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Cathy at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn

Cathy Towle: shamanic medium & healer, spiritual ecology expert, earth based wisdom teacher, United Nations representative for IAAI Glocha

Rev. Cathy Towle, is a powerful modern shamanic practitioner and certified medium. As an eco-spiritual intuitive she uses earth wisdom to help people sort out ancestral patterns, establish a relationship with their personal guides and natural cycles. Cathy’s work connects us deeply with those forces that heal us, guide us and connect us to love. Her work creates new pathways for living a balanced and successful life.

Inspired by her involvement as a consultant at the United Nations, Cathy works with organizations to increase their effectiveness in the area of social responsibility, ethics and sustainability. She weaves innovation, design thinking, and spiritual ecology together to get at underlying patterns that prevent growth and open up dialogue. She teaches how the inspiration of indigenous wisdom grounded in nature, informs innovation, and creates new solutions when dealing with global issues. We can open up new possibilities, but if we are not grounded firmly in spiritual principles, we will keep missing the mark.houseblessing

She has been called “a gentle force of spirit wallop” and “one of the finest mediums in the field.” Reporting on a year-long investigation of the Merchants House Museum, the editor of Chelsea Now Newspaper called her “A Medium who’s obviously got Premium Cable.” Author and Christian Mystic, Andrew Harvey, calls her “a tremendously gifted channel with the finest antennae.”

Cathy is an officer on the Executive Council for the NGO Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns-NY, at the United Nations. She co-chairs the CSVGC Eco-Spiritual Working Group, and has been working behind the scenes at the United Nations since 2007. She co-founded the Institute for Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey in 2006 and was part of Deepak Chopra’s Global Leadership Initiative (now the Evolutionary Leaders). She is one of a few non-indigenous people initiated into West African spiritualist tradition.

IMG_5013Invited Speaker at the United Nations
Certified by the Forever Family Foundation Mediumship Program in 2005
Readers Choice Finalist for Best Psychic Medium in 2013
Participated in psi research: Mediumship Afterlife  research with the University of Virginia, and tested by Dr. Jeffery Tarrant
Tera Mai Reiki, Seichem Master and Sakara Master
Ordained Interfaith Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
Member of Sturges Paranormal Research Group, NYC which conducted research at the Merchant’s House Museum and The Bartow Pell House in the Bronx
Subject of a web series Notablez, produced by Archetypes Productions
Featured on “Manhattan’s Most Haunted House” blog
Contributor at Chelsea Now Newspaper and Shaman Portal
Frequent guest – Spiritual radio shows.

Rev. Towle is available for private consults via Skype and phone – book here and through her assistant –, to speak and present at your organization.

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Meet Cathy Towle, Spirit Medium, Intuitive, and Shamanic Healer.

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