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Tuning in to True North

January 19, 2011

This is an excerpt from my January Moon Messages report for tonight’s Full Moon in Cancer. If you want access to the full report, click on Subscribe above and it will take you there! Enjoy!

Full Moon in Cancer, January 19, 2010, 4:22 pm

Integrating Energy to Move Ahead • Taking Stock of Soul Purpose • Nurturing Self and Family • Letting Ourselves be Transformed • What Spirit is Guiding Us? • Community Creation • Emptying the Ego • Feminine Principals Upholding Earth Intention

This Cancer Full moon is hardly the nurturing stay at home kind of full moon many of us are longing for. Instead, with Jupiter about to reenter Aries, it has notes of action, and new beginnings in its embrace. The call to your true north is stronger now than ever before. But what hasn’t been clear for many is the pathway to getting there. Since what we are moving into is so new that we can’t even clearly imagine it, we have been casting about looking for answers. Since there is no handbook, we have been relying on our intuition, and as Mercury passed over the galactic center on the 14th, the call of our spirit has never been stronger. This full moon is about how to listen.

Uranus and Jupiter sending pulses of insight urging us to rethink our personal philosophies in terms of what we do actually know about religious systems, the spiritual realms, secrets of all kinds, and not just what we have been told to believe. Connecting the dots of what is underneath the surface, the things that might be taboo to speak of, and even verbalize to yourself, are coming up in all the things we believe. So we have an opportunity to regain critical thinking skills through humbly acknowledging that we really know nothing, that what we think we know is just the beginning and that we have SO much more to be led to and to study. Just this idea alone, ripple out into the universe is enough to call the wisdom that wants to flow through us to begin it’s work of enlightening us and opening us up. It is the beginning of crucial thought and reframing of our whole way of being.

This is a time when like minded groups will come together. There is a need to create new spiritual communities that take into account a living spirituality that was forced underground, literally. Now the earth herself is communicating with us as we try to decipher her messages. What I mean by that is all the natural phenomena that has been raging across the world…floods, earthquakes, crazy storms, sun activity. The earth is calling us to find ourselves and our relationship to her and get busy.

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