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Inside the Eye of the Storm, There is Peace

October 17, 2013

200200862-001Full Moon and Prenumbral Eclipse in Aries 25 degrees
October 18/19, 2013
7:38 PM EDT in the US
Mercury Retrograde October 21 

We are in an Aries/Libra eclipse cycle (which started with the last New Moon Oct 4) till Oct 23, 2014 when to tide will turn towards Scorpio and Taurus energies. This is interesting folks, lots to chew on. So lets get to the heart of it!

Those of us resting in the feel good, wishy-washy, surface dwelling, non-active apathy toward what is going on around us murk, will be challenged to come out of denial and shift into action. And hopefully, take a stand. It’s as if we need something to rally around to make change and our politicians certainly have been providing that! The New Moon Solar Eclipse October 4th set us up for disruption, a change in power structure, and a remembering of the extensive structure that we set in place here in the USA…The Constitution. Now this Full Moon October 18th will teach us how to protect and preserve the democracy we so cherish (and other people around the world do too really). We are being snapped back into reality here. So I deem this the wake up call, and the next set of eclipses – April 15th 2014 (where we will potentially see another rally – people protesting about paying taxes) and October 8th will provide ground to get things done. Much will be set in stone by the time the energies turn toward addressing the world debt/financial issues with the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. So if we want to have our voices heard, we must get busy engaging our political leaders.

Personally, this outer struggle has echoes within our ability to touch on our life purpose and to step into a personal leadership that motivates and inspires others, whether big or small. We have an opening here that allows us to delve more deeply into how we want to harness our energies to align with that of the larger powers at work in the world. So, I personally am not solving world hunger, but I am working just as powerfully, and to the best of my ability, to inspire change and action to help my clients and my readers to live to their fullest potential. So I too am stretching beyond what I thought was possible to reach out to others. So you all can do that too. Find you strength and passion and make it count. We can no longer be bystanders. Let the politicians have the drama. We are being initiated into a time of utilizing our fears as energy to create courage and strength.


With Juno sitting at the top of this chart the invitation to commit to our true path is beckoning us. If we can get grounded in a spiritual practice, one that respects Mamma Earth and the divine feminine, then we can take a look at what this external struggle says about us. Calm, nurturing breath of the divine feminine! Let our nerves settle into introspection! If we have a political power struggle around us that is capitalizing on disenchantment and driven by ego, then it’s time to be quiet and look at what that is reflecting inside us. How are we going along with being disenfranchised? How are we avoiding taking charge of our lives? What risks do we need to take and how can we allow ourselves room to take those risks? What do we need to let go of? And what do we need to let emerge that is just plain pushed so deep that it terrifies us? What kind of support do we need? We CAN handle it. But we need to do it together, with others. And trust the journey is going to lead to a better us.

Mercury is going to be retrograde from October 21st till November 11th, after the very interesting New Moon on November 3rd. So be prepared for disruption, communication snafus and the usually mishigos! I will say that because it is retrograding in Scorpio, it is going to be a good time for insight, spiritual pursuit and trusting your intuition. The perfect time for a good amount of prayer and spell casting. Also contact with the spirit realm…thinner than usual on Halloween this year. It’s a great time to do spirit communication work. In a nutshell, take this time to really look inside yourself and do some good inner work. And let it flow if things get mucked up. Take it in stride, plans awry could lead to a much more powerful experience for you! Do take the time now to do some planning!

I have had a lot of life challenges get in the way of my writing, so now that things have settled down, I plan to be a regular contributor to my own column here! And look out for some other new places you can find my written and videoed work! Exciting times ahead!

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