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reiki master mentorship – 6 month reiki master training

Not many Reiki Trainings or Mastership classes cover the material that we will cover in this 8-month intensive program. A Reiki Master for over 25 years, Cathy will teach you how to enhance your healing practice with new skills and practices to help you create a thriving and deep healing practice. You will learn to identify what your individual healing gifts are and how to present them to your clients. We will cover ethics, creating a dynamic and safe healing space and how to protect yourself legally and spiritually. A good mixture of the practical and the spiritual will guide you to explore your craft and support your clients healing process. Each student is required to do at least one healing session per month and document it.

  • One 90-minute training call per month 
  • Monthly coaching session with Cathy
  • Add on a 3 hour VIP session to set the pathway for your emerging business (costs extra)

Using the model of the wounded healer, this in-depth training combines group instruction with monthly personal coaching/healing sessions. We all heal from our wounds, and it is important to heal ourselves in order to do our best work with others. Receiving healing also teaches us how to best serve our clients, and how to create a safe healing spaces.

Cathy teaches from an indigenous perspective, so we will talk about reiki as a shamanic tool for growth and remembering our place in the natural world. We will learn the importance of respecting the reiki healing spirits that walk with us and our connection to our ancestors. We will learn to unhook from more conventional healing models and approach healing as a dance, a weaving of energy to make someone remember their wholeness. Our clients are already whole, but we are restoring the ways they are broken from themselves, their essence. We seek through energy healing and respect for the natural order of things to connect clients to their purpose and inner light. So there are a few things we will be unlearning about direct results, and this medicine for that result. Rather we will see that each healing is a story and there is a thread to follow revealing each clients inner source of restoration. We are there to help them find that.

The VIP session is an add-on service Cathy is introducing to address individual pathways in your practice, and to discover your special healing gifts. Although you can use that time for anything you want to work on, she will give you some ideas for how to best use your time with her, and some homework to do beforehand so that you stay focused on getting the most out of that time.

Program cost – $3750 or $375 per month. With VIP Session add on – $425 per month or $4250 total.

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