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Cathy Towle

Ancestrally Guided Coach and Shamanic Healer for Non-Conformists, Medium and Teacher focused on earth-based spirituality.

I created this transformational coaching and healing method after many years of depth work, training, and being led by my ancestors and guides – to help people find happiness and joy in their work, relationships and life. My background in spirituality, healing and creativity, helps others focus, reflect and refine their connection to inner guidance and direction, by healing and integrating on very deep levels. By re-patterning old, stuck ways of operating using ritual, earth resonance and journey work, we create new pathways and possibilities for living a balanced and successful life.

I’d love to explore this with you through any facet of my work. Whatever is troubling you, let’s open things up to the light.

  • Mediumship/ Intuitive Guidance: talk with your ancestors and healing guides to identify and sort out what is going on with your health and life.
  • Ancestrally Guided Coaching:  integrate healing and inner guidance to create ongoing support and lasting change.
  • Shamanic Healing: reiki, journey, past life connection and ancestral healing for body and soul.
  • Teaching: unhook from old systems by: reconnecting with and developing your intuitive gifts, working with the natural cycles and the earth’s wisdom, learning spirit channeled reiki healing.

Left to right: Forever Family Mediums – Cathy Towle, Janet Mayer, Lee Ashley, Laura Lynn Jackson, Kim Russo, at Forever Family Foundation Afterlife Conference 2015