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Finding Strength in a Moment of Radical Change

August 8, 2018

August 11,2018 Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo at 5:58 am EDT

With the Sun, Moon conjunction, Palais Athena, and reversing Mercury right over the Rising of this chart, this Lunation is all about new beginnings, with an intense edge. Mercury clearly traversing into the 12 house underground, is taking us into the cave of our ancestral knowledge. When Mercury goes direct on the 19th of August, until it passes over the rising of that chart into 1st House on the 28th of August, initiating a new beginning energy, we will have ideas about what it is that we are able to embrace. And on the same day, Mars goes direct bringing us some of the Capricornian energy of structure and kick ass to get us going.

Uranus has just gone Retrograde and will be moving slowly till the Middle of September, before it heads out of Aries for one last try to get that entrepreneurial, old economy rally, before it heads back to Taurus for a big, finger wagging, talking to. This little dip which lasts till March 7th 2019, gives us a chance to get ready for financial opportunity and revisioning in our own lives. Keep asking the question, how will I align with new financial energies. How can I welcome new opportunities and allow them to benefit me? How can I contribute to the writing of a new economic story? What do I need to learn about finance and the economy? How can I stay informed?

So back to this lunation, which is a bit of a harbinger of these unfolding big energies. Leo Sun’s energy is fun, loving, warm and big hearted in a beautiful way. Compounded by a Leo rising as well, it’s a fiery and energetically good energy. So you would be inclined to sit back and kick off your shoes, right? Um, well not so fast grasshopper. Make time for enjoyment, but there are some bigger inclinations we need to pay attention to.

There are some tense energies between a simmering Female strength that got riled up by the last Eclipse, and the need to start chinking away at the ways women are systematically marginalized culturally. This is where carefully laid plans and incremental justice hit the pavement. Step by step, victory by victory, the road leads toward walking together, as we persistently, and with strength confront the hidden agenda. Here is the key folks, it is a time to hold the space for people to see the truth. So we must move with love, not with anger. Some people are just awakening to their understanding of colonial mindset and what that means. Instead of being impatient and all gloaty, lets just catch and hold while people readjust. Give people time to face things. They do. The energies of the Divine will not have it otherwise. Trust the energies around us to help us. This is where being in tune is so important. This is what we have been learning as spiritual folk, now it’s time for a test drive. Leadership is tricky, not always smooth, and requires a knowing, a vision, and moving forward despite outside objections and fears.

Back to Mercury for a moment. The winged messenger is bringing us whispers from our ancestors, our soul self and from the spirits that walk with us. We must take the time to listen to their warm, vibrant messages for us. About how to move forward. (I feel this is so important, that I will be giving a workshop about this is New York in the fall). This is a spiritual reorganization, a deeper call than we might be used to. Nevertheless, embracing it will only bring joy, focus and higher energies into our lives. So create time to integrate and document your ideas

If you have creative projects you want to get off the burner and into the world, move now! Anything creative has a beautiful strength to it now, so get working on your projects. Your critical, doubting self has left the building for a bit, and there is a surge of energy as you take that dark energy and just let it move you forward, with a lighter sense of itself. Yes, we could get all blamey on ourselves and blah blah, blah, but stop wasting that vital energy. Let that box of blick go, and wash it away in the certainty of your vision now.

This is a moment when we see the hand of God in our lives, manifest through a knowing that will carry us for the next 6 months. Don’t waver on this knowing, nor take it for granted. Sure ideas are a dime a dozen, but these ideas…these ideas have merit. So take them into the next step of light and constructive unfolding and create something with them. Even little stuff adds up. We are on a longer trajectory here, so take it step by step.

Look to healing the critical feminine, the inner bitch, as well as healing the body at this time. How does healing the feminine within you affect your body? How can we reframe our bitchy selves into looking at what we are resisting? Are we resisting exercise? Are we not going to the doctor when we need? Are we not speaking up? Really look at why the need to get critical. Do we need a new alternative approach? Dietary change? Check out your body resistance and address it during this time. It will lead to something radical if you do.

Looking at the world stage, a lot is going to be revealed. Almost too darn much. Pay attention, write it down, synthesize for yourself. A certain unmasking and release of energies is coming with intensity and wants attention. The idea here is learn from what is falling apart, and know that nothing is certain. We are Midwives of a new energy, and this lunation shows us how to be that kind of change maker. As I said before, it is not in-your-face change. It is hold the energy and move forward change. It we can increase our meditation times, and remember to give blessings to these energies throughout our day, this will be that.

And patience Grasshopper, patience. Some of us are totally over dealing with certain energies, but check yourself and stay steady. Remember that some are not able to get it as fast as others. That’s okay, they will get it. And those who don’t, will deal with the fact that energies are changing whether they like it or not. Have compassion on those beings. They deserve our love too. Lets not demonize the stuck ones, rather, lift them up in our prayers and our intentions. See the same light we wish for ourselves infusing their lives and loves. See the stuck places melting in light. And remember, they might still be in opposition to our views, but they will be moving from a stuck place to a better frame of energy.

So as a friend says, Shields up folks! Just remember, we are strong, kind and gentle creatures. And Love is a powerful mender of things. Let’s hold up love during this lunation.

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