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Summer of Inner Revolution: Change, Change, Change

June 29, 2013
Summer Solstice Solar Flare

Summer Solstice Solar Flare

Summer Solstice June 21, 2013, Sun enters Cancer at 1:04 am
Full Super Duper Moon in Capricorn, June 23, 2013
Mercury Retrograde June 27 till July 21st
New Moon July 8th and Saturn turns direct

Happy Summer everyone! The Solstice, quickly followed by a Super Full Moon in Capricorn, with Mercury turning retrograde at 23 Cancer on Thursday June 27th is setting us up for a reflective, restorative pause, alongside mind bendingly positive inner thought and outer action. They key here is flexibility and flow, and knowing enough to stop when you feel neither.

Over the next 3 months, so many things are going to be flying out of the collective unconscious it is going to be a real game to catch all of it and bring it down to earth. We need to get our catchers mitt’s on, hold them over our hearts and let our feeling selves navigate what to hold onto and what to discard. Remember, a lot of negative stuff is going to be churned up with the positive. They reside in the same place. This is all going to really hit us where we live and if we are living from out hearts, then the heart chakra will act as a kind of purifier. If we are acting from greed, a closed heart, or negative emotions, those will just intensify.

The Solstice Moon in Scorpio will ask us to go deeper, to root out the negative and utilize Neptune’s transformative power to cleanse our spirits. So if you thought it was going to be an easy summer, well not really! But, the prizes at the end of the summer are huge so do the work now…it will be worth it. If you can understand the tensions you live with now, you will navigate the coming worldwide tensions rising to the surface in September through March 2014. Harness the power of the warrior spirit and the mental power of positive thought leading to change.

So looking at this more closely, if you want to make changes, the summer is the time to start the process, before you feel the intense pressure to change in the fall. For a lot of people, if you are not looking at what needs changing, a lot of change will be forced upon you come September. I really encourage people to use the energies of welcoming, adventure, exploration and fun to delve into change in a positive way.

Positive thought is IMPORTANT. We are creating from our home place…the open heart fire, so we must be strong, utilizing creativity and let the awareness’s that are coming to us draw us deeper into changes that nurture, support and encourage abundant, prosperous growth. Literally, planting seeds is what is calling us here. Where are we cultivating our gardens?

So for the next three months, here are 3 things to focus on:

  1. Listen to your dreams, subconscious, creative instinct. Write down or draw EVERYTHING! Sort through it as you go.
  2. Heart centered spiritual practices are how to integrate all of this creative energy and keep it flowing. You might do loving kindness meditations, gratitude practices, heart meditations or forgiveness work to open up.  I will post a gratitude practice, a 5-minute meditation, in the coming days.
  3. Collect inspirational quotes and write positive affirmations about what you want to change. You can join my 30-day InspireMe! Challenge to get really inspired here.

Full Moon in Capricorn June 23rd
Looking to the Super Full Moon we just had, the stage is set for asking these kinds of questions: How can we be stable in the face of other people holding the cards (banks, investors, the rich, government, corporations)? What is their part and what is ours? How can we get involved? How can we deal with protesting what is wrong when the avenues for dissent are rapidly narrowing? This energy is really showing that everyday people are what is going to change our government. I am just listening to the announcement of the ruling on gay marriage, which happened because a couple took their case about Prop 8 all the way to the Supreme Court. Everyday people need to draft Bills and Legislation and work hand in hand with their government officials to get things done. A different level of engagement is beckoning us and through our hearts we will understand how to participate.

Change is a sometimes slow and tortuous process. The job before us is to keep our hearts open while the twists and turns, the knocks and unexpected surprises, wrangle and mangle us around. Heart open, defenses down, feeling what is happening and navigating that without shutting down. What does it really mean to keep our hearts open?

Uranus is sitting on top of this chart, so for the next month expect unrest, water challenges, a lot of movement and risk taking in business. If you run a heart centered business, now is the time to take actions to move ahead. You will find courage and strength in unpredictable places. There will expansion and areas of constriction. Keep your creativity stoked and you will led to innovative solutions over the next month.

It’s so important for our spirituality to find structure during this time. Then, when we need that deeper place, and we will, it will be right there. Here’s what I mean. Do you  remember a time when out of the blue something happens and you have to react immediately? And without hesitation, you did something. Like stopped the car to help someone who was injured. Or said the right thing in a meeting. Or sensed when something was about to go down and avoided getting drawn in. There is stillness in that moment, that pause just before you are about to react, that needs extending. That is what meditation is for, those moments when we intuitively navigate. The stillness of mind is a resource that we can use to be present and unyielding, open and loving, all at the same time. Standing still is a foundation for all good things.

Mercury Retrograde June 27 till July 21
This retrograde happens while Mercury is conjunct Vesta andVenus in Cancer and resolves itself still in Cancer in a T square with Pluto and Uranus, just before the full moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. During it’s trip it conjuncts the July New Moon in just entering that T-Square.  I feel that this all means that we will be doing a lot to fix up our homes, physical and emotional. Emotional, meaning through relationships with others, and personally with our own hearts, we will spruce up our inner sanctuaries. And in the outer sense, greater respect and love within our homes, and what even what HOME is to us. If we are at home in our hearts, then we can be at home anywhere. And a lot of us have been displaced by whatever we have been experiencing. Literally/physically, as well as inside ourselves. So creating sacred space in our homes is a way to resolve these feelings, as well as considering how to use the space you have better.

Rethinking the way we view security within ourselves, we might open up a door to a deeper understanding of spiritual truth. How do we diffuse our own success with negative thought patterns? By going deep inside our own mental patterns, we can understand how our thoughts manifest our reality, and use the creativity of the water trine to make new pathways. As we do this personally, it will spill over into the collective unconscious and it will spur a renaissance of thinking minds coming together. This process will be the beginning of human movements to solve bigger world problems. We think a new world is not possible, I mean look at all the problems, yet what we are going to realize is that change is here and it is for real. We are going to live it, through our choices

Saturn Turns Direct July 8th
Saturn’s direct station on the New Moon, adds a bit of relief to the grand water trine and gives us a chance to get at it, take regular action and be disciplined in our approaches. Great time to look at how stress is affecting you and investigate a meditation or yoga practice, new health initiative, or any kind of practice that will improve your health and happiness. How are your ideas of service not matching up to your ideas of receiving? You must regenerate to be able to give. Time for a retreat? Even a day of R & R can do wonders. Or indulge in a trip to a museum or creative day of fun. Do it! What you bring in now will set the stage for the rest of the year.

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  1. Maureen permalink
    July 8, 2013 1:34 pm

    Thank you Cathy….this article you wrote helped me to understand and validate what I am going through. I am a capricorn and also a medium. Besides using my abilities to help others when I can, I work a full time job (ironically at a cemetery). I almost left….the environment is very toxic. Yet, I keep getting pulled back knowing I am suppose to be there. I have been crying every day (and I am not an emotional person) because I had to speak out to corporate reagarding my supervisor who is the force creating this negative environment (aries). Every obstacle is being thrown at me including her supervisor (Scorpio) protecting her. Yet, in my heart (which would explain the heart chakra) I am clear that my intentions are pure to create a positive change and know I am the one to do it. My heart is breaking to expose this person…but “know” she needs this push. A few angels have shown up in my life to give me the strength to continue…finding this article is no coincidence. Thank You…..


    • November 13, 2013 6:26 am


      I am so glad to hear that this article was helpful. I know how challenging is to to let the heart lead, even through difficult territory. I wish you all the best on your journey, as you will be led in the right direction! And it’s definitely ironic that you work at a cemetery, but also perfect!



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