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Get ready for the New Moon tonight!!

July 25, 2006

Wow, the new moon in Leo is heating up the world stage for some real fireworks!!! For more on this, check out Barbara Handclow’s Astroflash at the link on the right hand side here (Barbara Handclow). She really gets into some political analysis there!

Here we are focusing more on the personal side of the new moon and how we can use the energies to help us. For awhile now, I have been setting my intentions at the new moon. This has been very helpful in directing my energies and focusing my attention on being in the “now” of my life. It’s hard to maintain that with all the things going on in the world around me, so I find it particularly helpful. Give it a try and you can see how it works.

Working with the moon’s energies is a very practical thing. The new moon is the begining of a building of energy that culminates in the full moon. Perfect for starting projects or birthing new ideas. After the full moon (August 9), the energy recedes, so we can look at what we are working on, see how it grew and make adjustments and refinements to our energies. Tagging along with the moon’s waxing and waning energies, is like a skateboarder grabbing on to a truck to pull them for a distance. The moon is going there anyway, why not use the energy?

When framing your intentions, it’s best to state between 3 and 10, as it keeps the energy focused. Try to get from yourself what you really want.(As I go through my list, I ask myself “Do I really want this?”). Also, start each intention with the phrase, “I want…”. It’s best to act within 8 hours of the moon, which is exactly new at 12:30 am Tuesday morning (the 25th). So get crackin!!!

This month with the moon in Leo, the focus is on love and romance, creativity, generosity, celebration, play and fun, dignity, being center stage, determination, leadership, self confidence and tempering arrogance. Also, in the body, the heart, back and spine, inflamations and exhaustion. So that is a lot to work with!!!

Have a great new moon everyone!

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