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Sometimes you just need to get those bad, uneasy energies out of your house and out of your life. Whether you are moving into a new space or feel something is energetically wrong in your current home and want to change it up, we can divine the right method to take care of the problem. If spirits are giving you a hard time, in most cases we can tell you what to do. And if not, we can find you the help you need.

Cathy works with top real estate agents, brokers and home owners to sell and buy homes, as well as rid them of negative influences. As one top Corcoran agent put it – “Cathy is an integral part of our success. She has helped us solve some very tough situations and it’s astonishing how quickly her work can turn things around. We love Cathy’s work!” Cathy works on a consultancy basis or monthly retainer keeping things flowing and positive.

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House Help Initial Consult – If you are feeling negativity around a space, or have supernatural issues and not sure what is going on, we need to start with an initial consult to get the lay of the land. This 60 minute session will help to diagnose the situation and begin the process of setting things right. Once diagnosed, we will proceed to one of the solutions below. Phone or Skype. $225
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House Help Home Cleansing – Have real energy problems? Unwelcome guests of the supernatural kind? Sometimes you really need to banish negative energies and start over. A house cleanse is literally that, cleaning the old right on out. No stragglers. 

Real Estate Selling Prep Visit – Want to make sure your property has all the spiritual help it needs to attract the right buyer? Want to clear out the energies of the previous owners and give it that “oh I want you” spiritual sparkle? Many of my clients love this and have great success with selling difficult properties. Requires House Help Initial Consult first to uncover what you need. Then I can give you a price to come and work at your property.

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House Blessing – A Ritual to release the old and invite the new! Some people invite friends and make it a party. Good cheer makes the whole ritual more powerful. You do not need an initial consult for this service. Contact Cathy at cathymtowle at gmail dot com

Policies: Consultations are not a substitute for professional legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters. Sessions are conducted with the informed consent of the sitter, and there are no refunds. All sessions are conducted with the clients concerns in mind, yet there is no guarantee that particular messages will come through. The medium/shaman has no control of what is at the whim of spirit. Under these conditions, we do not give refunds for a session. 48 hours cancellation is required to reschedule a session, even if you have paid in advance. Your sending the fee will confirm acceptance of these conditions

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