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2019 Energy: Wisdom Emerging through Owning our Path

January 9, 2019

Card of the Year – The Hierophant


This is a card that we can go back to throughout the year to draw inspiration from. It is a lens for deeper meaning.

Although in Numerology, 2019 is a 3 year, The Hierophant gives us a lens through which to apply the luscious abundance and beauty of the Empress. We need her glory and feminine power to deal with the structures of the Hierophant. And with Saturn, Pluto and the first New Moon Eclipse of the year in Capricorn, it is clear that attention will be focused on our responsibility to look closely at structure and how we relate to it. As knowledge about all sorts of things is revealed, we must know that each one of us holds ground for creating something that works better.

The Hierophant contains a paradox. On one hand, we have our superficial and unquestioning  relationship to tradition and the sometimes dogmatic nature of religion, organizational structure, and even government; on the other, the opening of a deeper spiritual or more meaningful path through tradition, possibly associated with initiation of some sort. It harkens the beginning of a wiser more detached view of what really matters in our hearts and in the world. As we take responsibility, and delve into what we believe, rather than count on others framing of a story, we might be more inspired by what we uncover rather than throwing something out for being hollow. We might find that the hollowness was our own ignorance.

There is that which we push against, and that which is solidly needed to pull us deeper. There is a lot of emphasis on sacred objects, or those things that we confer sacred status onto. Take a serious look at what you give your attention to this year. And what symbols and ritualized things you have integrated into your life. Do they deserve our attention? Are they indeed sacred, or are we putting our attention onto meaningless symbols that have no relevance to what our hearts are longing for. This is a time to go deep and create your own symbols or sigils, or research the origins of symbols you hold dear. Are they in alignment with you? Having sacred objects can deepen an experience and becomes a language of its own to spirit. Meaningless rituals of any sort may have held deep meaning in the past, but do they need a creative restructuring to freshen them up? We all have rituals in our lives, whether it’s our commute to work, or how we leave the house in the morning. Change it up and brighten your spirit.

What secret wisdom do you carry? How are you infusing it into your daily life and words? What makes a sacred object? How can you detach from anything ritualized in your life to evaluate its effectiveness? This year is about giving these things new life or creating new rituals that work for you in a deeper way. 

Each month I will offer a universal card to integrate the month’s energies with. This is a general card which will offer a way to take The Hierophant’s message into that month’s energy. If you would like a custom set of card drawings that is suited to your individual queries, and goes deeper, consider the Song in Your Soul LifeCast, a 12 Month Reading. This is a reading for next 12 months which we do over the phone. We choose 3 goals for the year, and draw a card for each month. I send you a report with a written analysis of each month’s card, and how it can help you move towards your goals. It also includes the planetary movements and a brief analysis of how those movements can help you. Schedule here.


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