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January’s Energy: The Truth Will Set us Free

January 10, 2019

This monthly card is a simple principle to draw inspiration from related to the card of the year – The Hierophant


1 of Arrows – Truth

I love these Brady Tarot cards, for their elegance and simplicity, as well as their deeper iconography. They are perfect for a time when our hearts want to draw us closer towards the Earth Mother, and understand our relationship with her and all creatures, rocks, and plant beings.

As I pointed out yesterday, we are working with a Universal Numerology of the 3 year – 2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3, reducing our numbers to a single digit. This is the Empress card in all of her luminous feminine energy, full of art, beauty and abundance. I drew the Hierophant card to represent how the focus of the Empress/3 relates to what we are dealing with in the world, a focus on structure, dogma, what symbols/rituals we hold sacred, and our relationship with it. January gives us our first lesson on how to do this.

Clarity, in a time of intense information flow, is about clinging to the truth within. When we make a commitment to honesty and balance inside, it makes more room for honesty and balance to inhabit the outer recesses of humanity. Where have we been avoiding the truth? That is the best place to start this month. With rigorous honesty, examine yourself. This is not about shaming or blaming, it is about knowing where you stand. This is an excellent thing to think about in the first month of the year. It frames our new beginnings with solid, unshakable strength. Stand in this and you will be on course for a balanced year ahead, for knowing one’s truth, in the deepest way, eliminates the need to be so defended. It heightens our wisdom, and allows us to keep sacred our well of sacred intention. Be still, go inside, and know who you are.

With this stance, we can focus on our larger year long emphasis on the Hierophant’s invitation to look at how we fit into the structures around us, especially the ones that shape our lives the most, religion, corporations, and politics. Faith and trust are enhanced by truth. We need both for this quest. Knowing who we are, and what we believe in, sets us free in order to question authority. We can take apart the most intricate structures for inspection. This ability to query, look under and around what has stood the test of time, can show us how strong certain parts are and what crusty and non useful structures have hidden the most incredible doorways. Truth lets us test out what we have learned and taken to heart against that which we create around us. There is such freedom in knowing what is real, and what is not. Stand in it and begin your own look.

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  1. January 14, 2019 3:28 am

    Really great info! Thank you!! My only suggestion is to increase your font a little bit. It is teenie tiny! Love you!!


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