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Spiritual bath for troubled times

August 10, 2018


I am re-publishing this article, as I feel we can use it’s wisdom for the next few weeks. 

Nearly all religions and cultures equate water with energy. Ancient peoples believed that water could transform human energy, especially when combined with ritual and prayer. Even science supports this idea, in that flowing water emits negative ions which have a beneficial effect of the body. The past couple of weeks have been a lot to take, so taking a spiritual bath or soaking your feet, can aide in restoring us to better feelings as we handle the transforming energies around us. The following Spiritual Bathing Ritual will restore and refresh. Most of the ingredients can be found at your local health food store. Get creative and add any soothing tinctures or essences you have on hand. The point is to create an experience that soothes you and leaves you in a different state than you started with. You might want to do one of these daily until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th of August 2018, and for the weeks following, as I have a feeling we will need it’s healing balm until then.IMG_6197

Lavender flowers or essential oil
Calendula or Chamomile Flowers
Bach Flower remedy (if you have it)

Transform your bathroom into a healing space by adding candles, soothing music, and low light.

Hold your hands over the water and pray:

Divine water, thank you for your many blessings. Let your flowing powers take away the stress, negativity and overload I have absorbed. Connect me with the divine to heal me, restoring peace and serenity. Oh glowing waters, as you reflect the sun may you nourish me with joy and love. As you reflect the moon may you open up my intuition and calm strength. As you reflect the stars, let me absorb hope and renewed purpose. As the land holds you and supports you, may I be held and grounded too. May the breezes that gently caress you take away any fear and doubt. May the heat of the sun warm my heart. Bless you water for restoring my spirit.

As you step into the water, know you are entering divine space. As you soak, try to think about the prayer and let the water and elements wash away the difficult feelings.

When you are ready to step out, pause and thank the waters, and know that you are renewed. Know that you carry the healing energy with you.

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