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ancestrally guided coaching

coaching programs

img_2702Monthly coaching and healing sessions geared to transform the way you relate to your life and work, informed by ancestral guidance and shamanic healing, earth based spirituality and indigenous thought.

  • Two 50-minute coaching sessions per month
  • One 50-min integrative healing session (journey or reiki) per month

It’s time for you to put your brilliance out into the world!
I want to empower you to do that.

Coaches are powerful allies. We help you strategize, dig deep for answers, support your growth, stand by you when you are trying something new and ready to celebrate your success when you move through something big. In my world, coaching alone is not the only way to roll. When we combine mediumship to receive ancestral guidance, shamanic healing sessions to mend the places where we continually get stuck, and ritual and spiritual practices to hold the progress, well that’s the extra sauce. That is potent medicine. This makes our work become meaningful and nourishing to us and our clients. This helps us keep the ground we gained, and to build upon that foundation to settle in with our personal power.

I see myself as a different kind of ally, one who not only helps you move through things, but also helps you to keep in alignment with spirit and the enchanted energy of the earth. After working with clients for over 20 years, I have found that the combination of ancestral guidance, coaching and shamanic healing helps to identify blocks and heal the underlying issues, so you can transform from trying so hard, or being in fear, to actually having what you want in your life. By connecting with your ancestors, and your helping spirits through ritual, and thought homework, you will find a new connection to your intuitive inner voice. We want to grow that inner voice in our work together. It is a sacred process.

We believe in the power of the earth to restore us to balance, and to revive joy into all aspects of our lives. We also believe that coaching combined with healing and ritual moves you seamlessly into a better place with yourself on all levels. On the journey to balance, a coach helps you strip away illusion and get to the truth of who you are and what you long to create.

We dig around and find what is lurking in the mud. And then we examine and heal old thinking to find a new way of working that lets us shine. And we learn to stand by and step into that vision of how our gifts might be shared with the world.

We are in a time of great change when many of us are being compelled to embrace new ways of thinking and step out of stuck mindsets. An indigenous thought approach helps you unhook from old world thinking to embrace a way of being, one that in tune with natural energies and to encourage earth preserving sensibility. We will tackle what is holding you back and energize your emerging or already ongoing practice. 

Whether you do a 4-month or 6-month commitment, the journey is juicy and deep. The commitment allows you to create the space, and the time, to undertake this journey of wellness and alignment with your true inner light.

I can’t wait to do this work with you! Aho!

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call to see if this program is for you – here.

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