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Welcome to my site!

I am an eco-spiritual intuitive and medium who uses earth wisdom, and connection with our loved ones in spirit, to deliver healing messages and insight to ones life and relationships. Our work helps to: 1. identify and sort out ancestral patterns, 2. establish a relationship with ones personal guides and 3. connect us to the natural cycles. I help you dive deep to look at your stuff, and open things up. Our work together creates new pathways for living a balanced and successful life.

You might ask how do we do that. Well, I believe that spiritual guidance is available to all of us to help with anything we need. It’s right at our fingertips. We just have to learn how to use it. I happen to have a direct connection to that guidance, which I share with clients in intuitive and mediumship sessions, healing sessions and classes. I look at it as investigation (intuitive guidance/mediumship), healing (reiki, ritual, or journey work), and integration (homework, additional intuitive guidance, coaching sessions and courses). This process allows for real change to happen, not just wishful thinking. This work has changed peoples lives on many levels. Spirit is a badass partner to work with.

When I speak and present about spiritual ecology, I do so as an individual who brings experience in design thinking, creativity, and business, as well as a deeply grounded global perspective. Adding the shamanic element of encountering the divine along the way, I get inspired by how companies can learn to use this wisdom to improve their culture, projects, and create harmony in the workplace. I consult with companies to do just that.

I love my work and I am eager to share it with you. If you need a lift, book an appointment or contact my assistant at, to speak and present at your organization.


left to right: Cathy Towle, Janet Mayer, Lee Ashley, Laura Lynn Jackson, Kim Russo