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2015 New Years Reading

January 4, 2015


The New Year is upon us and on this day January 4th when the Earth is closest to the Sun this morning EST, and the Moon is full in Cancer at 11:54 PM EST, we revel in the embrace of these two heavenly bodies as they bestow their wisdom and energy on us and this new year.

This spread is wonderful, especaily for changing up attitudes, abundance issues, the way we look at the world, and what we think is possible. We have all been through a lot, now our hard work is about to pay off, but we must keep our sight clear and focused, and as they say, don’t stop before the miracle. Have faith…it is all about to change, if you let it.

Taking each card and what their meaning in the spread, we will start with the first card, the energy that we are bringing to 2015 – The 3 of Wands. We are looking ahead to see what we have already put in motion and how it is faring. We are starting to trust that things are getting better. We find that working with others is better than going it alone. Trusting ourselves, there is an inner knowing that we do possess the power to bring about our hearts desire. But we have to do the work of materializing it.

The forces crossing this are the 6 of Swords. Ok, the last few years kinds sucked, and we are a little wary. Still moving away from difficulty. This wariness at times will contradict the inner feeling that things are getting better. Instead of heeding that, be aware that a gateway for change is happenning for the better. As you feel both uneasiness and hope, tolerate these feelings that good change provokes. Have a lot of compassion and self nurturance as we embrace the unknown before us. It is a new landscape with new rules the are only being revealed as we walk the path. You don’t need to know how to proceed, just start walking peeps!

The foundation of this year that we can turn to again and again is the 10 or Pentacles. We are in a phase of reuilding our wealth (material and spiritual), our legacies, our strength and taking care of our families, multigenerationally. There is a great need for ancestor work. I will talk about this as the year pregresses. Make the simplest beginnings by lighting a white candle to them. They are ready to guide us with their wisdom. They have laid foundations for us. We need to pay attention to the new foundations we have built for the past few years as well, however small or big. This is what you can build from. The Ancestors hold that energy as we do this. Look at how rich your life is now, the beauty you already have and honor it. Know that you are in touch with your higher self that wants all good things for you.

We are moving from the 4 of Swords. Recovery. Rest. Renewal. We needed that time for refurbishing ourselves after a very difficult transition. Instead of lamenting that time of rest, know that in all things we need to drop out and find out who wer are in relation to the changing times around us. We must learn from that in order to integrate all the changes to come. It is healthy and a very good thing. Embrance and thank that time, for it has made us stronger.

We are walking into the Tower. So as we walk renewed into an energetic and profound energy, remember to channel it into what you want to create. It is a valuable jolt into a higher place if we give it the direction. It might feel overwhelming but let it just course through you as a stimuli. There is great clarity and as we feel unexpected change, very surprising and rapid events around us. Let this energy sweep us into looking at tregedy and upheaval as a chance to let go of what doesn’t work and start over in what is entirely better for us. Let us be swept along by the winds of change and not resist them.

After the drama, the future is all about connecting to the higher forces as shown by the Ace of Cups. Again, connecting to that which is new and brings us joy is what we love. This is joy and happy situations. No matter what we have let go of, we can experience the joy of unconditional love and acceptance. Give birth to what is new. Follow your heart. Be open to what comes your way and embrace it. A new consciousness is available and if we meditate, we can tune in. Do tune in folks, it’s worth it!

We see ourselves as the Hanged Man, waiting and looking at what is underneath the surface. We are actually entertaining new perceptions, new ways of seing things because we have een on pause and forced to slow down. This is very important because we SEE literally what is going on around us in a new way. We have an understanding of the new that is going to play an important part of finally embracing what is to come.

Around us, the 3 of Pentacles. People are coming together to accomplish things as a whole. Pay attention to the connection to things from the past bridging to what is new. Especially guilds, esoteric groups, the wisdom from the past are being connected to new technologies. There is support to fine tune your work to support new ideas. Collaboration is about us, we must tune into it and benefit from collective knowledge.

The 10 of Wands represents what we fear and what we hope for. We look to the end of a cycle, yet because we got so burned out, we fear the burden of work. Fear not, what we have learned that yes there is a lot of work to do, but it can be accomplished if we work and take time off, do our best and recharge. As the energies around us amp up, we need to approach it in this way so that we can go the duistance. Put fears of overdoing it asidea as yout ake time to care for yourself. Refuse to let our bigger work overshaddow the joy of living in THIS MOMENT. Joy is n the now. Will get there.

Finally, the outcome of all the energies of this year is the 5 of Pentacles. Prosperity is a state of mind and we can change our minds in any moment, by changing our perspective. As we chang our relationship to suffering and lack, we see that it is all in how we decide to be. We must confrom our situations head on and be honest about what we truly want. We have inside us everything we need, and it is up to us to find that trhead and build on it. No one is going to hand us a million dollars. We ultimately must find our own way alone. So when we face opposition or our own negative thoughts, use purifying, cleansing and rebalancing rituals to change it up. Do a one day juice fast. Write down the fear and negativity and burn it. Cleanse your house. Feng shui the heck out of it. Smudge yourself or take a spiritual bath. Use strong and in the present visualizations (yes, I am doing that thing I wanted to do now and it feels to darn good. I am glowing and so happy as I complete that task…) to harmonize with that amazing energy out there. The past is behind us, the future awaits. Let go and be in the NOW. BECOME right now.

So peeps, go out there and do good work. Keep up the good energy and absorb all the amazing clarity and wisdom that is out there. Have faith, keep the gratitude rolling and go out there and create! If you want to see how this energy will affect you directly…lets schedule a New Years Reading for you. Email me at

Oh, and here is the prosperity candle I created for every single one of my clients from last year. I will be lighting this candle as long as it lasts this month to give all of you an extra boost. An extra incentive to become my client this year!! Love you all!

Cathy better candle 2015-01-01

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  1. January 4, 2015 1:45 pm

    Magnificent blog! Thank you so much for sharing this. Spot on.


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