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February’s Energy: Connecting the Heavens to Earth

February 3, 2019

This monthly card is a simple principle to draw inspiration from related to the card of the year – The Hierophant. I drew The Hierophant again for February, which means, deeper dive into the energy of the year folks!


The Hierophant (Brady Tarot, @brady.tarot)

As I pointed out in January, we are working with a Universal Numerology of the 3 year. This is the Empress card in all of her luminous feminine energy, full of art, beauty and abundance. For 2019 I drew the Hierophant card to represent how the focus of the Empress/3 relates to what we are dealing with in the world this year: a focus on structure, dogma, what symbols/rituals we hold sacred, and our relationship with it. February brings us back into the heart of the Hierophant, after we have spent January with the theme of deep truth and clarity.

How did last month go for you? How did it feel to come closer to the truth of who you are, in this world, at this time, with your gifts that are running around in your head and heart like a gentle breeze? Or is it a roaring torrent? If you didn’t take time out to look at this, read the January post again and spend a moment reviewing yourself in relation to truth. What did you learn?

February brings us right into the theme for the year without missing a beat. I mean, Pisces does start February 20th, so yes that spiritual renewal theme is just pulling us even closer this month. Rooted in truth, sweet truth, bitter friend, excellent foe! Oh, how we struggle with you! And yet, when we take you into our heart, we find that we are affected. We allow ourselves to drop things long over-due for letting go of. Truth is a grace, a balm, and sweet when we stand in her embrace. Once we bounce off all that rejects the truth, we stand in a calm and centered place. It’s a relief.

I just love the image of the Hierophant in this deck. So deep. The beautiful, brilliant thing about this card, is that the knowledge contained in the book, of all the great religious paths, is just the beginning. Sitting on the back of a peregrine falcon, which darts between heaven and earth, that knowledge wants to soar and rise above, not stay stuck in the realm of dogma or traditions past. It wants to find a higher expression, as it grounds with our life experience, bringing heaven to earth. It wants to challenge our faith, help us to trust deeper, love wider and live our truths. All paths challenge us to carve out our own traditions, based on inner and outer knowledge. The journey is weaving it together.

So, what does your Book of Truth say? Where do you find faith? What inspires your soul? How does flying above with your wisdom allow you to see what you need to survive, and thrive? How do you want to live your Book of Truth? How will you soar? And how can ritual and tradition show a deeper grounded way to proceed?

On Feb 4that 4:04 pm, we have New Moon in Aquarius, which highlights these questions for humanity. This energy closes out the intense energies released by the past 2 eclipses. It asks humanity, where do we want to go? It’s very simple really to choose to KNOW, rather than be lost in old structures that have lost their meaning and oomph. What ritual so you want to do, to initiate this wise energy, to carry you to the next New Moon? And what do you want to grow into the fullness of the Virgo Full Snow Moon on Feb 19that 10:54 am? Think about this, about how your piece of the puzzle fits in the larger thread of life on the planet. What do you want to give thanks to the earth for at this time? What will you do to bring healing energies to the planet through one thing we can change about how we live? These things are important during a Virgo Moon, which calls on the perfect healing energies of the earth to guide us.

This month, look at your faith, look at your beliefs, and where you can seek to move beyond them to acquire wisdom and become teachable and open. Listen this month to others, especially those whose viewpoints differ from yours. Catch your criticisms and shift into compassion. Start to take apart the viewpoints that bind you and isolate you from others. It isn’t always the obvious things like racism, or xenophobia that keep us bound, it’s the things like gossip, stubbornness, anger, and self-righteousness that inhabit all of us, that needs to find breathing room. As we befriend these areas, the shame that also keeps us bound can shift into really hearing what others have to say. There is a thread that connects us all, and it’s up to us to find it and follow its wisdom. Happy soaring!

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