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Choosing a Medium

There are many people to choose from out there in the medium/clairvoyant world. How do you go about choosing one that is right for you? How can you tell if someone is the real thing, vs a scam artist? These are questions that I have asked myself as I sought readings and guidance through out the years.

It is a deeply personal decision. Mediums and intuitives, sometimes called spiritualists, psychics and clairvoyants; each have different skills and different ways of reading. We all come from different religious and spiritual backgrounds. We each have different methods for contacting spirit.

It’s a good thing to consider a meduim’s experience and background. Do their views and ways of talking about their work interest you? Many mediums have websites, and that makes it easy to get a bit of a glimpse. It’s a good idea to ask how they conduct their sessions. Do they provide a tape to you, or are you responsible for taping the session? Are the sessions held in private or in public demonstration? Trust yourself. It can seem overwhelming, but keep asking people if you are having a hard time finding the right person to work with. You’ll be surprised at how many people have consulted the services of a medium. Get a reference from them. If they had a bad experience, ask them what they wish they might have done differently.

Some mediums are involved in research, or as in my case, have been certified by a research body as being ethical and non fraudulent. We give evidential readings, which means that we strive to bring through information that can be verified by you or people you know. Our readings are not strictly scientific nor are they always provable, it just means that these organizations support that we are not pretending!! The research area is fascinating on its own, and a lot of very good mediums participate.

After you select a person to work with, you will be expected to pay for their services. Private readings start in the range of $150 and upwards to $500 for an hour. Some meduims provide email readings for $15 per 15 minute email or per question, some group readings can range from $50 to $100 per person. Some mediums do group readings, which are a lot of fun and start at $600 to as much as $1200, depending on the number of people and length of session.

Each reading is different, so keep an open mind. The medium is not in control of what comes through, just how they put the impressions they get into words. Be patient and understand that some of the information might not be literal. Sometimes the information that comes through is not for right now, but for days or weeks later. Other times, messages come through for other family members or friends that the deceased are trying to communicate to. It’s as varied as we all are!

It’s best to have a little time to yourself before hand, clear your mind and ask for the highest information to come through. Say a prayer if that makes you feel more comfortable. Ask those you wish to “contact” to come on in. But realize that whatever is meant for you to hear will be what comes through, for whatever reason. And you might not contact the person you want to contact. In most cases, what does come through is usually comforting and right for you in some way. And remember to take what you need and let go of the rest.

Lastly, have fun!! At it’s best, a reading is a joyous and happy experience.

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