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House Blessings


Since your home is a refuge from the busy world outside, it’s important that its energy be clear and calm. Performing a house blessing rids your dwelling of any old, stagnant or disturbing energy, inviting fresh peaceful, restorative energies in. House blessings are a great way to initiate a new beginning and harmonious living. If your house is happy, you are happy!

A simple house blessing consists of invoking the 4 directions, cleansing the house with sage, purifying the energies with herbs, water and salt. Then prayers and invocations to the land, the indigenous spirits and house spirits are offered. Then a general or custom house blessing is offered to the home and it’s occupants, which includes creating a protective barrier for keeping the energy intact and instructions for you on how to maintain it.

The price for a house blessing can range from $300 to $450, plus travel time, depending on the size of the house and the services needed. Email Cathy at for more information.

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