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Spirituality vs. the Politics of Confusion

August 6, 2017

Page 1 of Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence

An Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse political, spiritual rant…sort of!

Last moth I participated in the HLPF (High Level Political Forum) at the UN. The HLPF is a way for civil society, us regular people in NGO’s, to get involved with contributing to policy that gets taken up formally by the international community at the UN. (An NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization, is a non-profit engaged with work that furthers the mission of the UN). The Forum contributes to shaping international law. DESA did a good job of managing the Forum, helping us non-governmental actors to demystify the process. The 2 Major Groups that I am a part of, the NGO Major Group, and the Women’s Major Group did a wonderful job of giving everyone there a chance to contribute. It went really well, until the following week when the Ministers arrived, and the creaky wheels of governmental message monopolization met the pavement of our ideals and enthusiasm. It showed us just how hard the process of rising above the noise of politics-as-usual can be. Frustrating, demoralizing and difficult. And it was like an astringent. Bracing, but good for you. It is, after all, reality.

Nonetheless, you can be sure that the massive and well organized representation of the peoples interests at the HLPF will not go unnoticed. The Secretariat of the UN has changed their position on a more inclusive process, the Governments are beginning to see that wisdom, and this is just the beginning. The wheels are creaking in another direction now. The Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved without it. Although it is going to take a lot of adjustment, governments are facing the fact that change is not going to come about unless they engage with us, and we work together. They just don’t have the resources to do otherwise.

Which brings me to my next thought…

A lot of us feel the weight of the world on us right now. As the world faces a presidency in the USA that has little bearing in the real world of solutions and is steeped in a litany of problems, it’s easy to lose faith. Our moral decency feels like it is being blown out of the water. The result of the constant onslaught of drama is that we feel ungrounded and overwhelmed. Which is just what we are being engineered to feel. Unless we have a very solid and strong spiritual practice to hold us, (and I do not mean new age mumbo jumbo here) we are going to feel like we are being punched in the face every time we digest and take in thing #1, thing #2 and thing #3. With each new gain in the outrageous, it just gets more out of control. If we can pull back and be in our spiritual selves for a time, we can gather the strength and the detachment from the drama to stay with our focus. Unhooking from drama does not excuse it, it allows us to move past outrage into calm decision making and discernment. Out of reaction into sensible and grounded solutions. Which is where we can connect to other POV to get things done.

There IS an intersection between politics, improving the world, and spirituality. Our job, as people of spirit, is to hold that meeting point. As the spiritual enters the political, it has its own way of opening things up. By bringing spirituality into things, they change of their own accord. Therefore, change is not overwhelming or forced. It flows like the wind on a beautiful day, as the leaves rustle, and we absorb it’s fullness. We don’t have to do much more than that, unless we want to bring it a step further. And then, as we find ways to insist on the spiritual, not by insisting that others be spiritual, but by insisting that the outcomes are aligned with ethical and moral ideas that are shaped by spirituality, then we see things change according to an evolution of human consciousness. No one owns that or even directs that. But we can board the ship, and stay the course.

This political time, which is so rife with tearing apart the ideals of democracy, needs push back. And a development of our own integrity. Democracy is an idea that is based in self governance. Which also applies to a self governance of our inner selves. If our emotional, psychological or spiritual parts are running riot, then we are not able to govern ourselves or elect trusted servants. We elect people who reflect the discordance. We must take that responsibility. Every one of us can participate in our democracy and must do this if it is to survive. The discordant elements have arisen to be addressed. This means  getting involved…out there, in person. Go to a town meeting, visit your representatives and talk to them. Start putting your energies into this face to face, before we lose it. Although protest is good and has it’s place, I don’t think its only about the oppositional. The key is to fight back by shaping policies. Anyone can propose a policy or join in it’s creation. Get creative. Sit down with others and identify a problem. Research. Figure out policy to address the problem. Bring it to your reps. And stand by it. One thing at a time.

The process is slow, but just like our continental congress labored to bring our country into existence, worth every bit of effort. That applies to ourselves and to the world. Loving and accepting things as they are is the first step to addressing anything. Let’s jump into the flowing river of change together. The Earth, the trees, the wind and the soil have our back. Let’s stop trying to know and just be a part of un-knowing together. That is how we enter he sacred numinous land of creative possibility. Once we touch that, no matter how much we get slapped down, that wondrous voice fills us and keeps us strong.

Uncovering Your Path to Love

February 10, 2017

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


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Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo: The Return of the Feminine

February 9, 2017

The Full Snow Moon/Eclipse in Leo + Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
February 10, 2017 at 7:32 p.m. EDT


Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova

This is one of my favorite times of the year, the Snow moon, and with a fresh blanket of snow in my neck of the woods in Brooklyn. I think it’s the first real snow I have seen all winter here, and I really love the show mother earth put on today. We have an amazing portal to higher things opening on this Full Moon, and I am in awe of its generosity, opportunity and potential. Contradictions, upsets, openings, beginnings and the containment of opposites, so we can peel back the layer of mist that has caused so much confusion to us all. So many things going on. Let’s get to it!

Personally, Leo moon in the 12th house means it’s a time of finding out what makes you shine, what your values are, and the hidden gems that are lurking beneath the surface. Hidden motivations, what do you love about the things around you, creativity, enthusiasm, passion, generosity, kindness, leadership, benevolence, self-confidence, as well as setting right arrogance and self-centeredness, and hidden ego issues. Opposite the self-sacrificing Aquarius Sun in the 6th house of work, work, work. Gotta get things right.

First contradiction (global + personal): Warm gregarious, yet reluctant Leo Moon, melting the frozen cold emotions of the over worked Aquarius Sun casting a shadow over its hidden attributes. Let me take that one apart okay? A Snow moon is about being frozen, stopped in its tracks to be reflected upon, then released as a new beginning, typically as we warm up to spring. Ironically, its Leo’s natural warmth and playfulness that is stopped in action, along with its leadership capabilities. To boot, it is in the 12th house of hidden things, so it is even more restricted. The Sun on the other hand, is stuck in the overworked and over wrought tempest of perfection and selfless service to humanity, but lacks the emotion to carry it off, so it is a little sanctimonious. So how that plays out is that we are caught in confusion, not knowing how to manifest our own leadership capabilities, yet out there trying to get things moving, a little devoid of the intuitive capacities to know what to do next. The end result, is that we are caught trying to move ahead without complete guidance from the inside. Unless we slow down and sit with the feelings of frozenness, powerlessness and the fear that engenders, we will not be able to tap into the potential of the identification with all of humanity at this time. The split between nurturance and didactic strictness, is reflected in the polarities politically and personally. Unless we learn to bring nurturance to the didactic and discipline to the nurture, we will not find balance.

The good news is that the Sun/Moon opposition is held in two amazing configurations, a cardinal grand square, and a double trine that looks like the Star of David. It’s nature is tempered by Virgo rising, a relaxing of perfectionism and a call to something greater than ourselves, that we have to work for. The comet – Comet 45P (interesting name right?) runs right through both the Star of David configuration and it’s enclosed Grand Square, that seems like a portal. So, let me explain this all because it is really great!

I was surprised to find that this Full Moon is conjunct the U.S. presidents 12 house Mars and Leo Rising. So, where he is going and how he is presenting himself is pissing a lot of people off, and energizing others. And what some are doing is freezing him out and making him angry and acting from a hidden place of frustration. This polarity is what is being frozen in midair, so we can look at it, and the confusion that it causes can be peeled back for us to look at. If we can drop our anger for the opposite side, and reflect on what we need to know about each other, we will realize that our common ground lies somewhere in the middle. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules circulation, so a frozen heart cannot circulate among its people, like it is supposed to. It needs to relax its belief systems, allow nurturance in and let go of too much constriction. We are headed towards a way of talking about our differences. When we do, there will be unleashed a lot of creativity and innovation that can help us rise above this mess. We actually need each other to do so. It’s not us against them, it is all of us together.

The trines/Star of David configuration, involves the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, and the charts MC or zenith. When we stop and allow our hearts to thaw out so we can be in touch with our emotions, we see the expansive opportunities for grounded planning and the creation of opportunity, we examine the strict father energy that some are embracing and understand where it comes from, we then have more access to what are we willing to work for, what revolution are we ready for, and we are freed to move ahead into action. Whew! What a lot to hold to, and be in the middle of.

I look to the Cardinal grand square for the answer to this problem. Grand squares tear us apart in 4 directions. The only way to navigate them it to come to a neutral, holy space in the middle and ask the Universe for direction. Only in that way can we integrate these 4 powerful forces. So, the things that we are working with are:

  1. A lot of people want better financial ground to stand on. They need to look to ways to create and take advantage of opportunities for themselves so that fear can be alleviated. The belief that outsourcing, or blaming others for the problem is diametrically opposed to its opposite…
  2. Technology is here, and it has displaced a population that is more mechanically/hands on oriented. What I mean by this is that a lot of people are not tech savvy, nor are they inclined to be. There are a lot of people out there who are smart as a whip, but just not gonna be tech people. So, we need to create jobs for them that reflect a new economy. At the same time, breaking apart of larger interests (like corporations, large government structure, money held by just a few) results in the investment in smaller businesses that can accommodate these kinds of ideas, probably energy oriented and addressing our infrastructure.
  3. Release fear. Consolidating our power at home, instead being vulnerable to fear and isolation will ground our financial problems. There is a lot of reaction and fear of being perceived as weak, so instead we have to puff up and make ourselves look REALLY strong. If we understood what real power is, then we would not need to do this. We would create policies that belie our inner strength. But with people feeling insecure financially, and not sure of what the future will bring with technology, and not sure about our leadership or our own person al power, we are stuck undermining our own authority. The shadow pervades. We are out of touch with the welcoming, kind hearted policies that made our country champions in the world. The opposite of that is…
  4. Showing our nurturing, kind and openhearted values to the world, allows us to lead powerfully with a humanitarian view. Our home is everywhere. Human beings are human beings, no matter where they come from. We have a lot to repair in our world view, but knowing that the world is our home is the place to begin.

We are called to sit in the middle of these opposite views and see the common threads they carry and reflect in each other. This takes patience, removing judgement, finding commonality, yet keeping our ability to know what just isn’t right and rejecting that. So we all could do with some of this sitting still and cogitating in the middle. Turn on your feeling, sensing selves and let the middle ground come to you. the place where we can find love, compassion and forgiveness. One heart, One mind. There is an answer.

Now I will look to the Comet – Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova. I am giving this comet a strong feminine attribute, as it appears green, it is actually coming from the orbit of Venus, and I feel portends great feminine power rising. Because it’s last pass around the Sun was so close, it lost its tail, in a way emasculating it, and making it more like a star. Making it more feminine. It’s really frozen ice, which brings us back to our theme of Frozen Moon energy, the frozen feminine that shines from within its icy palace. This is what we follow through the portal, this is what we seek to unwind, this is what we need to find and thaw within each of us to master in this time. Our shining green hearts. In the very real sense… Mother Earth. Our real connection to resolving all our issues comes from her energies. As far as I can track it, 45P moves through this chart from Venus which is in the 7th house, down and out through the 3rd house in Scorpio. So I feel it is activating everything near its eclipse…Venus (femine power and the denial of it), Neptune (spiritual outlook and delusion), Sun (ego and power), Mercury (innovation and communication), Pluto (power issues), Saturn (structure to build and to tear down), and on its way out, it just cruises right by Lilith. Illuminating the darkness we want to push away about the feminine. Wow. Just wow.

The tricky part is, can we hold it? Do we want to play? Are we really ready to hold common humanity with all the people we have unfriended on Facebook? Detractors will comment, NO! RESIST! Well, I agree, I want to resist myself. But I also want to caution that we might be just falling into the same trap by only doing that. Our resistance needs to include openness to the people who are on the other side. Once we take the ice out of our own hearts and let Mother Earth hold the darkness we are a fearing, there might be room to figure this thing out. Our hearts might be kinder. It is going to be messy and people will get thrown down. Just remember to include humanity in the mix. Give them a hand up. Remember they are in pain. Just like we are. Revolution means tearing down the structures that are in the way of the good, but at the same time having love in our hearts for the people. That is the real way, the way of love. Onward!

4 Ways to Improve Inner Guidance

February 6, 2017


We were all born with intuitive gifts, but over the years, as our logical brains developed, most of us turned off this crucial “in the gut” connection. Our feeling, sensing selves sublimated to our more rational thinking, proof oriented nerd selves. Which isn’t bad, we need those skills to be in the world around us and succeed. But just as vital for business, relationships and decision making, is the gut feeling, the thoughtless knowing, that we feel in our bodies, or just know somehow. And that part of us is usually right.

Intuitives, psychics and creative people live in this realm and have learned to trust it’s wisdom. Far from woo-woo or wishful thinking, they have learned to integrate intuition at a level of processing that navigates the most crucial and important next steps to developing anything. They have gotten past the doubt, the indecision and double thinking by just trusting the first thing that comes to them to do and doing it. It’s about taking action, and seeing what happens. Embracing the adventure of letting that knowingness take hold. With each success, right brained people learn to traverse the bridge between rational thought and inner guidance, and follow it’s threads. Its deliciousness and wonder makes life feel better and more satisfying.


Intuitive readings with Tarot + Curio create a deep connection to your story.

When personal desire for an outcome, or too much thinking clouds your vision, then turning to professionals in this realm is what smart people do, to come back into trust with their gut. Intuitive readings should resonate with what you already know and direct you towards trusting yourself to take actions on your own behalf. Sometimes, a good intuitive might tell you something you might not want to hear, or something you have a hard time grasping because you expected a different answer. If you give your mind time to create another pathway, you see that the intuitive was opening a door for you to greater awareness. A lot of times we are stuck because we have shut down our feeling intuitive selves, and created a scenario that leaves no room for us to imagine a solution. Our desire for a certain outcome is too powerful. This messes with our ability to trust our intuitive selves. Because really, life is a crap shoot. Intuition increases the odds. That part of the brain is way ahead of the reasoning process.

Here are 4 ways to get into the flow. They help you increase awareness of things you might be taking for granted, and are a basic, but important part of this realm.

  1. Awareness. Start noticing your feelings about situations before you enter them. How do you feel about getting into that subway car? How do you feel about walking into that party? How do you feel about the meeting you are about to have? Take mental note of your feelings and then see what happens for real. Were you right? Did doing that open anything up for you?
  2. Meditate. Yes, simple meditation is key for allowing oneself to be in the flow. Meditation trains the mind to tolerate empty spaces, setting thought aside. It’s like creating a blank page. Your life is the painting. Tolerating that empty space invites flow into your life. Where there is a vaccum…the divine flows in.
  3. Allow. Stop trying to figure things out. That’s right, put that problem on the back burner. Instead play with imaginative writing. Ask a question and write down the first thing that comes into your mind. And then allow a second thing to come on in. And then you are writing and finding something emerging, bringing you closer to an answer.
  4. Heart. Emotions are powerful tools. Your heart is connected to intuition through empathy. It is a feeling state that carries much information. What are your emotions telling you about a situation? Why do you have that feeling when you hang out with a certain group of people? Or even before you begin to pick up the phone?

And… if none of these help you get clear, get yourself to an intuitive. It’s what we do best! You will be glad you opened up your story.


Spiritual Tools for Troubled Times

December 23, 2016

img_4531Four Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane

In order to remain responsive to the change all around us, and to support our friends and families, here are a few suggestions to rally our strength for the coming months.

1. Get lots of sleep. So here’s the truth, our worry changes nothing. It only harms us. It might sound overly simple, but at this time we need to keep sharp and even tempered. Better done with good sleep.

2. Create an place where you can deposit your worry. Whether its a God Box, or a spot out in Nature, a tree or river, create a place to leave your worries daily. You do not have to go there every day. Just ask that spot if it will take your worries and help you be more relaxed during this time.

3. Meditation. There is nothing better for times of stress than meditation. Any form of brain time-out will do. Sitting down at the mat, or a run or walk outside, even an exercise routine will calm the body and mind. And I mean time with out stimulus, no radio, no internet, maybe some relaxing music and just you. The time off from thinking does us a lot of good. If you are sitting for meditation, start off slow, 5 minutes. Then increase to 10 after a few weeks. Once you get over the initial hump, you will find that you like it and it produces more evenness in your life. As I like to say, meditation is what happens when you sit in those 10 minutes. If you are thinking, or feeling, well that is your meditation. If you feel good, then that is your meditation. Whatever happens, just do it and don’t judge it and get discouraged. It’s time with your self and that is sacred, no matter what happens!

4. Practice detachment. You are a sovereign being. You get to decide what you take in and what you get drawn to. If you feel like you are getting triggered or pulled into negative energies, lovingly withdraw. Thanks, but no thanks. Be very careful of your energy and conserve it. We are not going to save anyone, or change minds. Instead we are trying to listen and heal our relationships by choosing how we want to be.

Blessings of the Solstice

December 22, 2016


Here comes the darkness! And with it, an opportunity to start anew. Making friends with the darkness allows its power to infuse us with its grace. We are directed inside. Fear melts. Calm ensues. We rest, as the sun seems to sit still in the darkness. This is a sacred process, the spiritual death of merging with the soil of rebirth. We are blessed by its decay, its absorption of the skin we slough, the pain we leave behind. What’s left is the light of sacred prescience, a newer tougher skin, a revelation of inner power and joy that has been waiting to be noticed. It beckons us forward, into the coming warmth of the Sun.

As we are directed to the inner light to refresh and renew our souls, I want to take a moment of gratitude to you my sweet friends, clients and co-travelers on this journey. Thank you for making me and my work a part of your life. The spirits and ancestors thank you for your courage and strength. I am inspired by each, and every one of you.

As we head into 2017, a wild and unknown territory, I invite you to ready yourselves with a little self-care during this time. If you start to worry about the world, let the darkness take it and hold it in the earth. Turn to the things you love and put energy there. If you need to unplug from the latest tweet, then unplug. The world will be fine without you for a bit. You know, there are things quite bigger than us, than we can handle. This is well and good. We are not meant to take on some things. They are not to tackle alone. Those things are to be held by a movement that will rise up, and we will know when it swells to walk within it. That time is on its way.

What we are meant to do alone, on this eve of the light becoming stronger, is transform the energy of worry, anger and resentment into dreams, art, vision, passion, compassion and care of those who need us. We dearly need each other to accomplish what is before us. Attending to our spiritual foundation, which is the ground we will walk on, takes every day nurturance. Prayers of forgiveness and compassion for those that we fear is our armor. Bridges must be built; alliances are waiting to form. We will know when they beckon us.


If one considers translating these energies into the Tarot, I feel that we have just experienced the Tower card. Big time, right? Things have been shaken up, shocking and clearly disturbing in many ways. Revelations are swirling around us almost too much to take in. So much information and yet as it settles, we are being given the language to understand what is being revealed. It is not always easy to take in, yet it is becoming the story that moves us forward. A story that we all are writing together.


I feel at this time of darkness; we are presently in the Temperance card. The alchemy of change, healing ourselves by connecting to the earth in moments of rest and receptivity. Spending time with nature, meditating and receiving love is what we can do till the energies of the Sun renew the earth, pulling us into the next and more powerful card – Judgement. This is what lies before us. To rise up and to really see. Seeing what is good, what is painful, what needs to be voiced. We are creating the work that needs to be done. What we learned with the Tower card and integrated with the Temperance card is ready not to be called out of us in a new direction. What an amazing time to be alive! To be in touch with our power as alchemists.


So, this is my Solstice wish for all of us, as we step out of the Tower into the place of integration and wholeness, let us not skip this step. Let us all rest in the darkness and be renewed to be called into the next chapter. And may we stand together in united energies as the light shines upon us again, ready to face what is next.

Love and Abundance to you all!


Healing our fractured hearts, a shamanic look at violent acts

July 15, 2016


My heart is breaking once again as we mourn the violent deaths of regular people in Nice, France, enjoying their lives, killed by a thug wanting to make his mark. I am faced with the same question that comes up every time this happens: Who can commit such an act of cruelty and hatred of human beings? Who does this kind of thing? And why do we feel so powerless in the face of it? When I examine my own life in view of this, I know that I am connected to all of it. A little piece of everything is inside me. I am one part of that vital whole. The acts of an other affect me because they are in me too. I might not want to see it, so it is pushed down into my shadow self for safekeeping. In order to understand and contribute to real change, I need to face that part of myself and take it out of hiding.

This kind of self-examination is spiritual. It’s reflective, and it’s about honesty. Do I have hatred in my heart? Yes I do. I make excuses for it, or have a nice veneer, but it is there. It mostly escapes when I am driving in Brooklyn. Right? Other Brooklynites know what I mean. But silliness aside, I can admit that. I can admit that I have hatred, mistrust, fear and ignorance inside me. It does not rule me, it does not make me a bad person. It’s not a very big part of me at all. But it does affect me. It limits my relationships with other human beings in subtle and very prescient ways. It melds with the unconscious psyche that we all share. And if left unacknowledged, it pops out of the collective psyche into someone with the propensity for violence, and it wrecks havoc.

Now I am not saying we caused this, or any self-blamey stuff here. But I am saying that we are related to the problem. And being related to it opens up possibilities. Our darkest parts are holding hands with our creativity and brilliance. We have to go there to retrieve our way out. As a collective, if we are willing to delve into our darkness, we can change this. It’s in us to do so. It’s in us to love, it’s in us to integrate and heal those wayward parts that need connecting and growth. Human beings are intrinsically flawed, and that’s our beauty. We all are in this together.

From a shamanic standpoint, anyone who is so disaffected by harming human life and disregards the value of their own life, has significant soul loss. They are out of alignment with their ancestors and the threads of connection that create community to hold them. Who was there to hold this man? What healing did he need? If we are not attending to our own healing, other people who are in big trouble hide among us unrecognized. It clouds the connections that keep us whole and flourishing and nourished. A person who understands and recognizes their own pain can see it in others and stand with them without fear. It doesn’t mean that we can rescue them or even heal them. It does however open up a part of us to take responsibility for the well being of other humans. We can lessen the shame of mental illness and PTSD so that people can get the help they need.

We look to big solutions when facing terrorism: policy, policing, walls, regulations, fierce statements, war. Although it’s important to take a strong stand, being tough back is not always the answer. Terrorism is based in resentments that, if honestly faced, are a larger societal problem. As a global society, we need to start caring about and understanding the cultures we deal with every day, especially religious and political differences and their histories. And contribute to the healing of these things, treating others the way we wish to be treated. Understanding the societal and mental illness that takes hold when people have mistrust, resentment and hatred will change policy, responses to terrorist acts, and how we hold others.

One thing I have learned from working with the spirits of those  on the other side, is that they don’t carry their resentments into the next world. While they might be prickly or grumpy or showing us their personality that they had on earth so who know who they are when we contact them, resentment and anger is just not there. They are free to heal, free to examine the overview of their lives. Regret sometimes comes through, and forgiveness. Mostly though it’s love. Love that heals everything in it’s wake. Love that awakens us to possibility. That love inspires me every day. It lets me know that I am held in my work. It lets me know that I matter. It lets me know that I am an intimate part of my community. It infuses me with gratitude and hope.

I know the spirit world welcomes those who died yesterday in the wake of senseless violence, with love and compassion. Those souls are there to comfort us and hold us and guide us to a new sense of sanity and wholeness if we let them. We have their support to enter the unconscious realms and heal our negativity and hatred. We need not be afraid. We can hold love and fear at the same time without letting fear rule us. The work lies ahead, but I have faith in humanity. I hope you find that too.

Kids and Ghosts, What to Do.

June 16, 2016


The subject came up recently on a parents list serve about kids seeing ghosts. It’s hard in a public forum like that, where people might not be wanting to hear about esoteric information, to comment fully. So I am going to undertake the subject here a little bit.

I began seeing spirits at the tender age of 3-4. That along with astral traveling every night was a little much for me to deal with. We lived right next to a cemetery, so you might say there was a lot going on. I would see things and in my mind, I turned them into Dr. Seuss characters to take the edge off. My parents, staunch Catholics, chalked it up to my ever expansive imagination. They were pretty exasperated at my continually waking them up in the middle of the night to soothe me. They had no understanding of what I was going through. I learned to suffer in silence, have  good night light, and resorted to imploring whatever it was to stop. And, after awhile it slowed down, but it never stopped. I did not react well to that, but I also never stopped wondering about it and investigating my ability to know things, receive love from animals and plants easily, and tune into strong weather. And of course, communicate with the dead. I also read and re-read “Lives of the Saints,” inhaling it like it was my favorite penny candy. They had it going on those saints, they knew about this stuff. Too bad they were all dead!

Now a grown woman, who has totally stepped into her gift with passion, and mom of 2 very in tune kids; I want to provide a safe atmosphere for my children to interact with spirit, and also be able to take a break from it as well. We all need to have personal space.

My daughter began seeing spirit at the age of 4. I instantly recognized she was GOOD! Better than me…kids have hardly any filters. Because I so accepted it, she just assumed it was normal and it wasn’t till she was older that I had to teach her how to deal with it in a more concrete way. Normalcy, acceptance, and lots of love for the whole process are really important at the younger ages. Now a teenager, I have been teaching her how to deal with it when the need arises. My son is sensitive to the natural world, often receiving messages about living things and rocks. He loves rocks. He’s 20, works for the Student Conservation Association, and very knowledgeable about plants and nature spirits! Neither of them are scared, both of them use their talents to thrive in the world.

Here are some tips for those who have sensitive children. I am supposing that your child might actually be seeing something.

    1. Don’t be scared, be curious. Ask questions and support your child. If they need to snuggle in with you at night sometimes to get a break, let them know it’s okay. (I’m sure that’s a no-brainer, but I know many nights with a child, who you might not sure if they are having separation anxiety, or what; can be taxing).
    2. Research your house. Find out who lived there and whatever you can about who died there. You can find remarkable things at the NY Historical Society, where I research land issues.
    3. Ask your child to describe what they see and what is being said to them. This helps to know if it is an Ancestor, or another presence. If its Grandma, that might be a comforting thing for the whole family. If it is the guy who died there, is there something he needs? A simple offering left for a day, like a tiny bit of food from the family dinner, and some good old whiskey (in a glass), goes a long way to settling down the pesky spirits. (Make sure you throw away offerings after). They need our love too!
    4. The idea is to look at this as a gift, a good thing. Because if your child has it, it’s something they have to learn to live with. If it is just a passing thing or imagination, that’s a good thing too. A creative genius blooming. Either way, support your child as best as you can.
    5. You might do some reading about spirits and mediumship. Some good books are – The Light Between Us by my friend, Laura Lynne Jackson. Another friend, Kim Russo’s book just came out – The Happy Medium – Life Lessons from the Other Side. I work alongside both of these women and their stories are heart warming.
    6. Do not watch The Conjuring!! Or any other horror flicks for that matter. Don’t get yourself freaked out. Negative things are very rare. Don’t get it in your head that you will be messed with or physically harmed. For a spirit to embody that kind of energy is very rare. There ARE negative spirits out there. And ones who just don’t know how to behave around us. That’s when you call in a professional. Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony with the spirit world. It is an interactive thing. It helps us on so many levels to honor that wisdom.
    7. What is normal for spirits, when they want to get our attention…appearing out of the corner of your eye, dreams, full out sightings, things fall off shelves, lights going on and off when they shouldn’t, things breaking, light bulbs that constantly blow out, things moving around the house, lost keys, lost things, lights and orbs, sounds, smells, and footsteps. These things are scary yes, but really, they are not. I mean, footsteps cannot hurt us, and lights can’t either. Lost keys and stuff disappearing is annoying, but not awful. We just need to take a breath and ask, “Okay, you got my attention, what do you want? Please make it clear to me. I come in peace and I have good intentions here. Sorry I can’t really speak to you, but I offer you some things to honor your presence here.” And then offer them candy or something nice like sandalwood incense. If things quiet down then it’s just a new roommate that you have to live with. It if keeps up at the annoying level you might want a medium to talk with that spirit, to see what it wants beyond that. And that might just be enough.
    8. Now if it’s in any way more menacing, that’s when you need to at least consult with a professional. Because everyone deserves to live in their space with out being terrified out of their wits. That’s just not cool.
    9. If it’s really that your kid is sensitive, it’s always good to take a class in spiritual protection, so that you know what to do when your kid becomes too bombarded. Later blogs on that coming.

So, if your kid is seeing spirit, it’s going to be okay. Really. And so are you. Maybe this is happening so that you can be more in tune yourself. Or recover a long lost creative talent. We all need to be more awake to the world, it’s our kids who are teaching us! I salute you, we are caretakers to some tender younglings! The world needs them!

Water Love

February 19, 2016

I have been thinking a lot about water lately. The way I use it, the times I waste it, the way it soothes me when I am out of sorts, the luxury of soaking in it, the refreshing taste of it, how it cleans my world constantly. Water is life. It is a big part of who we are, literally. And how we function in the world. I feel that water is going to be the focus of the coming years, both due to the oceans rising and flooding, and the lack of it in other places. We need to take a look at water in our country and how we are part of that eco-system spiritually. Don’t we have a responsibility to support water and its spirit? Especially if it is this important to us?

Hudson River Love

Right now just north of NYC, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is leaking radiation into the water. This has been going on for some time. But recently it has been on the news and facebook, and as Tinya Seeger from Clearwater told me in a meeting last week, when one leak is found and fixed, another can start up because the bedrock it is build on is porous and, well, it just leaks. This is troubling. That plant should be closed. Leaking is unacceptable. Fukushima was very troubling and felt so overwhelmingly huge, at least to me. But it is half a world away. This is right here. It’s the Hudson River for goodness sake. An incredible healing force.

I can’t help but listen to what the water is saying. You know, the mediumship thing! It’s been calling me, but I have been too busy to stop and connect. So today I took a moment to listen and connect with the water spirits. I made an offering to them and asked for their guidance. This is what they told me:

Remind people that we are often disconnected and that our involvement in setting things right is the way. It is the re-establishment of the indigenous ways, which our ancestors and the native people  have kept alive. We need to connect to this wisdom through subtle shamanic practices which are easy to learn. It is what will keep us alive, and heal our world. It is not to late. Do not get overwhelmed. Instead understand that it all starts in our hearts and radiates outwards and back in time to our ancestors who hold the knowledge. When we participate in this process, we re-awaken this knowledge in ourselves. There is a fabric to life, and we are part of that weaving of a new solution. There is beauty in our souls, as there is beauty in all of life. Our purpose as living beings that channel energy, is to do that. It is our purpose. It’s why we were built this way and why there are so many of us on this planet right now. It is going to take a lot of us to work this magic. It can be done. It is not living in the wilderness, it is living right where you are, in your jobs, in your families, in your communities where this can happen. Everyone is a bit of a shaman. We are all healers to one extent or another. We all know how to pray and imagine. We must do that now.

As a longtime meditator, and energy healer, I am used to both settling and running energies. I am aware that water allows the body part of me to do this. It contributes to the subtle energies guided by thought, energy centers and my state of consciousness. I am also aware that the water in me is related to the water out there. Same chemical composition, same resonance.

We all know the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who researched the effect of Gratitude and Love on water crystals affected by pollution and other conditions. It actually changed crystaline structure and cleared the water. Pretty cool in my book. It indicates that yes, we can do something. We can use our energy, pray, envision that water and send it love through intention.

It all comes down to love. That’s right, love. So lets try it. Take a moment…
Close your eyes. Breathe in love as reddish pink energy. Feel that love circulate through your body, reveling in the water that carries it throughout, into every cell. Love is permeable. It is a reddish pink light. Now imagine that you are connecting to the bodies of water around you. The rivers of love flow out of you into those waters. Hold that feeling for as long as you can. Imagine the waters receiving your love, changing their vibration, changing the crystaline structure. Eliminating the toxins. Lighting up with the same reddish pink hue. Feel appreciation for the water, all it does for us. Imagine it receiving our love and gratitude. When you are finished bless the waters, bless yourself and open your eyes.

Try this out and let me know on my facebook page what you experienced. Or comment below.  I’d love to hear your experience. And if you want more, enroll in my monthly Planetary Wisdom Course. Register HERE.



New Moon in Aquarius Feb. 8, 2016

February 8, 2016


February is a month of letting your inner drive ignite around how you can be a part of the larger picture. What gifts are you going to contribute to your community and those you want to influence? Although Mercury is moving ahead, beware that it is still somewhat sluggish till the 13th.  Creating a greater strategy in light of the goals that you might have discovered during Mercury’s Rx would be a good use of this time. The New Moon is a bit intense in regard to bringing up stuff that would rather remain hidden. Working with what you want to excise from your life and that which you want to replace it with, is helpful to be conscious of and work on. The rest of the month is about building up a resilience around change that will ground you for the year to come. And cultivating more love in your life. More on that below!

Astrological Happenings
These are the days and events to look out for this month.

    Day                      Event                 Time            Degree & Sign
    February 8     New Moon    9:40 am    19 Aquarius
    February 22   Full Moon     8:46 pm    3   Virgo

Astrology of the New Moon
New Moon in Aquarius February 8th 2016 9:40 am EDT

As most of you know, New Moons draw us inside to consider what we want to manifest. Luna’s energy is easy to work with, and more consciously felt by all of us. The natural progression from dark to light and light to dark brings our inner most selves out to engage the world and then back in to assess how it went. When we use this energy to create and manifest our desires, in harmony with the unique gifts each moon provides according to which sign it’s in and house, we align our goals with those energies for an extra boost. A turbo effect. This is a really great way to use planetary energy to infuse ritual, strategic goals, subtle activism and self care for ourselves and the planet.

Aquarius moon in the  in the 11th house gives us the opportunity to seek innovative solutions to our own problems and also the larger issues facing the world. We are able to see our part in the larger picture a little more clearly that we normally do. The push to innovate in a grounded and practical way is what helps us flourish. And we have the ability to commit on a much deeper level than ever before to ourselves and those we love.

“Anytime you try to be a loving person, you’re doing your part to save the world.”
– Marianne Williamson

With this particular New Moon, we have several great conditions available to help us reach outside ourselves and develop strategies for better living and understanding the mystical significance of our problems. So if we are struggling, consistent meditation practice will help us be calm enough to take risks, make step by step plans and help us expand realistically. Working with any kind of spiritual structure: 12 step work, positive thinking, ritual, yoga or simply a daily gratitude list, doing something consistently to further your goals will set the stage for the energies unleashed next month by the eclipse cycle we will enter for a good 6 weeks starting with the Full moon on February 22nd. And our heart will thank us for preparing us to open ourselves wider to love.

During this month we are still feeling the last cycle of the 7 Pluto Square Uranus exact squares that began with the Arab spring. The world has gone through a lot in that time. Wars, revolutions, repression, revelations, unexpected twists and turns, global warming incidents that we can’t turn away from. A lot of external change that was needed and with that final square on December 25th 2015, we are bringing it inside, internalizing it so that we too can take action. Integrating this final step is important, we need to collectively own change for it to really happen on the planet. As above so below, what is inner reflects outward. Change has changed us and now we are on to accepting a different world and shifting our own vibration to get real about it. I see us at a kind of pause, where the pendulum is still before swinging upward. Catching our breath into a new age of taking care of each other and our planet. With love.

Revolution has been very hard on us. Some of us are still holding on to the past.  It makes sense, it’s how we humans are. We like to KNOW. What we are learning is to be facile with change. To trust and let go. Deeply. To take off the cloak of shame and denial that prevents us from being happy. And to love ourselves as we struggle to find the new normal that fluidity holds for us. I highly recommend bringing our bodies along into this. Yoga, Qi Gong, running, rumba, whatever you can do to loosen up the body will loosen up the mind. A spiritual basis for strength within each of us is where the solid ground now lies. It’s the strength that will help us refashion our lives and re-enchant our earth bringing it into sacred harmony. We must learn to love change and embrace it. For through us change will happen. Each and every one of us is here for this purpose, to transform ourselves and vibrate change. That is what the long course of Pluto Square Uranus fractal cracks in the cosmic egg teaches us, as we revisit it with Mars squaring Pluto. More importantly, with Venus conjuncting Pluto, how to love ourselves as we travel downward into the muck to release that which we must, and beckon that which will nourish and inspire us to health.

In closing I want to stress that there is a lot of love energy available to transform our relationships. And, we are also confronted by any pain we might be feeling in areas that need to expand. Uranus softened by Vesta’s touch are pushing change in our home front and primary relationships. We need to be careful about how we react to the things that surface around our relationships, seemingly out of left field. Cultivating a capacity to hold and watch as change happens, will enrich any relationship you are in. Intimacy and commitment are pushing us to tolerate what we are having trouble with and invite in new solutions. Don’t be afraid to get help, therapy, coaching, whatever it takes to allow yourself to shift to hold more…it will be worth the soul searching you do. Pay attention to love in your life wherever it appears, increasing the flow of giving and receiving love. Leading with love. Feel it’s power wash over you, and use that to replace any negative fears about connection. Let love help you stop trying to control relationships and instead be grounded and observant of where you end and another begins.  Loving despite the uncomfortable feelings that come up. Re-pattern yourself one step at a time and see love grow. And yet, still be conscious of what you need and what you can’t tolerate in another person. You will be able to find new ways to express that and let the other person find their way with your requests. Give them a chance to adjust and then you will know what to do.

February’s New Moon report exerpt from Planetary Wisdom Course. ©Cathy Towle