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house blessing kit


House Blessing Kit – $39.00 USD

Traditional in many cultures around the world, home blessing is a spiritual way to claim your space. Create a new beginning in your home or office, whether you are just moving in or in need of a refreshing reboot. Use it whenever you feel that you need to support the feeling of sacred space in your home.

Kit contains:

  • 1 mini sage bundle
  • 1 candle
  • 1 packet of salt and lavender
  • 1 packet of corn to feed the land spirits
  • Home Blessing Kit Ritual
  • Instructions
  • 1 ½ oz. bottle of Happy Home Oil
    (all natural ingredients, herbs and bee pollen suspended in fractionated coconut oil)

After your house blessing, maintain the feeling of sacred space by anointing your home with Happy Home Oil. Some suggested uses:

  • Dip your finger in the oil and draw a cross over the front door, or a symbol you like (pentacles, spirals, and reiki symbols are good suggestions).
  • Take a picture of your family or whomever you live with, put a Bay Leaf behind it and anoint that.
  • Put some in your body wash so that the whole family is anointing themselves with it daily.

Ships anywhere in the US and Canada

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Also available at: Remedies Herb Shop, Brooklyn, and The Wellness Group, the Hampton’s

Email for Wholesale pricing –

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