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Global warming is a spiritual problem.

June 5, 2006

Al Gore recently commented, on Bob Edwards “Speaking of Faith” NPR show, that global warming is a spiritual problem. I couldn’t agree more. From my work with spirit and in reviewing my own circuitous life path, it keeps coming back to this – we humans will not stop over consuming and polluting the earth until we get that she is a living, pulsating, breathing being. She has a soul, she is spirit. Unless we realize that our connection to earth is vital, that we need her, that she informs everything we do, we’ll loose ourselves. I believe that the problem of global warming is IN us. The earth is going to continue on, she’ll muddle through; it’s our lives that are at stake. We are connected to all living things, and when they die off, a part of us dies off too. Our ecosystem is thrown off and we are torn asunder.

I think we are in so much political trouble these days because we do not know how to have a relationship with Mother Earth. Everything about our lives is presently about being on the outside – ipods, video games, advertising, consumerism, TV, movies. It’s very ungrounded. Disconnected. Isolating. We don’t see ourselves and we can’t see what’s going wrong. Least of all do something about it

Things like writing, meditating, contemplation, having regular quiet time, yoga, all bring the focus inside, yet they are the last things we want to do!! We are being taught to defer everything, the pain of debt, an argument, loss…and to not sit square in it. Our elders taught differently. When I was going through stuff my Grandpa from Nebraska used to say: “Take a walk in the fields. Listen to the grass. Read the sky. Know nature and know yourself.” He used to spit all the time…I thought it was kind of gross. Little did I know he was figuring out which way the wind was blowing, what the weather was going to be. He always knew. He taught me that a little alone time on the farm, or being with the animals always made things better. It always did. I let the earth talk to me and I told it my troubles. I ranted and railed against the injustices of my life, and I felt better. I felt connected to something eternal, sustaining.

Somehow as an adult, I lost that connection. And lost myself. Life with kids and work gets so darn busy. You forget how to be in the world. We forget how to be grateful. We forget what really supports us

Let me give an example. My life had become a big mess for a few years in my estimation. I was working hard at putting myself back together after a lot of loss and coming to the fact that my life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be – at all! I had been working in Marketing and Design for 20 years, always with my spirituality and intuitive talents at the side. I had wanted to ditch the marketing for years and didn’t know how to step into my healing and intuitive gifts. After 9/11 my design business dissolved and yet I hung onto the thinking that that was all I could do. How could spirituality sustain me? But I started listening to my gut and life began to change. I became an interfaith minister, I got involved in teaching, and I began to show up. Still troubled by my lack of flow, I consulted with my friend Wendy, a very gifted intuitive. She said – “Cathy, you need to be grounded. She taught me a simple grounding technique. Then she added, you need to be in tune with the cycles of the moon. Get yourself more in the center.” Now I thought, hey I grew up in the Midwest. I have a garden. I need more grounding? I had no idea how disconnected I had become.

So I started with the simple grounding exercise. It expanded to building a moon walk in the backyard, and then to new moon intention setting and meditation, to creating a 4 directional sacred space (plus the earth below and galactic center above) that puts ME in the middle. Within 2 months, my life started to flow. I started to feel an incredible connection to spirit and connection with the part of me “that knows” has never been stronger. I learned to integrate both parts of myself. I still do marketing, but only for sustainable business, or businesses that mean something to me. I have stepped out as a medium and intuitive. I am working as a healer and teaching others to do healing.

I feel that taking the time to BE with the earth, to ask for her help in healing me, has started a great relationship. And it has compelled me to want to write this blog, to speak out. If everyone just connected themselves to the earth in a simple way – Wow, what change can happen!

Here’s the grounding technique:
Imagine yourself with a root growing from your feet, or from your tailbone right into the deep, deep earth. Feel the coolness, the moistness. Ask mother earth to send you grounding energy. Feel it travel up into your body – up through to your head. Then breathe it out, down your spine back to the earth. Breathe it in again and whoosh, breathe it out. Again and again a few more times till you feel connected.

You can do this for others too, just by imagining it. Try it on George Bush!! Try it on your favorite politician! Just try it.

To set up the 4 directional altar, consult Barbara Hand Clow’s excellent book – Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar. Basically, you set an altar to each direction using a compass, and you sit directly in the center. I will write more on this later.

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  1. Susan permalink
    June 7, 2006 10:09 am

    Cathy, I am so touched by this site, and that you have begun to tell the greater world your story! It’s a beautiful, amazing story and you tell it so simply and so well. I haven’t even looked around the site, just read this piece and knew I had to comment. I am honored to be walking this path with you!!!!
    Blessings & Congratulations,


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