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shamanic reiki training


Tera Mai Reiki & Tera Mai Seichem Attunements

TM Reiki 1 Class – $250

TM Reiki 2 Class – $300

TM Reiki 1 & 2 Workshop – $450

TM Reiki Mastership – $800

TM Seichem 1 Class – $275

TM Seichem 2 Class – $325

TM Seichem 1 & 2 Workshop – $500

TM Seichem Mastership – $1100

TM Reiki and TM Seichem Teaching Tutorials and Mentorships

Deluxe Reiki Master & Seichem Mentorship Package – 10 months
This is a hands-on training for Master Level graduates starting in February each year. Part practicum, part coaching, we work together to hone your skills, and participate in practice and live teaching situations. I will take on 3-4 people per year to teach intensively. This means monthly one-on-one sessions to talk about your experiences and to refine your craft, 2 group workshops, and attendance at 2 attunements to assist in teaching and initiation. Our individual sessions will be like a supervision situation in psychotherapy where we can talk about cases, plus individual instruction.

·      Monthly phone 60-minute mentorship sessions

·      Monthly group workshop

·      Practice teaching with me at 2 of my workshops

·      Required – 40 hours of client healing sessions over 1 year with notes. Approx 3-4 sessions per month. (can be family or friends) We will discuss notes during mentorship sessions.

·      We will learn how to teach classes, take client notes, structure your business, learn how to work with clients, develop your code of ethics, refine your skills, and lot of other things.

·      Area of research and 10-page paper also recommended.

·      Written Case Study of one ongoing client required.

·      Reiki Journeys, a recording of 3 Reiki Journeys to further your connection the healing spirits of Reiki and Seichem

 $425 per month

Shamanic Reiki Healing Mentorship
This is a hands-on training for TM Reiki + Akasha Seichem Level 2 and Master Level practitioners, to learn how to combine shamanic sessions with energy healing. We will do a series of shamanic healing sessions on your own issues, tutor you in Shamanic Journeying, and practice developing your ability to see what is going on with your client.

·      Monthly one-on-one 60-minute mentorship sessions over 4 months

·      Monthly Shamanic Sessions over 4 months

·      Monthly group workshop

·      Required – 8 hours of client healing sessions over 4 months with notes. 2 or more sessions per month (can be family). We will discuss notes during mentorship sessions.

·      Written Case Study of one ongoing client required.

$567 per month

Cathy works via telephone, Skype, teleconference and in person for group sessions. Attunements can be given over the phone. To inquire about Reiki Classes email

Note: Consultations are not a substitute for professional legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters. Sessions are conducted with the informed consent of the client, and there are no refunds. Client must give 48 hour notice of appointment change. There is no refund for a missed session. Cathy is happy to  to reschedule an appointment, but if we need to do that more than once, there is a $50 rescheduling fee for each time we reschedule. Under these conditions, we do not give refunds for a session. Your sending the fee will confirm acceptance of these conditions.

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