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12 Month LifeCast

Goal Setting and Intuitive Guidance
to Enhance Your Year + Report

Using Astrology and Tarot, we will look at a 12-month sketch of what lies ahead for you and your life or business. Set goals. Look at your blocks and areas of growth. Understand how to harmonize with the cycles ahead. Clients find this guide invaluable.

  • Your LifeCast Report will be sent to you, and then you will schedule a call with me to go over it and get deeper insights. We will set goals and look at blocks that can be released.
  • Comprised of both monthly cards and transits, the report helps you break down the energies and focus on monthly goals and achievements.
  • Your LifeCast Report includes a snapshot of the monthly cards with a brief description of the themes for each month as well as the transits highlighted.
  • Includes Planetary Guide 2020 for month to month energies.
  • Recording link will be sent after the call.

60-minute phone session + report. $425 

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