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inner brilliance coaching

the meadowlark’s light – inner brilliance coaching program – 6 month program

img_2702A 6-month series of monthly coaching and healing sessions geared to transform the way you relate to your life and work, informed by earth based spirituality and Indigenous thought.

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • One 60-min integrative healing session (journey or reiki) per month
  • Monthly action worksheets
  • A tarot 6-month snapshot to guide the rhythm of your work
  • A one time 3-hour VIP session for more in-depth work

This work is geared towards intuitives, herbalists, holistic business owners, wellness practitioners, and spirituality minded folks who feel stuck and are longing for change. Want to feel better about your business, your relationships, your spirituality, your creativity? Want to find more joy in your life instead of meh? Do you want to work through the spiritual, as well as emotional issues that hold you back from your brilliance? Wanting to be more aligned with the natural world in your life decisions?

This program is for you if you are looking for coaching that is more of a relationship with inner change than traditional coaching, transformation and grounding in the present, with no claims of future glory, or six-figure income. You can surely achieve that, but it is not the only focus of what we would be undertaking. Although removing roadblocks does open our paths to abundance (Yay!), we will also be undertaking the joyous and fulfilling work of uncovering and supporting your inner brilliance. And putting that amazing, sacred brilliance out into the world. And that my friends does create more income, more clients and more relationships.

Coaching with Adedoyin will help you work through the stuck places and bring healing light into every dimension. Our work will be different together because we will be inviting higher consciousness/spirit/nature into every session. We will be acknowledging the sacred connection to nature as a helper and guide through the weeds and the flowers. This method has helped many people create more harmony and balance in their life and businesses. Adedoyin as helped clients to navigate change and enjoy it, by embracing the inner depth with courage and curiosity.

You have what it takes to walk forward with confidence into more creativity, authentic leadership styles, and happiness in your life. The key ingredients are both wanting to do the work, and using your spiritual tools to do the stretching, to be in the honesty and authenticity that takes you on this journey to restoration. With a little plumbing in the depths, we can recover the innate wisdom you need to face your inner challenges and navigate them with joy. Joy and love for the Creator is the point, no?

As we uncover the bits that need integrating doing bi-weekly coaching, we will work to heal and integrate by doing a monthly healing, intuitive, or shamanic journey session to get support from the spirit world. Working in this way, we gently address underlying core issues and traumas to create a solid grounded platform for change. We also use this spiritual tool to receive information and assistance from the beings that guide and nurture us. 

In our work together we will also take the time to recognize the pace of the natural world and the seasonal rhythms of change that influence your life. We will discover when we are swimming in the waters of change and determine a pace that is right for you. Because Adedoyin’s spiritual path has taken her to the realm of indigenous culture, we will be looking at how indigenous thought can free us from cultural roadblocks. Recognizing all of creation is sacred, we will learn to handle the mundane world with spiritual tenderness and respect. So not only will you be changing yourself, you will be restoring natural order in the world by shifting your focus to listen to, and recognize, the original instructions given by the first peoples from which we all descend. Walking with the care of Creation in your heart creates alignment with your ancestors and helps you remember your purpose in this life.

You will be given monthly action worksheet to keep you on tract, with a chosen nature spirit or plant to help you on your journey. You will also receive a 6 month tarot snapshot, with a monthly breakdown of the energies present during that time to guide the coaching and healing work, and the rhythm of change that you are undertaking. This will support you and ground your energy.

Package price: $4650 total, or $775 per month (a $650 savings)

Schedule a 20 minute discovery call to see if this program is for you – here.

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