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Moons and Planets and Things that Go Bump in the Night

July 10, 2018


On July 12 we will head into a season of, well upheaval is a nice word for it. Three Eclipses in a row, put us in position for a bumpy ride this summer. Weathering this is all about how you strap in for the ride. Since this is so darn difficult, I am going to be doing daily readings on Instagram (@cathytowle) to help you make the best use of these dramatic energies. And try to step out of the macrocosmic drama and shore up your microcosmic lives. So hop on over to Instagram and follow me there.

I started yesterday with a reading for the week, an overview so to speak. Check it out -

To recap –

Our Challenge (8 of Vessels – Rebirth) is to let go of the past, so our blessings will flow through us. See the potentials, not the barriers. Ask – Why not me? We have learned from our challenges, now believe it and renew life objectives. Mold the future to reflect how you would have it manifest in your hands.

The Potential Before Us (Knight of Vessels- Eel) By defining our destiny through the lens of pure intent, our maturity allows us to trust our vision. These are hard times, when courage and integrity are tested. Recognizing to importance of this moment, and the power of choice and belief in being able to renew our vision, we can bring that to others to stand together to be strong and protected.


Astrologically speaking, this is right on. Holding on to the past is not going to serve us as we watch a lot of things get dismantled. Our challenge is to hold that energy, nurture something new into being. There are new timelines, to jump onto, but be careful what you get started at this time. Instead, be patient so you can see what to grow.

New Moon in Cancer (20 degrees) on Thursday, July 12, at 10:48 pm EDT has an accompanying partial Solar Eclipse. We are already feeling the effects of this eclipse, as we feel them as much as 2 weeks before they happen. You can certainly see that in the current world affairs. Personally you might feel intense energy, emotionally taxed, unsettled and just plain off. Don’t worry, that’s normal! We are in a period of Mars being retrograde on top of that so…anger. Even if you have done tons of work around this, surprise! Whatever anger is lurking will be revealed. Instead of unleashing that freaking thing, stay calm, notice what is going on and chock it up to Mars. Okay, I do not have to get this angry. Note to self: Use that anger to get things DONE! Call my representatives, protest, write about it. Just save your family from unwanted outbursts. There is plenty of time to deal with dramas. Just walk away. Don’t engage. Put up the hand and save your energy for the important stuff. Like anything that is hard to do> For example…I’m so pissed at my boss, but I am going to instead tackle my backlog of number crunching that really helps me know what my financial sitch is. You know what to do folks!

Along with Mars fun energy, we also have Jupiter turning direct today. In Scorpio no less. So this increases the capacity for cutting remarks, zingers, and expansion of all kinds. Like I said, get off the ride, turn that horse around and do not go there. This is not the time to ream anybody out. Instead, USE that energy. We do have handy-dandy Saturn stabilizing Uranus’s impulsive in your face action on the New Moon, but that thing has a way of feeling like it’s too much to handle. Thank goddess we have Venus in there saying, turn to beauty, turn to love. So repeat after me…Love is a better way. Love is strength. Love is fierce. Love takes action. Love is me. And the see what happens.

Despite all this, this nurturing Moon is going to give us a lot of intuitive power. Forming a nice trine with Neptune and Jupiter, it’s gonna feel good to be artistic, dream a bit, soothe ourselves with film and art, and meditate and yoga it up. We will find a spiritual perspective, if we reach for it. It’s there. Practical Venus is going to keep us from going off the deep end, but enjoy to dip into the subconscious for a bit. It will come in handy later on in the month. In fact, if you can continue to step into meditation and connection to the divine right now, you will be able to weather the rough waters ahead with a bit more equanimity than you would otherwise.

I will be back in a few days with the cosmic weather for July 27th’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Until then, tune in on Instagram – @cathytowle. I will be keeping you updated.

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