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How Does Mediumship Work?

April 3, 2014


A lot of people ask me this question when I do Mediumship demonstrations. How do you do that Cathy? People are so blown away by what comes through. Even in short messages, what is conveyed is usually just what the sitter wanted to hear. How can that be?

Well to be honest, I don’t know why it works. What I do know is that it does. I also know what I need to do to make the channel or connection stronger and more accurate. The preparation is to move from outer awareness to an inner, still, grounded place disconnected from outside stimulus. I focus on the person before me. Using my inner sight and receptivity to listen and “see” with other eyes, I pray inside to connect and welcome the spirits of the person. Usually, a burst of love connects to make me ready. And then I wait for them to do their thing.

In Evidential Mediumship, I am also putting aside my psychic ability. It is just letting the spirits who want to communicate talk to me. Step forward so to speak. So I am not “looking in” with my psychic vision, I am inviting them to step before me and tell me what they want to say. Sometimes it’s just hello and a few pertinent details. Sometimes it is a lot more, dealing with emotional situations and healing those moments. It is quite moving, for spirit knows what each of us needs, or is ready for.

Here’s the hard part for anyone who does what we do…putting aside what we think. How we analyze. How we even filter information. My ego…that’s the roughest. Spirit has me do all kinds of things, has me say things, has me talk to people in voices I would rather not use. When I listen and do as it says, it is usually just right. One exception…teenagers. Teenagers come through and they are a little feisty. They tend to blurt and not really understand how difficult it is for their parents. So I try to make it clear that we are dealing with teenager unfilteredness in those situations! Because they have the best of intentions. They are so close to joy and really want to express that to everyone! So we just love them for that blurtiness. It’s all about love really.

This is how it comes to me. Pictures, feelings, impressions, love, touch, smell, sound, love. Love conveys so much. I will get sensations of cold or warm or a tingly feeling. I get a feeling of yes…when I hear them correctly. Sometimes it’s a bit much to put all these things into words and I grapple for the correct things to say. Sometimes I struggle with it, because what must be said is out of my normal experience. So there is a great deal of letting go and just letting it fly that happens. I am getting so much better at that act of trust. And the spirits hold me. We have a relationship. They understand my committment and come to meet me just as committed. They work on me all the time to make me better. I am very greatful to them for the way they show up in my life to support this crazy ride I am on.

Tell me about your experiences with spirit. I know many of you have had encounters/feelings/comfort that you just can’t explain but you know its something. Tell me about it. We are all connected.


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