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Foot on the Pedal: Reving the Creative Revolution

July 8, 2013

SS12060New Moon in Cancer, July 8, 2013, 3:15 AM EDT in the US
Saturn turns direct in Scorpio

There is a lot of new beginning energy in this New Moon chart and I am certainly feeling it! It is inspiring, creative, full of zing and new ideas. Just what we need, especially after the long tedious Saturn retrograde which started in mid February. It’s been a lot of inner work or unwinding and letting go that will pay off as we are now moving forward. So much room now to spread our wings! A breath of fresh air really.

Saturn, going direct in the water trine with Jupiter/Lilith and the still retrograde Neptune, changes direction of the watery emotional pull slightly…directing us into work, service and initiative. Projects take a subtle turn for the better. Less resistance, more flow. Time to dream and dream big within the structures you can muster. Reality and grounding will bring your ideas into manifestation. Anything working from home base is good, even if it is something you create from your basement! I actually think this signals a shift in the mindset of people all over, taking charge of life in all kinds of small ways sets the stage for a huge change of mindset – almost a creative revolution. That no corporation can control. And by July 21st when Mercury goes direct, you will be able to put things in motion.

The T-Square is pushing the creative impulse strongly, so let your friends help you innovate and if you can get it together to make a plan of the big picture, you will take the pressure off the impulse to create and get cracking. Too much pressure sometimes is confusing and garners nothing but procrastination. The water trine is great for ideas, but so pleasant that you just want to float along with it. The T-square says “Get cracking!” Work with your ideas, find the financing, get others interested and see what happens after the 21st. Take a risk and put your ideas out there. You never know who might be put in your path. If we are truly understanding that there is creative intelligence directing our lives, and that it has our best interest in mind, and that it’s joy is our joy; then be in touch with the fun and joy and follow that. The power of that creative intelligence goes before us daily, making easy and successful our way. Allow it.

Looking at this globally, whatever comes out of this time had great potential. Even if it seems contrary or difficult, the change is setting us free for a better life. Because we are entering an unstable time world-wide: politically, climate-wise, environmentally and financially; flowing with change and finding creative ways to enjoy our new beginnings are a training ground for higher mind. If we maintain a healthy and loving detachment from those who are resisting and creating conflict, we will see how to maintain stability amid change. It’s all an inside job. And while the physical world is adjusting to the inner work we have done, maintaining a sense of calm and peace will help things shift. The world is a changing, and we just have to hold tight. “Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, it’s gonna be alright!” to quote Mr. Bob Marley. Again, letting the heart hold change, feeling our way through and letting those feelings open us up will be the best way forward.

I am using the energy of Saturn’s direct turn to work with inspiration and imagination. So I am kicking off InspireMe – 30 days of inspiration and contemplation to help you sustain a creative push via daily emails. No catch, just inspiration. Because I need it! And you might too! Sing up here.

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