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Finding a New High Ground and Anchoring the Heart in Purpose

May 9, 2013

New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus, May 9th 8:29 pm EDT

Ahhh, the Moon Goddess comes a calling. Exalted in nurturing, sensual, feminine energy of Taurus, the Moon is connecting us to the mother/earth energies. A Solar Eclipse in the middle of two doozy Lular Eclipses. You’d think that maybe we could rest, be nurtured, feel at ease. At least take a breath. This is a breath of strength. Take it in. Ground your strong hearts in the earth’s wisdom. It is through the heart that we are going to be able to hold the changes to come.

The third square of Pluto and Saturn is coming on May 20th before the next Lunar Eclipse May 25th that has Pluto in another tight square to Uranus. It is going to get wild. Pluto’s last square to Saturn was September 19, 2012, when many of us were dealing with financial breakdown, heath issues, and stress around the increasing violence in our communities. Since then we have been in overwhelm, sorrow, and a lot of letting go. Closure around those themes is in store for us…how have we been processing and integrating the dark side within us and around us? This will have a huge impact on the shift to come. So, I am going to ask everyone to hold intentions with this New Moon, not only for us, but also for the world and Mamma Earth. Sending healing from our hearts all coming together.

Intentions for a Taurus New Moon

Themes – Money, Sensual Pleasure, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience, Mother Earth, Self-Worth, Releasing Stubbornness

Some suggestions:

1. I want to find joy in the ways that I am rich right now and be grateful.

2. I want all self-sabotaging anxieties about money totally lifted from me and replaced with confidence and self worth.

3. I want to enjoy and appreciate the pleasures in life, and hold that for all the beings around me.

4. I want my consciousness about nature to be connected to the ways I act and think.

5. I want the quality of loving patience and steady progress to enter every area of my life.

6. I want to easily find myself establishing boundaries that make my life stronger.

7. I want the tendency to undervalue myself easily lifted from me.

8. I want to envision us taking care of a strong, united and vibrant Mother Earth in every way possible.

This is the second eclipse in a row, 2nd of 3 eclipses. Eclipses are times when there is an abundance of energy. It can be a huge POW! What did you not deal with for the past 5 months? (For more on eclipse energy see my article at Eclipses can bring important people into your life. This particular eclipse has an aspect that favors beneficial partnerships. How are you going to open yourself up to collaboration?

I think we all felt the energies of the Lunar Eclipse April 25th. I was certainly buzzing. Then, it was like there was a pause, even the earth quieted down a bit last week. Leading up to this eclipse we hear news of 3 women kidnapped and held for 10 years in a sleepy suburban neighborhood under everyone’s nose. One brave man, who listened and acted, rescued them. And then refused to be rewarded for it, but to give money to the victims instead. This shocking story perfectly expresses the energies of change we are asked to open to in this moment. Things are going on all around us that aren’t right. We can feel it. The denial and repression of the feminine energy and the collusion of, well all of us in some ways, to keep the status quo, is comin’ to an end! Not fully expressing feminine beauty, joy and abundance has cost us our humanity. And it is time for the female warrior in all of us to rise up, stand tall and claim the prosperity that is divine, and there for all of us. For prosperity is the issue that all the change will filter though. We will see, more clearly than we ever have that we have a choice, and a spiritual awakening is ripe for many of us. Not a religious awakening here, but something that comes from the heart and is a true knowing of what is right. The truth about ourselves is right there under the surface. Let it filter through. Heal yourself, heal the world…these words were never so true.

In this lush month of May, things are bursting into bloom around us and the warm earth is holding us. We are asked to take the fertile fecund energy and ground it into both our work life and how can we be of fierce service to the world. This is not namby-pamby. An alignment of ability, passion and purpose is being called upon, and further to stand in it with courage. Shifting even the most mundane work into an act of service can be a huge shift in awareness. It is a great time to go to the park, sit on a blanket and get our money story straight. What is our relationship to prosperity, abundance and gratitude in the many forms that it shows up in our lives? Where is the beauty in our work, the fun, the dependable, and the tenacious? These qualities and attributes will be thing things to build on to reach out into the world and take your place. Even if it is going back to being a check out clerk at Wal-Mart while you shop your screenplays. Or driving a Taxi around Brooklyn because that is what you do best right now. Do it with strength, compassion and willingness to serve everyone you interact with. You will be guided to take the next steps to making your life better.

With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces at the bottom of this chart, the foundation is one of spiritual healing. Healing of historic wounds, ancestral and generational patterns and ways of being that kept us entrenched in the past. The truth is being brought to the surface, and the beauty of highly attuned creativity will be the vehicle to receive it. Breakthrough insight and thought itself is going through change. Prosperity consciousness is the main issue and awakening consciousness will see people uprising against financial institutions through writing, self-employment and ideation. People are unstoppable and figuring it out with creativity. When you are operating like that, our true purposes and the agendas of those around us become transparent.

So hold on for another two weeks here while the ride takes some twists and turns and get out your spiritual shock absorbers. Dig deep, do the work that is before you and you will find that you can indeed align with your purpose and rise to the occasion in a very new way. Old ways of thinking and habits will fall away, just let them go. A new chapter is beginning and our intentions are very important.

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