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Thanksgiving – Planetary Help for Change

November 24, 2009

In the next two months the planets are aligning to help humanity through a portal of change. My Reiki Master, Kathleen Milner asked me to look into a few dates that she intuited to be big days for us and two of them stood out – Thanksgiving, Nov 26 and the winter solstice on December 21, at 12:47 pm EST. Those 2 days are full of portents for change and inner growth. The analysis I did for her is below and I will be writing on this subject for the next few weeks until the Winter Solstice, as I look at how we can use the cycles of the moon to move us through change unifying all the parts of our selves – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. I will also do an analysis of the Winter Solstice in the next week or so.

Throughout the next 2 months, there is a build up of dark energy for those who haven’t developed ways of processing long-held fears and neurosis, that has the potential to erupt at any time here. It is the tension that is in the heavens that will cause most of us to change. However, there are those who are not capable of releasing negativity and they will act out. The shooting at Ft. Hood is an example of that energy. Pent up aggression, unprocessed fear and neurosis that we watched and it shed light on how we deal with the mentally ill (if we marginalize them, they will not just quietly go away), the structure of the army, the way denial shows up in our thinking, and compassion for those families that had to suffer yet another assault on their loved ones.

Another thing that struck me, is that a LOT of us have aggressive feelings about the military that got played out in that incident. There will be many revealing things coming to light about this event and other past events having to do with war, the present one and the build up that started in 1982-3 to where we are right now. We HAVE to take responsibility for our own feelings, resentments and thoughts, because they get played out on the world stage in these mass events.

Another theme that is playing out is the continued invitation to step out of our confined ways of thinking and use our deeper selves to create structures that make sense. System change is eminent, because so much in our lives is just not working. This implies as well the release of our reluctance to take part in change, and to listen to our inner longings, and really deep inner direction, to take part in creating something new. This is a universal urge, and these two charts show different ways this will come to pass. It is the beginning of a long year of release of old thinking and old ways of being. This is very threatening to people in power, of any kind, so the tensions will be great. But it is always that way when we are on the precipice of change.

Thanksgiving Chart – Nov. 26, 2009

On Thanksgiving, the themes are around a heart opening having to do with unconditional love and healing the deep wounds of humanity. This compassion is very personal, and what is felt in one heart magnifies to many. There is a connective link through the subconscious that we will have access to, and many will not be aware of it until the following days. But the opening will grow and take hold of people in a subtle way.

This bodes well for groups linking together on the subconscious realm, as many of us who are involved in coming together on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM around the world to do clearings, healing and prayer. We will also feel this energy as we meditate and do spiritual work daily. We will feel connected to others doing the same.

The opportunity to connect with the other realms is very strong, as strong as it was on Samhain – Halloween (in the Celtic calendar this is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest), so continue to meditate, do Reiki and other spiritual practices. Many people will feel this connection, and do not be afraid of it. It is right there anyway, whether we see it or not.

There is also radical insight and an open window to where love has to go in our lives. An urge for nurturance, protection and a return to the feminine is right there as well as a need to connect to the earth and nature as it begins to let us know it is calling us…not in distress for earth, but in distress for OUR souls. Things are out of balance because we are out of balance. During this day we have an opportunity to see how the earth can support us through change that we face as a species. In fact on this day, we have access to glimpsing a LOT!! We have connection to where we are going and it will be possible to know how we fit into the new energies that are emerging. And then take action about it. We are able to find spiritual purpose in action and the key here is to ACT!!

Wounds will be exposed, and many will feel hopeless if they aren’t able to connect to the deep inner self. We can actually help by sending them energy, they WILL feel it. Maybe that might be a focus of the Wed night clearings – sending to anyone who is not connected to healing their process in a positive way. Helping to lift the negativity that is being generated right now…although, that negativity might be needed by those who need a HUGE push to change, so we might send them the love to embrace their sorrows and move into it instead of around it.

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