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Full Moon Musings, or What Kind of Mess is This?

August 11, 2006

Happy Lammas! The harvest season begins. Hmmm, let’s see what we are reaping right now…rampage in the middle east, more debt, less services, higher oil prices, heat waves, huge oil spills in Alaska, deadly typhoon in China. If one didn’t know better, we would think Shiva was on a rampage. What kind of seeds have we sown to get us into this mess???

I know, I know, lets not focus on the negative! But I just can’t help thinking, how have I contributed to this? I am a part of the shaping of this world. My thoughtforms count for something! How have I gone along with things I didn’t believe in, that paved the way for leaders to run rampant and become self serving? How many times have I not said what I was thinking because I wanted others to like me? How many times have I passed opportunities to be of service and left it for others to do? How many times have I left a mess for others to clean up?

Now, I am no angel!! I have a messy side, like all the other humans. But, like it or not, my behavior affects others. Cause the little things count. And they lead to bigger things, and bigger things, and there you have it! I guess that means that if I cleaned up after myself and didn’t leave messes, then it would free up all the others who have been cleaning up after me to do other things. Heck, maybe they would have time to clean up after themselves and wow, what a concept. You can see where this is going!

All that aside, I am really grateful tonight. My garden looks great this year. I have so much to be thankful for, so much I have sown has come to pass. Although my life is busy at the moment, I have time to spend with my children. I have time to think, time to speak, time to be still. There is love in my life. I had a good day at work today. I am happy in this moment.

The cool thing about the capacity to live life is that we can hold space in the good at the same time as holding space among the mess. Which makes us much more accessable to each other. I guess what I want to learn to be is “in the mess but not of it.” To not let the mess define me, or limit my thinking about the present. To be among the mess and be a part of it. So I can be a part of changing it. It’s good to recognise the mess we are in, so that we can see what we need to clean it up.

Well that’s enough musing for tonight. Happy cleaning!!!

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