exquisite tool that is often overlooked. Most people don’t realize that we are relying on this quantum spirit world to handle our fears and wounded parts since we were born into this world. Not only that, but we react psychologically, emotionally and physically to forces set in motion, by us, our parents, and our ancestors…maybe even millennia ago. Forces set in the imaginal realms. Shamanic healing in it’s many forms, can stop family patterns, release habits, heal the body, create more abundance and ultimately free us from whatever is holding us back from expressing our sparkly, shiny selves.

If you want to experience the freedom of a shamanic healing session, book a session today! For the next 2 weeks, I will be offering my initial consult for $197, a 30% discount from $297. That’s a savings of $100! I am also offering a limited number of 3 session shamanic healing packages for $547, instead of $597…so you get to save another $50. Take advantage of these prices while they last. You don’t have to do the sessions now, but you do have to pay for them now to get the discount.

And as an added treat, I am also offering my Intuitive Tarot Consults at $180 instead of $250. And as an even more amazing idea…buy 5 sessions in advance for $747. Yes, that’s $150 per session…the best value I offer. For you people who like to talk with the spirits on a regular basis! Only 6 of these available. This will sell out fast. The next time I will be offering this again is most likely in June 2016.

Love, Love, Love.

February 13, 2015


Love is an innate energy. It wells up inside us, we embody it. We give it to the people around us and the projects we create. But do we remember give it back to ourselves? And do we do the work we need to do to maintain the love inside us, so we can give to others? Here is an old fashioned love remedy that we all can do, to burn that energy inside us, and create an atmosphere of harmonious sweetness around us to attract love inside and out.

Love Maintenance Candle

Get yourself a white or preferably pink devotional candle (you know, the ones you buy at the grocery store in a glass jar). Burn the candle for a few minutes to loosen up some of the wax. Blow it out. Stir in a little bit of sugar or honey, a pinch of flower petals, and flower essential oils that you love: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender, Bergamot or Geranium for example. Hold the candle and imagine all divine love flowing into it. Imagine the spirits of those flowers blessing the candle with their energies. Breathe those energies into yourself and then breathe them back into the candle. Imagine all that love radiating out into the room, the house, the world around you. See it touching lives, projects, your bank account, your loved ones. Now you have a love infused candle connected to you through your energy.

Light the candle to draw love to you, as well as to provide a sweet protected atmosphere in your home.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day folks, the day of sweet love, from the inside out.

Who am I taking to?

January 26, 2015

meadowroadI started working with spirits many years ago as a spirit medium. I didn’t really question the work, it just emerged from the other intuitive work I was doing with clients. At the end of a tarot reading, I would “see” a grandmother, or an aunt, or sister who would give a few messages about the information in the reading. It always a very healing and connected moment, so I welcomed these ancestors into my work. They were so powerful and efficient with their messages. Clients were deeply touched.

As I let myself step into that role, I began to recognize that instead of some vague energy I was connecting to when I did tarot readings or energy healing, it was distinct spirits and divine helpers who were giving me information, in ALL of my work. This was a little unsettling to me, I still had some fear of the unseen world. Okay, I can talk to Grandma, or your Aunt, or your Mother in spirit, but talking to spirits who walk with me would really be an act of surrender. I would be acknowledging that I am not DOing, rather I am being guided. So then the question is by whom? Do I really want to know? No. It felt safe to be in the magical world of, oooh isn’t it cool I can talk to spirits. Scary to know who and why. I might have to have a relationship with these beings. I might have to show up in a different way. Like I do with my people friends. How complex.

I went about avoiding this intimacy for years, till finally a fellow medium said to me as I was channeling, “So who are you talking to right now?” I embarassedly said, “Well, I don’t know.” He laughed and said, “So ask damn it!” And so I did. I started describing to him the spirit. It was easier speaking it to him, than thinking I was making it up in my own head. How many times have I said to students, when you are feeling like you are making it up, that’s when you are really connecting? Shaking head now.

So this spirit was powerful. A Native American, a Lakota or Northern Plains Indian. He was a leader, who was a warrior and carried this stick with a curve on the end of it. He would touch enemies with it and “count coup.” I had no idea what that was. He told me his name was Red Cloud and he had seen me on the plains in Nebraska as a young girl at one his camp sites many years ago. That’s when he started walking with me. I was a bit stunned, but my friends jaw dropped. “Do you know who he is?” he asked me. I didn’t at all. He started telling me about this fierce warrior Red Cloud who was a leader of the Lakota people. He was fast and competive and in his later years wise and understanding of how to create peace and protect the remainder of his people in a world that wasn’t theirs anymore.

Red Cloud told me that he had a mission for me, to spiritually count coup on the land to bring it into spiritual harmony and reclaim it for the land spirits. He told me that the only way to survive the changing environmental transition was to do this work. To wake up the land spirits so that they can help us remain in harmony with the changes that are upon us. He didn’t speak about being at fault, nor doom or gloom. Rather he spoke with simplicity about change that is needed and restoring the rightful place bestredcloudpicof spirit to the land as the right thing to do. That it was for ME to do. And show others how to do this.

No wonder I was avoinding this! What? How would one do that? I at the time didn’t know much about restoring the inherent diginty back to the land that we have tended to run over and deplete in our culture. We tend to regard Earth as a thing to be harvested, not a living breathing organism with a spirit of it’s own. That it is home to spirits who have homes in the same place we call home. That just want to be recognized and apologized to, for us forgetting that. Just as we would apologize to a friend whose bed we might be sleeping in thinking it was ours alone.

These land spirits have vast power to restore the earth. They have power to restore us to rightful living and harmony in our selves and our relationships. They can resolve conditions we thought were hopeless. And they can heal in ways that we didn’t know needed healing. The spirits always know what needs to be done, they can see further than we can. All they need is love and prayer and recognition of their existence. They are willing to work with us if we ask. We need to ask though.

So thus began the tutorial in reclaiming the land that is my true undercover mission. It has been showing up in everything I do for the past year now. And as a result, I am given to writing about it here. And letting it show me more of what to do. By me bringing presence to it. Instead of waiting for it, they have asked me to show up and write, so it can step out. They are showing me it is a work of love and surrender. And writing every day. More to come folks!

2015 New Years Reading

January 4, 2015


The New Year is upon us and on this day January 4th when the Earth is closest to the Sun this morning EST, and the Moon is full in Cancer at 11:54 PM EST, we revel in the embrace of these two heavenly bodies as they bestow their wisdom and energy on us and this new year.

This spread is wonderful, especaily for changing up attitudes, abundance issues, the way we look at the world, and what we think is possible. We have all been through a lot, now our hard work is about to pay off, but we must keep our sight clear and focused, and as they say, don’t stop before the miracle. Have faith…it is all about to change, if you let it.

Taking each card and what their meaning in the spread, we will start with the first card, the energy that we are bringing to 2015 – The 3 of Wands. We are looking ahead to see what we have already put in motion and how it is faring. We are starting to trust that things are getting better. We find that working with others is better than going it alone. Trusting ourselves, there is an inner knowing that we do possess the power to bring about our hearts desire. But we have to do the work of materializing it.

The forces crossing this are the 6 of Swords. Ok, the last few years kinds sucked, and we are a little wary. Still moving away from difficulty. This wariness at times will contradict the inner feeling that things are getting better. Instead of heeding that, be aware that a gateway for change is happenning for the better. As you feel both uneasiness and hope, tolerate these feelings that good change provokes. Have a lot of compassion and self nurturance as we embrace the unknown before us. It is a new landscape with new rules the are only being revealed as we walk the path. You don’t need to know how to proceed, just start walking peeps!

The foundation of this year that we can turn to again and again is the 10 or Pentacles. We are in a phase of reuilding our wealth (material and spiritual), our legacies, our strength and taking care of our families, multigenerationally. There is a great need for ancestor work. I will talk about this as the year pregresses. Make the simplest beginnings by lighting a white candle to them. They are ready to guide us with their wisdom. They have laid foundations for us. We need to pay attention to the new foundations we have built for the past few years as well, however small or big. This is what you can build from. The Ancestors hold that energy as we do this. Look at how rich your life is now, the beauty you already have and honor it. Know that you are in touch with your higher self that wants all good things for you.

We are moving from the 4 of Swords. Recovery. Rest. Renewal. We needed that time for refurbishing ourselves after a very difficult transition. Instead of lamenting that time of rest, know that in all things we need to drop out and find out who wer are in relation to the changing times around us. We must learn from that in order to integrate all the changes to come. It is healthy and a very good thing. Embrance and thank that time, for it has made us stronger.

We are walking into the Tower. So as we walk renewed into an energetic and profound energy, remember to channel it into what you want to create. It is a valuable jolt into a higher place if we give it the direction. It might feel overwhelming but let it just course through you as a stimuli. There is great clarity and as we feel unexpected change, very surprising and rapid events around us. Let this energy sweep us into looking at tregedy and upheaval as a chance to let go of what doesn’t work and start over in what is entirely better for us. Let us be swept along by the winds of change and not resist them.

After the drama, the future is all about connecting to the higher forces as shown by the Ace of Cups. Again, connecting to that which is new and brings us joy is what we love. This is joy and happy situations. No matter what we have let go of, we can experience the joy of unconditional love and acceptance. Give birth to what is new. Follow your heart. Be open to what comes your way and embrace it. A new consciousness is available and if we meditate, we can tune in. Do tune in folks, it’s worth it!

We see ourselves as the Hanged Man, waiting and looking at what is underneath the surface. We are actually entertaining new perceptions, new ways of seing things because we have een on pause and forced to slow down. This is very important because we SEE literally what is going on around us in a new way. We have an understanding of the new that is going to play an important part of finally embracing what is to come.

Around us, the 3 of Pentacles. People are coming together to accomplish things as a whole. Pay attention to the connection to things from the past bridging to what is new. Especially guilds, esoteric groups, the wisdom from the past are being connected to new technologies. There is support to fine tune your work to support new ideas. Collaboration is about us, we must tune into it and benefit from collective knowledge.

The 10 of Wands represents what we fear and what we hope for. We look to the end of a cycle, yet because we got so burned out, we fear the burden of work. Fear not, what we have learned that yes there is a lot of work to do, but it can be accomplished if we work and take time off, do our best and recharge. As the energies around us amp up, we need to approach it in this way so that we can go the duistance. Put fears of overdoing it asidea as yout ake time to care for yourself. Refuse to let our bigger work overshaddow the joy of living in THIS MOMENT. Joy is n the now. Will get there.

Finally, the outcome of all the energies of this year is the 5 of Pentacles. Prosperity is a state of mind and we can change our minds in any moment, by changing our perspective. As we chang our relationship to suffering and lack, we see that it is all in how we decide to be. We must confrom our situations head on and be honest about what we truly want. We have inside us everything we need, and it is up to us to find that trhead and build on it. No one is going to hand us a million dollars. We ultimately must find our own way alone. So when we face opposition or our own negative thoughts, use purifying, cleansing and rebalancing rituals to change it up. Do a one day juice fast. Write down the fear and negativity and burn it. Cleanse your house. Feng shui the heck out of it. Smudge yourself or take a spiritual bath. Use strong and in the present visualizations (yes, I am doing that thing I wanted to do now and it feels to darn good. I am glowing and so happy as I complete that task…) to harmonize with that amazing energy out there. The past is behind us, the future awaits. Let go and be in the NOW. BECOME right now.

So peeps, go out there and do good work. Keep up the good energy and absorb all the amazing clarity and wisdom that is out there. Have faith, keep the gratitude rolling and go out there and create! If you want to see how this energy will affect you directly…lets schedule a New Years Reading for you. Email me at

Oh, and here is the prosperity candle I created for every single one of my clients from last year. I will be lighting this candle as long as it lasts this month to give all of you an extra boost. An extra incentive to become my client this year!! Love you all!

Cathy better candle 2015-01-01

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Join me tomorrow afternoon on Ask Dr. Love Radio when we will be speaking about Cultivating Gratitude. On of my favorite things to talk about! Dr. Love is really Dr. Jamie Turndorf, another psychic medium who wrote a wonderful book – Love Never Dies – How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased! We are sure to talk about some interesting things! Give us a listen – click here