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Revive Your Spirit with Violet Tincture

May 9, 2018

Violet Tincture Recipe


“Oh! faint delicious spring-time violet,
Thine odor like a key,
Turns noiselessly in memory’s wards to let
A thought of sorrow free.”
W. W. Story—The Violet

The beginning of May is the perfect time to prepare a Violet Tincture. This lovely concoction is a subtle mood lifter, shifting grief and loss in sweet ways. Taking us to a deeper and more loving place, violet enhances self-love and self-care. I find it helps also with things like weight loss, and after one has had a bout of illness, when we are letting go of emotions and difficult thoughts. Violet gets us a gentle nudge to get back on tract and connect with our feelings. It also subtly helps our lungs heal. And not to mention, a wonderful herb to imbibe after a soul retrieval in the integration process of remembering the soul part.

IMG_0295 To prepare your tincture:

Collect a lot of violet flowers. Put them in a glass jar and cover with 100 proof vodka. You will see the color of the liquid turn a cast of purple after a few days. Leave the violets in the solution to macerate for 2-3 weeks. Then strain out and you have a nice tincture.


Just a few drops on the tongue works wonders, but again it is subtle compared to nettle or other more robust herbs. I tend to liken it to being infused with fairie dust…it is that magical.

Know that it does not retain its strength for that long, approx. 9 months, so make several tinctures throughout the bloom time, to enjoy it into the winter months.

Enjoy this Violet poetry…the perfect combination


“A humble flower long time I pined
Upon the solitary plain,
And trembled at the angry wind,
And shrunk before the bitter rain.
And oh! ’twas in a blessed hour
A passing wanderer chanced to see,
And, pitying the lonely flower,
To stoop and gather me.”
Thackeray—Song of the Violet

“A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye!
Fair as a star when only one
Is shining in the sky.”
Wordsworth—She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

Download the pdf below by clicking on the link.

Violet Tincture Recipe

Owning Wisdom and Power in Spiritualist Traditions.

March 12, 2018

This is not my usual post, as I don’t often talk about the shamanic side of Mediumship, mostly because it is misunderstood and misinterpreted by a predominately white european view of Mediumship. And yet, spiritualist traditions have a beautiful trajectory throughout the world, and a very strong root in the black, latin and indigenous communities. 

Last week I had a conversation with a wonderful priestess and friend that walks the same path I do in the African Diaspora Spiritualist traditions, Ambrozine Legare. We were puzzling over what happens when one steps up into owning our place in our traditions, and what that responsibility is like. It does kick one’s butt as it opens up a door to greater wisdom and knowledge. As women, we do not have many role models in a mostly male leadership situation with colonialized overtones. Women I feel have a different take on leadership, especially spiritual leadership. Here are my thoughts on that.

we are priestesses

It’s our ego that tells us that we have to be “something” to be a spiritual leader. Most of us just know we are, at some level, and start acting like it. Some of us were acting like it all along and didn’t notice. Others of us have to be shown the way. However it happens, it is a calling, and it is not for everyone.

Once you step in the light of your destiny as a leader, you notice the fakery and hollow spirituality all around you. But don’t for one moment fall for the trap of thinking you are better than this or that person. What we are really noticing is how our own egos are at play in every situation. It is good to look at what doesn’t work. We find our own leadership that way. It is not judgmental to notice it if we take it to heart and learn from it. If we are not doing our own shadow work, confronting our ego through self-inquiry and psychological work to unmask that friend; then we risk losing our connection to our ancestors and our spiritual guidance. It is an ongoing process, to be undertaken one’s whole life. Integrating, and not demonizing our ego, is a life’s work, and companion to unfolding our spiritual gifts. It can keep us out of a lot of trouble. Spirit corrects us if we are listening. Our elders too. This is what is called walking the razors edge.

Honestly walking one’s talk is a recognition that you could lose it in a second. It is that perilous. So, when we step into our gifts and feel like, “Oh no, how am I a leader?” then one must take a step back and recognize our friend in all of its glory and get to work confronting it, knowing it thoroughly. When we know ourselves, our gifts and our weaknesses, highs and lows, we understand when spirit is in us and when it is not. We also know it is a gift and we do not dally making use of it and letting it out into the world.


There are so many of us now on this planet that are meant to be spiritual leaders on all kinds of levels, in our communities, in our spheres of influence, in our families. Standing for what is right, understanding our own imperfections and taking the risk to be led and to lead at the same time. We risk falling from grace, but if we have led our communities correctly, we will be held by them and allowed to find our way back. To find humility and grace to mend the parts of our soul that we cannot see, that takes a fall from grace to correct so that we can get back up there and be a human, flawed, work in progress. A true leader is not perfected. In fact, the more flawed the better, in that there is an accessability to other people’s pain and suffering. But they MUST be teachable, humble enough to be corrected and take action around that correction.

True leaders listen without and within. They understand it is not about them at all, rather they are a facilitator, a place holder for the greater wisdom to flow through. This is come to in a very humble, working for the greater good, kind of way. It means delegating and letting power flow through oneself and onto others. And teaching them how to channel that power and let it flow through them to the next person. True power is from the collective letting itself be led, by trust and belief in that person’s ability to transmit power and use it well.


Whether we are called into service or not, there is a version of priestess in all of us. Once we take on that part of us, and struggle with it and our friend the ego, then we can have the compassion to hold our leadership with more ferocity and love. That is our part in things as a community. Holding our leadership accountable means loving them as we love ourselves. With everything we’ve got. Even the ones we cannot stand. If we are demonizing without, then we are condemning within. Find that place within and illuminate it with love and hope. We cannot as spiritual people believe there is only light. The truth is that there is only balance and love for the darkness. It is our teacher and our friend. That does not mean we condone it, or fall down in its face. We see that it’s only power is in the parts in us that are afraid of it. We say no with all the love in our hearts. We create boundaries with a recognition of purpose and gratitude for the understanding of their importance. We recognize the ego and call BS. But then we have to leave room for change to take place. Holding space is a priestesses job. Creating sacred space for the power of what is needed to move through and change what it can.

Let us all step into being the priestess that we need to be, inside and outside, and hold the space together.

Loving Ourselves in the Midst of Tremendous Change

November 6, 2017
IMG_9191Love. This is where I want to start. Just saying that word makes a shift. Love, love, love. It opens doors. It can move mountains. It can change our hearts.
I don’t know about you, but I have been heartbroken over the past year. Each new division, violent act, revelation, and disconnected directive from our government has felt like a hopeless shifting sand with no bottom in sight. I send a huge hug to every one of us holding this collective Tower Card. The emotions of seeing things come apart, and the unsettledness of not knowing how it will shake out is hard to take. This is a time when we are being called from our souls to have courage, pluck, and strength in every waking moment. And for many of us, in our dream states as well. The touching thing is, we are doing it. Yay for us!
The strength we need comes from the heart. It comes from the connection to our Ancestors and our loved ones in spirit. It comes from our creativity and intuition. The light of the Ancestors is shining down on us, lets absorb it to be renewed. Listen for it’s call to dig deep for the courage to follow it’s lead.
I have a lot of faith in this moment. Crazy right? Yet, I do have faith. Faith is a gift, a blessing. It is restored in me when I see people rising above, standing for what is right, finding their ground in ethics and being willing to create a new story. I have faith when I am given the right words to follow my own heart in this precious moment of becoming whole. Renewed in the risks I take to love others.
The change around us does not need to define us. I see clients allowing spiritual guidance to help them enrich and heal their lives. People are riding on the waves of change to rise to the challenge of healing wounds and the tender stuck places we all have been to. There is energy in this moment. Especially before Mercury goes retrograde on Dec. 3 and we can dive into deeper thought and insight until Dec 23rd. I have a few offerings on my calendar page for those of you who want to jump into increasing your intuitive or healing skills. To give you strength and increased light inside while the Sun takes a break on it’s way to Solstice. I hope you join us!
Blessings and love to you all.

Spirituality vs. the Politics of Confusion

August 6, 2017

Page 1 of Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence

An Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse political, spiritual rant…sort of!

Last moth I participated in the HLPF (High Level Political Forum) at the UN. The HLPF is a way for civil society, us regular people in NGO’s, to get involved with contributing to policy that gets taken up formally by the international community at the UN. (An NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization, is a non-profit engaged with work that furthers the mission of the UN). The Forum contributes to shaping international law. DESA did a good job of managing the Forum, helping us non-governmental actors to demystify the process. The 2 Major Groups that I am a part of, the NGO Major Group, and the Women’s Major Group did a wonderful job of giving everyone there a chance to contribute. It went really well, until the following week when the Ministers arrived, and the creaky wheels of governmental message monopolization met the pavement of our ideals and enthusiasm. It showed us just how hard the process of rising above the noise of politics-as-usual can be. Frustrating, demoralizing and difficult. And it was like an astringent. Bracing, but good for you. It is, after all, reality.

Nonetheless, you can be sure that the massive and well organized representation of the peoples interests at the HLPF will not go unnoticed. The Secretariat of the UN has changed their position on a more inclusive process, the Governments are beginning to see that wisdom, and this is just the beginning. The wheels are creaking in another direction now. The Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved without it. Although it is going to take a lot of adjustment, governments are facing the fact that change is not going to come about unless they engage with us, and we work together. They just don’t have the resources to do otherwise.

Which brings me to my next thought…

A lot of us feel the weight of the world on us right now. As the world faces a presidency in the USA that has little bearing in the real world of solutions and is steeped in a litany of problems, it’s easy to lose faith. Our moral decency feels like it is being blown out of the water. The result of the constant onslaught of drama is that we feel ungrounded and overwhelmed. Which is just what we are being engineered to feel. Unless we have a very solid and strong spiritual practice to hold us, (and I do not mean new age mumbo jumbo here) we are going to feel like we are being punched in the face every time we digest and take in thing #1, thing #2 and thing #3. With each new gain in the outrageous, it just gets more out of control. If we can pull back and be in our spiritual selves for a time, we can gather the strength and the detachment from the drama to stay with our focus. Unhooking from drama does not excuse it, it allows us to move past outrage into calm decision making and discernment. Out of reaction into sensible and grounded solutions. Which is where we can connect to other POV to get things done.

There IS an intersection between politics, improving the world, and spirituality. Our job, as people of spirit, is to hold that meeting point. As the spiritual enters the political, it has its own way of opening things up. By bringing spirituality into things, they change of their own accord. Therefore, change is not overwhelming or forced. It flows like the wind on a beautiful day, as the leaves rustle, and we absorb it’s fullness. We don’t have to do much more than that, unless we want to bring it a step further. And then, as we find ways to insist on the spiritual, not by insisting that others be spiritual, but by insisting that the outcomes are aligned with ethical and moral ideas that are shaped by spirituality, then we see things change according to an evolution of human consciousness. No one owns that or even directs that. But we can board the ship, and stay the course.

This political time, which is so rife with tearing apart the ideals of democracy, needs push back. And a development of our own integrity. Democracy is an idea that is based in self governance. Which also applies to a self governance of our inner selves. If our emotional, psychological or spiritual parts are running riot, then we are not able to govern ourselves or elect trusted servants. We elect people who reflect the discordance. We must take that responsibility. Every one of us can participate in our democracy and must do this if it is to survive. The discordant elements have arisen to be addressed. This means  getting involved…out there, in person. Go to a town meeting, visit your representatives and talk to them. Start putting your energies into this face to face, before we lose it. Although protest is good and has it’s place, I don’t think its only about the oppositional. The key is to fight back by shaping policies. Anyone can propose a policy or join in it’s creation. Get creative. Sit down with others and identify a problem. Research. Figure out policy to address the problem. Bring it to your reps. And stand by it. One thing at a time.

The process is slow, but just like our continental congress labored to bring our country into existence, worth every bit of effort. That applies to ourselves and to the world. Loving and accepting things as they are is the first step to addressing anything. Let’s jump into the flowing river of change together. The Earth, the trees, the wind and the soil have our back. Let’s stop trying to know and just be a part of un-knowing together. That is how we enter he sacred numinous land of creative possibility. Once we touch that, no matter how much we get slapped down, that wondrous voice fills us and keeps us strong.

Uncovering Your Path to Love

February 10, 2017

VDay Reading Special Offer!


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Aw, here we are again, celebrating the holiday of love. I enthusiastically support any excuse to be reminded of it!! To help you be steeped in the energy of love, I am offering a special VDay reading to Love Warriors who want to sharpen their love skills and understand any obstacles to increasing your love vibration. We will look at increasing connection in existing relationships, or how you can revel in love to attract a wonderful new love. This reading helps you work on your relationship skills, something we could all use help with! And a lot of times, uncovers issues that free you to enjoy your path to love.

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Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo: The Return of the Feminine

February 9, 2017

The Full Snow Moon/Eclipse in Leo + Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
February 10, 2017 at 7:32 p.m. EDT


Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova

This is one of my favorite times of the year, the Snow moon, and with a fresh blanket of snow in my neck of the woods in Brooklyn. I think it’s the first real snow I have seen all winter here, and I really love the show mother earth put on today. We have an amazing portal to higher things opening on this Full Moon, and I am in awe of its generosity, opportunity and potential. Contradictions, upsets, openings, beginnings and the containment of opposites, so we can peel back the layer of mist that has caused so much confusion to us all. So many things going on. Let’s get to it!

Personally, Leo moon in the 12th house means it’s a time of finding out what makes you shine, what your values are, and the hidden gems that are lurking beneath the surface. Hidden motivations, what do you love about the things around you, creativity, enthusiasm, passion, generosity, kindness, leadership, benevolence, self-confidence, as well as setting right arrogance and self-centeredness, and hidden ego issues. Opposite the self-sacrificing Aquarius Sun in the 6th house of work, work, work. Gotta get things right.

First contradiction (global + personal): Warm gregarious, yet reluctant Leo Moon, melting the frozen cold emotions of the over worked Aquarius Sun casting a shadow over its hidden attributes. Let me take that one apart okay? A Snow moon is about being frozen, stopped in its tracks to be reflected upon, then released as a new beginning, typically as we warm up to spring. Ironically, its Leo’s natural warmth and playfulness that is stopped in action, along with its leadership capabilities. To boot, it is in the 12th house of hidden things, so it is even more restricted. The Sun on the other hand, is stuck in the overworked and over wrought tempest of perfection and selfless service to humanity, but lacks the emotion to carry it off, so it is a little sanctimonious. So how that plays out is that we are caught in confusion, not knowing how to manifest our own leadership capabilities, yet out there trying to get things moving, a little devoid of the intuitive capacities to know what to do next. The end result, is that we are caught trying to move ahead without complete guidance from the inside. Unless we slow down and sit with the feelings of frozenness, powerlessness and the fear that engenders, we will not be able to tap into the potential of the identification with all of humanity at this time. The split between nurturance and didactic strictness, is reflected in the polarities politically and personally. Unless we learn to bring nurturance to the didactic and discipline to the nurture, we will not find balance.

The good news is that the Sun/Moon opposition is held in two amazing configurations, a cardinal grand square, and a double trine that looks like the Star of David. It’s nature is tempered by Virgo rising, a relaxing of perfectionism and a call to something greater than ourselves, that we have to work for. The comet – Comet 45P (interesting name right?) runs right through both the Star of David configuration and it’s enclosed Grand Square, that seems like a portal. So, let me explain this all because it is really great!

I was surprised to find that this Full Moon is conjunct the U.S. presidents 12 house Mars and Leo Rising. So, where he is going and how he is presenting himself is pissing a lot of people off, and energizing others. And what some are doing is freezing him out and making him angry and acting from a hidden place of frustration. This polarity is what is being frozen in midair, so we can look at it, and the confusion that it causes can be peeled back for us to look at. If we can drop our anger for the opposite side, and reflect on what we need to know about each other, we will realize that our common ground lies somewhere in the middle. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules circulation, so a frozen heart cannot circulate among its people, like it is supposed to. It needs to relax its belief systems, allow nurturance in and let go of too much constriction. We are headed towards a way of talking about our differences. When we do, there will be unleashed a lot of creativity and innovation that can help us rise above this mess. We actually need each other to do so. It’s not us against them, it is all of us together.

The trines/Star of David configuration, involves the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, and the charts MC or zenith. When we stop and allow our hearts to thaw out so we can be in touch with our emotions, we see the expansive opportunities for grounded planning and the creation of opportunity, we examine the strict father energy that some are embracing and understand where it comes from, we then have more access to what are we willing to work for, what revolution are we ready for, and we are freed to move ahead into action. Whew! What a lot to hold to, and be in the middle of.

I look to the Cardinal grand square for the answer to this problem. Grand squares tear us apart in 4 directions. The only way to navigate them it to come to a neutral, holy space in the middle and ask the Universe for direction. Only in that way can we integrate these 4 powerful forces. So, the things that we are working with are:

  1. A lot of people want better financial ground to stand on. They need to look to ways to create and take advantage of opportunities for themselves so that fear can be alleviated. The belief that outsourcing, or blaming others for the problem is diametrically opposed to its opposite…
  2. Technology is here, and it has displaced a population that is more mechanically/hands on oriented. What I mean by this is that a lot of people are not tech savvy, nor are they inclined to be. There are a lot of people out there who are smart as a whip, but just not gonna be tech people. So, we need to create jobs for them that reflect a new economy. At the same time, breaking apart of larger interests (like corporations, large government structure, money held by just a few) results in the investment in smaller businesses that can accommodate these kinds of ideas, probably energy oriented and addressing our infrastructure.
  3. Release fear. Consolidating our power at home, instead being vulnerable to fear and isolation will ground our financial problems. There is a lot of reaction and fear of being perceived as weak, so instead we have to puff up and make ourselves look REALLY strong. If we understood what real power is, then we would not need to do this. We would create policies that belie our inner strength. But with people feeling insecure financially, and not sure of what the future will bring with technology, and not sure about our leadership or our own person al power, we are stuck undermining our own authority. The shadow pervades. We are out of touch with the welcoming, kind hearted policies that made our country champions in the world. The opposite of that is…
  4. Showing our nurturing, kind and openhearted values to the world, allows us to lead powerfully with a humanitarian view. Our home is everywhere. Human beings are human beings, no matter where they come from. We have a lot to repair in our world view, but knowing that the world is our home is the place to begin.

We are called to sit in the middle of these opposite views and see the common threads they carry and reflect in each other. This takes patience, removing judgement, finding commonality, yet keeping our ability to know what just isn’t right and rejecting that. So we all could do with some of this sitting still and cogitating in the middle. Turn on your feeling, sensing selves and let the middle ground come to you. the place where we can find love, compassion and forgiveness. One heart, One mind. There is an answer.

Now I will look to the Comet – Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova. I am giving this comet a strong feminine attribute, as it appears green, it is actually coming from the orbit of Venus, and I feel portends great feminine power rising. Because it’s last pass around the Sun was so close, it lost its tail, in a way emasculating it, and making it more like a star. Making it more feminine. It’s really frozen ice, which brings us back to our theme of Frozen Moon energy, the frozen feminine that shines from within its icy palace. This is what we follow through the portal, this is what we seek to unwind, this is what we need to find and thaw within each of us to master in this time. Our shining green hearts. In the very real sense… Mother Earth. Our real connection to resolving all our issues comes from her energies. As far as I can track it, 45P moves through this chart from Venus which is in the 7th house, down and out through the 3rd house in Scorpio. So I feel it is activating everything near its eclipse…Venus (femine power and the denial of it), Neptune (spiritual outlook and delusion), Sun (ego and power), Mercury (innovation and communication), Pluto (power issues), Saturn (structure to build and to tear down), and on its way out, it just cruises right by Lilith. Illuminating the darkness we want to push away about the feminine. Wow. Just wow.

The tricky part is, can we hold it? Do we want to play? Are we really ready to hold common humanity with all the people we have unfriended on Facebook? Detractors will comment, NO! RESIST! Well, I agree, I want to resist myself. But I also want to caution that we might be just falling into the same trap by only doing that. Our resistance needs to include openness to the people who are on the other side. Once we take the ice out of our own hearts and let Mother Earth hold the darkness we are a fearing, there might be room to figure this thing out. Our hearts might be kinder. It is going to be messy and people will get thrown down. Just remember to include humanity in the mix. Give them a hand up. Remember they are in pain. Just like we are. Revolution means tearing down the structures that are in the way of the good, but at the same time having love in our hearts for the people. That is the real way, the way of love. Onward!

4 Ways to Improve Inner Guidance

February 6, 2017


We were all born with intuitive gifts, but over the years, as our logical brains developed, most of us turned off this crucial “in the gut” connection. Our feeling, sensing selves sublimated to our more rational thinking, proof oriented nerd selves. Which isn’t bad, we need those skills to be in the world around us and succeed. But just as vital for business, relationships and decision making, is the gut feeling, the thoughtless knowing, that we feel in our bodies, or just know somehow. And that part of us is usually right.

Intuitives, psychics and creative people live in this realm and have learned to trust it’s wisdom. Far from woo-woo or wishful thinking, they have learned to integrate intuition at a level of processing that navigates the most crucial and important next steps to developing anything. They have gotten past the doubt, the indecision and double thinking by just trusting the first thing that comes to them to do and doing it. It’s about taking action, and seeing what happens. Embracing the adventure of letting that knowingness take hold. With each success, right brained people learn to traverse the bridge between rational thought and inner guidance, and follow it’s threads. Its deliciousness and wonder makes life feel better and more satisfying.


Intuitive readings with Tarot + Curio create a deep connection to your story.

When personal desire for an outcome, or too much thinking clouds your vision, then turning to professionals in this realm is what smart people do, to come back into trust with their gut. Intuitive readings should resonate with what you already know and direct you towards trusting yourself to take actions on your own behalf. Sometimes, a good intuitive might tell you something you might not want to hear, or something you have a hard time grasping because you expected a different answer. If you give your mind time to create another pathway, you see that the intuitive was opening a door for you to greater awareness. A lot of times we are stuck because we have shut down our feeling intuitive selves, and created a scenario that leaves no room for us to imagine a solution. Our desire for a certain outcome is too powerful. This messes with our ability to trust our intuitive selves. Because really, life is a crap shoot. Intuition increases the odds. That part of the brain is way ahead of the reasoning process.

Here are 4 ways to get into the flow. They help you increase awareness of things you might be taking for granted, and are a basic, but important part of this realm.

  1. Awareness. Start noticing your feelings about situations before you enter them. How do you feel about getting into that subway car? How do you feel about walking into that party? How do you feel about the meeting you are about to have? Take mental note of your feelings and then see what happens for real. Were you right? Did doing that open anything up for you?
  2. Meditate. Yes, simple meditation is key for allowing oneself to be in the flow. Meditation trains the mind to tolerate empty spaces, setting thought aside. It’s like creating a blank page. Your life is the painting. Tolerating that empty space invites flow into your life. Where there is a vaccum…the divine flows in.
  3. Allow. Stop trying to figure things out. That’s right, put that problem on the back burner. Instead play with imaginative writing. Ask a question and write down the first thing that comes into your mind. And then allow a second thing to come on in. And then you are writing and finding something emerging, bringing you closer to an answer.
  4. Heart. Emotions are powerful tools. Your heart is connected to intuition through empathy. It is a feeling state that carries much information. What are your emotions telling you about a situation? Why do you have that feeling when you hang out with a certain group of people? Or even before you begin to pick up the phone?

And… if none of these help you get clear, get yourself to an intuitive. It’s what we do best! You will be glad you opened up your story.