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Our Unfolding Greatness: The Divine Feminine

July 26, 2018

IMG_1071Welcome to my sketch of this powerful July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 4:21 pm EDT. I have a lot to say here, so get ready!

Lets start with current affairs in the skies. Thursday Mercury went retrograde, on it’s merry way to the underground for a rest. Let’s not freak about this one, for I think that Mercury is telling us to rest and take a big break here. In this chart Mercury falls in the place of higher learning and offers a lesson to this Full Moon Eclipse of being teachable, mentally flexible and alert to the financial undercurrents. As I write this Facebook lost $100 billion in value. This fits with Mercury’s travel beneath, prizing privacy and alone time, Facebook not really learning it’s lesson, and well, the people (investors) speak. One must learn their lessons and shift ever so much.

Eclipses sure are wiley things. This one is no less so. Ironically, this eclipse energy involves a strong T-Square with Jupiter forming the looser 4th element of a Grand Fixed Square (fixed planets AND fixed houses – super strong stasis energy) containing this eclipse. Yet with Uranus and Retrograde Mars partnering with Moon and Sun, it’s gonna be explosive and wanting out of the box. Let’s just say it is fortunate to have Jupiter in there smoothing things for us. Cause otherwise…it could be much worse.

IMG_9509Aquarius Full Moons want the best for us. Aquarius rules the higher mind, the overview, the big picture. Humanity. And, with the volatile, emotional, surprising energies surrounding it, you can be sure things that get riled up need to be. Jupiter butts in and says, yes look for the higher good here, the hand of the Divine. There is power and beauty in the divine forces here. They call us to let go of our notions of how things should be and just pause a beat. There is elemental energy here that wants to be expressed. The Moon conjuncts Mars right before the eclipse, so our bodies are involved here. We need to move, shake, dance, yoga it out. Sit on the ground and meditate. In other words, do not try to hold this energy in your bodies. It will make you a bit nuts.

Jupiter is helping us expand our notions of what is best for all people. For some of us, that is a difficult notion. Jupiter is not going to shut his mouth though, in fact he’s gonna get precise and pointed. But in the way a concerned, but to the point, adult would say to a wayward teenager, “Get your shit together young folk”. We have some collective growing up to do, regarding our responsibilities in the world. Leaders all over the planet are having teenage regression and it’s up to us to be the mature ones. So that means speaking up. Meaning what we say, say what we mean. More important now more than ever to walk ones talk. Be authentic. I cannot stress more the notion that cleaning your own street leads to a collective cleaner world. Root out your own darkness and get to work on your shadow. Therapy, 12 step work, coaching, introspection, shamanic soul loss and ancestor work. The next 3 weeks, while Mercury is in Retrograde, are a chance to get our houses in order. When that happens, we can see our neighbors pain, suffering and also their joy and celebrations. We are present and observant. Get real people!

Note to self: Realize that the Divine can clean a house better than Mrs. Meyers. Prayer and spiritual connection is the best protection we can muster. We will see miracles around getting our spiritual work done, and what that can do for us. So Ancestor work, organizing your spiritual practice, listening to the divine, and letting those things refresh us. It will take root in us if we let it. Work your manifesting magic to get things energized.

In terms of Uranus in Taurus, and it’s powerful reframing of finances, we are just seeing the beginning of what Uranus can do starting with this eclipse and the following one in August. Look for clues in your own world. My take is that Uranus is cracking open a very stubborn portal that is trying hard to remain closed. Get structured with finances. Develop and use a spending plan. Use your resources wisely. And…use your intuition. Invest where your intuition leads. Trust your gut, but also be cautious and look to invest locally where you can. Money is about to rebirth itself over the next 7 years. Gack. This lunation gives us clues about that. Be aware.

IMG_8395I want to speak a bit about anger. Mars energy is a straight up bossy opinionated lot. And yet, the God of War knows how to use his energy wisely. Well sometimes. He has a lot of repressed feminine energy to deal with. So in the story of this lunation, The Moon has brushed up against Mars and said, “Hey there, give me a boost as I balance out the Male Sun energies, will ya?” Tired of dealing with the frigging patriarchy, she is just like, “Hey, you want a glimpse of my power folks? I am not having it anymore. Watch me break shit apart.” Which Uranus is gladly available for. What gets peoples attention when you want to make change? Money. (Remember, Uranus in Taurus means money is in for a ride). Lets all be deep learners and pay attention here. Step out of fear. Pluto in all of his magnificence is sending a hug to the Divine Feminine who is ready to get to work feeding us all with instinctual love and compassion, no matter what resources we have. So drop fear and listen up. We are here on the planet at this crazy time to usher in change. Step into Midwife mode all ye mothers out there. All ye nurturers. That includes men too. It is time to rebalance all the Male out of hand stuff with a more modern vision of the feminine warrior energy. Don’t get me wrong, we love our male counterparts, but the thinking is in need of an update. We were cultured into a male dominated view of the world. It is not going to hold up any more. Like all things, change happens in increments, but there is a power in this time that cannot be held back. Anger. Mars. So be conscious of this war, it is what is underneath all of this. And follow the money.

IMG_9404We females have been watching for a long time and shaking our heads. And now, well, it’s gonna get interesting. Push back, and posturing is not nurturing the planet. Things are getting real. We are seeing a great change in climate, ecosystems and habitat. Humans have it in us to be planet protectors, not rapists. We have forgotten our place in this landscape of beauty and plenty. So this is about bigger things than the women’s movement, or feminism. This is about survival, nurturing peace, loving across borders. This is about how we are going to be as humans. And how we are as stewards of our Grandmother, the earth. Do we want to really give up our National Parks? Do we really want big business to dominate us? Is that divinity? Is that what the whispers in our ears are nudging us to? I think not, but check for yourself. Feminine energy does not want to dominate the world, it wants to liberate and restore sacred feminine wisdom. And that is part of the grand plan. It can be painful or easy, our choice. But lets not be so mamby-pamby here. Claim it. Stand up for it. What are we waiting for? It is our time. I think this lunation is gonna kick ass. That would be good, ya know?

Last note, this chart rises in Sagittarius, and sextiles the Moon, giving the gentle energy of fun and companionship. Let’s not forget the people that make up our lives and their very real struggles and celebrations at this time as well. How can we be good friends, stand with our spiritual brothers and sisters in this mish-mash of a time? Have a damn sense of humor people! It goes a long way to spread the healing energies.

Here’s to walking this wild and wonderful path together! We are who we need to be.

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