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Strengthening the Heart in Times of Change…Standing Together

April 25, 2013


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio 3:58 pm EDT

Full Moon in Scorpio tonight…time to take stock of whatever was on our minds during the New Moon on April 10th and see how those things are manifesting. For a lot of us it was confidence in our ability to rebuild our lives. Uranus was the first planet between the charts rising and the New Moon and it delivered a wallop with explosions, high speed chases, chaos, earthquakes, things hidden come to light. It’s hard to sift through the news media to actually find all that happened last week. It was extraordinary. The shock and devastation, the inspirational stories and people who pulled together through it all has opened something up in us that prepares up to walk through the next 8 weeks of triple eclipse activity. It is going to be deep kids, so get ready to let go and go with the flow.

Fun note: As the Moon rises you will be able to see Saturn burning brightly right beside the Moon…and will be able to see the rings through most telescopes.

This Full Moon chart has a similar amount of tension, and it is a culmination to the expressed energies of the last two weeks. Pluto is sitting at the bottom of the chart and grounding all we have gone through into introspection and inner work. Most of us just want a chance to catch up and sift through the thoughts that registered. A lot of the past week feels surreal and hard to grasp, it’s hard to take in that we are vulnerable and security goes only so far. The only place we have to be safe is in our own hearts. And this is what the Full Moon is asking of us…amid all the chaos, what can we trust? How do we want to use the power behind our anger and despair at the world and believe that we can change it? What inner ethics to we want to develop to take a stand beside? And how is our purpose evolving in this moment, out of what is happening around us? How can we honor the compassion in our hearts and allow it to lead safely?

This eclipse is powerful and we want to be careful how we channel that energy. A lot of us have been feeling it for a few days now. And I bet that there has been a lot of tension in even good relationships. Look at what that tension is telling you, it is revealing stuck points that need to be worked on. But better to channel that energy into things that are hard to do rather than blasting our partners or people around us! This moon asks us to look at how we can accomplish things with others. To look at joint values and letting the divine help us build things that we can believe in. We have lost faith in the structures around us – banks, religion, schools, and corporations. This set of eclipses is beginning with a lesson in letting go of how we would like to believe the world works and taking stock of what actually is. And for each of us that is different. But we can’t duke it out alone. We need others to help us. Now is the time to choose those others well, to ditch the ones that take our power and work with those who reflect mutual empowerment.

This comes with a dose of reality and letting go of trying to live up to ideals that are just too impossible to handle. That false pedestal is projected onto celebrities, sports idols, and anyone else in power. They are humans! With foibles and weaknesses just like us. Learning to look at ourselves and our true humanity with a sense of humor is the trump card of this lunation. Dropping judgment opens a door to understanding and compassion. It lets us find another road to the heart, and to that, which truly guides us.

Don’t get me wrong; a lot of critical thinking and getting it right is required, but only in the service of uplifting ourselves and healing the open wounds. We must understand the PTSD caused by news footage of destructed bodies and scorched earth. As critical events unfold in real time in front of us, our psyches are swept along with us. Our eyes take it in and our hearts and minds are still sifting through the rubble. Don’t take this for granted. This is where our healing and recovery must lead us…together. We are living shock absorbers that must find the true north even amidst destruction. And ground that trauma back into the earth. She is a living organism that is meant to transmute this kind of energy. Just be careful how much media you take in and if you overload, do something about it consciously.

Speaking of the Earth, it’s no coincidence that in the midst of this energy we have Earth Day. It kind of got lost this year. The Sun in Taurus brings us back to touching and honoring the Earth. Mars is shouting and Venus whispering…be connected. The amount of energy coming out of the Earth right now is stunning. Over the past 2 weeks there have been 10 earthquakes over 6.0, and many more over 5.0. A lot of activity. With this Scorpio moon now the waters are going to come a calling. Flooding, bridges collapsing, and maybe even a dam might give way…I don’t know what exactly, but our infrastructure cannot handle the weather changes. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see that somehow the electric grid becomes an issue as well.

In terms of personal financial recovery and bringing purpose into our careers, relationships and families, this lunation is a turning point for recovery. There is something bigger at work here and we are starting to understand how we are connected. That some kid on a computer in Watertown can shine the light on that final showdown with the alleged bombers using Skype, is a message to us all. We have an effect, so what we do with our opportunities and our dreams matter. We all were given the tools to deal with this time, and we must use them. Which might mean becoming more technically versatile. To balance this, we must use our spirituality to heal our fractured selves. And be willing to be brave enough to be led by our intuition. This work will lead to financial recovery. Because we will be using the engine of cooperation, empowerment and joint values to fuel growth, guided by faith in ourselves because we are listening to and trusting the divine within. We are being rewired to be part of a larger, grander whole, but only from an exposed, real and grounded place. No room for lies, manipulation and hidden agendas. They will still be there, but we are learning to un-mask the hidden forces. And move ahead anyway.

So this was a rather long missive, but to recap – take the energy of this time to expand and renew, process and listen to the inner whispers/shouts that are urging you onward. Don’t get too caught up in self flagellation, rather have a sense of humor about your foibles and quirks and then expose them and ask for help healing them. Really look at opportunities to join forces with others and to increase your good by doing so. Stand in your power and channel it wisely. Empower and prosper by following your intuitive guidance. And if you have a hard time with that, just pray and use your imagination to create a better you, a better community, a better world.

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