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Reviewing our Place in the World

February 2, 2011

This is an excerpt from my bi-monthly Moon Messages subscription for tonight’s New Moon in Aquarius. If you want access to the full February New Moon report, plus more goodies, click on Subscribe above and you can receive a full year of moon messages. These reports help you learn how to harmonize your energy with the movement of the planets and plan accordingly. Enjoy!

New Moon Tonight, Feb. 2, 20111 at 9:31 pm EST

It is so interesting that we enter this new moon with unrest and new social and political order arising in the Middle East and Africa. Aquarius New Moons open us up to experiencing new freedoms, coming together in groups and looking at new ways of doing things. With Saturn in the first house, we are immediately challenged to consider the expression of social justice and fairness of the way we are used to doing things and looking at our selves. Where do we fall in the social action spectrum? Are we people who get involved with a cause, do we donate money, do we support those we know who are involved, or do we just watch from the sidelines? How we participate becomes more and more of a focus this month. As the world becomes a smaller place, we will be scrutinized for the freedoms we take for granted. It’s time to look at how we are continuing to stand up for democracy and what it means in our lives. What do we think about the country we live in and the standards that our forefathers designed for us? Are they still holding up today?

Two things that I love about this New Moon, it falls on Imbolc/St. Brigit’s Day and that the sun and moon are in a cluster conjunct of planets (called a stellium) with the Asteroid Ceres on one side and Mars on the other. Imbolc celebrates hearth and home, the early days of spring, and the goddess. Ceres is another nurturing goddess influence; her energy is about fecundity, sustenance and abundance. When she is coupled with Mars it creates a balanced cauldron to contain the inner work we have been doing to balance our egoic natures. The actions we need to take to create abundance and nurturance in our lives can be revealed when we take a moment to go inside and ask what we want to create on the outside. But it is about process here, not immediate manifestation, so slow down and get the steps to creation worked out.

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