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New Moon in Aries March 22, 2012, 10:38 am US EDT

March 25, 2012

The New Moon, Jupiter and Venus Conjunct in the sky as viewed from Greenland. Photo by Toke Brødsgaard

March 23, 2012 1:38 pm Eastern Australian Time

New Moon in Aries helps us harmonize our inner world with the fiery energies of change and action. With Aries moon further enhancing the Sun’s entrance into Aries on the Solstice, it is a flow between inner and outer mastery, and learning to manifest that relationship in tangible ways. We are called to create and invent our way out of chaos. This isn’t going to sit well with most of us who have had the wind punched out of our sails. But we are going to find that despite setbacks, we have the internal courage and the fortitude to dig deep and begin again.

We have 3 retrograde planets putting a lot of influence into this mix. Mercury is retrograde till April 4, and Saturn is still retrograde for a while, and Mars will go direct on April 14. Retrograde Mercury conjunct with the New Moon asks us to look deeply into our ability to act on intuition and asks us to remember our dreams, and visions. Retrograde Mars is calling us to get more settled, deal with our anger and take grounded actions. And Retrograde Saturn, influencing the new moon as well, is asking us to to be fair and equitable to children and our own inner child. So issues around the protection of children and laws that get in the way of that will be in the news.

Time to set our Aries Moon intentions
Setting our intentions with the power of the moon enhances our mental resolve to move through issues. Harmonizing our efforts with nature’s gentle rhythms shifts our intuition into its rightful place, as our guide and internal monitor. This moon, the energies are of blazing new trails, honing our instincts, remaining honest and straightforward, taking risks, being self-sufficient, having courage and being BIG. It tests our impatience and impulsiveness and tendencies to be isolated. Statements that harmonize with this moon are: I want to easily find myself trusting my instincts because I know I am being guided by a greater wisdom I want to find myself being authentic with others and communicating with them in a kind and non-blaming way. I want to find myself taking risks that expand my concept of what I am capable of. I want to easily explore my goals with a sense of trust and an open mind.

You get the idea.

New Moon Astrology
We have a lot of energy and feel uneasy because of increased electromagnetic activity around the earth’s poles. (check out for more about this). A lot of us have had headaches, excess energy, maybe even depression, all of these could be the affect of this energy that our bodies have a hard time handling. This jittery energy is being tempered by that Grand Earth Trine I spoke about which started before the Equinox. This gentle influence encourages us to heal our bodies and pay attention to our health. Are we exercising, are we putting off dental appointments? Look at using new ways to harmonize the excess energy with your own flow. Energy therapies are a good way to do this, which one is best for you? By energy therapies I mean Reiki, Polarity, Shamanic techniques, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, Heller Work. All of these help release blocked energy and get the body into it’s natural flow. Get up to date with your health care providers. Look at your body as the strong support that it is, and maintain it.

There is a shift towards thinking about humanitarian issues, we want to support others because our hearts are opened and we feel deep compassion. Big shifts are happening all around us, and we need to notice, stop, and take it in. We are feeling uneasy, and all of the electromagnetic activity is hard for our bodies to hold. Despite what is happened out there, we need to focus on our goals because our work is even more important now.

If you are working on yourself, and who isn’t, it is an excellent time for receiving insights, which might show up as earth shattering awareness. Now, it you are adept at handling awareness, through therapy or ongoing introspective work, this will be good and maybe the insight you are looking for. If you are not engaged in deep introspection, this may come as more of a shock. I advise working through what comes up with someone, even if just a friend, because you want to follow these threads. Write about them as well, they will be an important shift that will be in play for the next 3 months.

One thing we might find challenging, but again a good energy for a lot of us nonetheless, is really being able to see the dark side of our personalities and how that can lead to anger, upset and affects society in general. There is an ability to really see how the themes that run under our own complexes have a big affect on the whole at this time. If we want a world of peace, we are able to see now what gets in the way, in the very personal realm. It is also a good time to see how our own struggles that might have been hidden to us, work with our true purpose in the world.

How do we divert our true impulses to our underground motivators and how can we match them up to redirect sabotaging energy to do good in the world? So if we really struggle with issues of insecurity, and we are taking that challenge seriously by being more out there and maybe promoting ourselves and bragging about our successes (good bragging!), then we will have moved ahead in this arena. At the same time, we might find that others around us are suffering from the same thing and we are inspired to share how we have overcome insecurity, in fact it becomes a theme around us. In fact we are so motivated that we decide to give a seminar on this and a whole new path opens up before us. This is a natural flow that will just feel right and be easier than struggling to create something.

This inner-outer relationship is going to teach us how to navigate the changes we all have to make to get more involved in our communities and move our dreams of a better world into reality. It’s totally up to us to do that. And that comes from our attitudes and vision.

Have a wonderful month!

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    Wow! Beautiful…


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