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Clearing Space, Making Way for the Sacred

August 24, 2014


August 25, 2014 New Moon in Virgo (2 degrees) at 10:14 am EDT

New Moon in Virgo wants to bring us closer to our abilities to clean house, care for the wounds and serve the world. I think it is very appropriate in that order! With Chiron in Pisces opposite Mercury, this is a report about soothing wounds and healing ourselves so that we can embrace bigger concepts around getting to the business of healing the planet. Or at least bringing ourselves into harmony with what is going on and taking measures to secure our future as human beings not only getting along, but flourishing. The clarion call to be strong as more chaos ensues on the horizon couldn’t be more clear. It is not over yet folks, we are still in the middle of those seven Uranus Square Pluto (USP) crunches. And still feeling the effects of the wildly beneficial and yet difficult Square number 5 in April. So we are not out of it until we go through all of those Uranus square Pluto’s, next one coming up on December 14, 2014.

So lets get into it!

First off, write down some intentions for this coming month. Virgo is a stalwart healer, with restorative powers and exacting patience and precision. She wants us to know what we want, to expect perfection and to give from our hearts. Taken to extreme, this becomes self critical, co-dependent and somewhat analytical. So definitely stay out of that! We definitely need our heart to balance and to know where enough is enough. So it’s a good time to set goals around diet, exercise and general good health. It’s time to organize and make your spaces more efficient and streamlined. It’s also a great time to focus on work issues, projects and relating to co-workers. Get your paperwork done. Let go of confusion and distraction by embracing a bit more structure. And being in the now.

With Saturn and Mars conjunct squaring Venus, it’s hard in these last days of summer to turn our focus away from relaxing and fun, to the work of getting things organized. Do it anyway, and you will be so glad you did. Just a few minutes into any organizing or structuring activity and you will feel amazing. You will feel the self-love of taking care of your world and your dreams. Now is the time to avail of all that USP manifesting energy and strip the chaos away from it to get down to the here and now essence. In every moment we are creating our future. With awareness of that fact, we can direct it towards eradicating fear through being grounded in tasks and focused detail. We can relax when we know the parameters. When we know where we are. Then we can accept and act.

Virgo moons can be a bit self sacrificing and despairing at times. It often brings into focus what is wrong. So lets not get on that gravy train to feeling bad and punishing ourselves. Instead, listen to it and acknowledge the need. Remember that need is sacred and that there is a bigger power in the Universe, that thing we call Spirit and Great One. We must remember that we are not acting alone. We have angels and spirits and ancestors with us. They are acting through us sometimes and sometimes, amazingly, moving mountains without us! So let’s remember our real place in things. And not to despair that things are messed up. It’s a glorious mess that we all have a part in, and therefore, we all have a part in cleaning it up. And it’s about to get a heck of a lot messier. But within chaos lies great opportunity for radical change. So let it rip, and try to be in the center of it in a neutral non-judgemental way. We are witnesses and birthmothers and guardians. We are doing our sacred duty to listen through the unease and hear the solutions. And learn new ways of communicating with others who don’t hear the call quite as clearly yet, using language that they can understand.

My friend, astrologer Demetra Vassillistis (who is awesome), commented this morning on the word “sacred” being missing from the dialogue about environmentalism. I agree, bringing it into the conversation is the only way to illicit change. But I feel it is more than the word itself, it is something that everyone needs to actually feel. Once you touch on the sacred role of what the land does, what the air does what the water does, and all the beings that live in those places, you see that sacred is something that you passionately want to protect. You are connected once you feel it and that never leaves you. No matter where you are. Whether it is in an urban setting or plunk in the middle of the ocean. The land/water/air is all around you. It is the lifeblood of our needs, and it nurtures our souls. The elements of our earth provide a place for our ancestors and for our continued healing. This is Virgo moon reminding us of that connection, for she is the one who heals all of that. We must call on her to stand tall this month and heal us, to heal US.

So your shaman homework this month is to get in touch with your own space. Go outside and notice the feeling of your block. See the bits of nature all around you. Name them SACRED. In doing so there may be a message that emerges for you. Something you need to hear. Tune in and let it guide you. It could be the simplest thing.

Yesterday evening, I was in a Brooklyn park with my family that I had never been to before in Ft. Greene. There was a sizable hill there, and as I trudged on up with my not so good shoes for climbing, I saw on the very top was a huge skinny monument. It must have been 5 stories or more high. And at the very tippy top of the monument sat a huge Red Tailed Hawk. Now Hawk is very connected to my own personal medicine. When I see him my heart sings and I know I need to pay attention and that it is a sacred moment. I felt sad that he was so far away from me! I wanted a better look at him. And, I really wanted one of his feathers. I love my bird feathers, as I sort of collect them. Just as my luck would have it, as I walked over to him, I saw a white under feather wafting down to me. That was a good sign! I picked it up and headed over to a bench to just observe. He was so regal and commanding. This cocky mocking bird was relentlessly dive bombing him, again and again. Yet the Hawk barely ruffled his feathers. He was turned away from me looking over Brooklyn. Must have been a great view. As I sat there and tuned in, I listened for what he was saying to me. “Look at the big picture. We are connected. I am here not paying attention to the buzzing of the mind, the distractions, and focused on the high road.” “Get a grip on your bigger picture,” I felt he was saying to me. He inspired me to start writing about astrology again. That it is time to be in the overview again. And to rise above my everyday problems and my little mind and allow myself to soar. Isn’t that always the struggle? Yet I allowed this hawk to speak to me, to remind me what I need to do. And he gave me strength.

I hope that inspires you to do the same. Happy soaring this month. Tune into whats around you. And be in the present as you fly high.

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  1. August 24, 2014 5:45 pm

    Excellent! Thank you.


  2. August 24, 2014 8:30 pm

    Wonderful ! Worthy of another read but understand about to know the actions to be taken to heal ourselves and the Sacred Planet !


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