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Winter Solstice Dec. 21 2009 – Get Ready for Change!!

December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice sun with 3 sunspots

The Solstice Chart for December 21, 2009 is an amazing configuration of planets. The energy is about individual actions, new beginnings, humanity, grounded action, moving ahead with new leaders showing up, light workers becoming more prominent. There is a desire for more stability, personal freedom, ingenuity and new forms of expression. Alternatives to war, aggressive tendencies, and unexpected conflict resolution will be on the horizon, alongside upheaval and much tragedy. We will feel more connected to struggle of those around us, and more inclined to become participants in change, rather than onlookers.

Solstices are about renewal and rebirth. Kings, queens and important teachers were reincarnated into the bloodlines of the people with the help of Venus, a planet that figures prominently in this chart. People are being drawn to configure their own spiritual story and philosophies, being authentic about their relationship to god. We are part of the fabric of a global society, and the beauty that shines from inside our hearts is creating a larger landscape of care and relationship to the goddess and Mother Earth energies. The Goddess is being reborn inside all of us right now, preparing us for the great work ahead.

We are entering a serious time where structures will be literally reborn, as others start to falter. It will be difficult for people who are not comfortable with their shadow aspect, for that is where we need to separate the dross from the gold and access all of our good attributes. This is a step by step process, where the next big step is only revealed if you actually step on the path. So it is not a time to sit still. Relying on Mother Earth for support and balance at this time is crucial.

This is a very mystical solstice, with an access to intuition, spiritual direction, angelic presence, and healing. If you are handling your daemons properly (therapy, 12-step, etc), then you will have greater access to your inner self. You will be able to distinguish between the mind and your spirit. You will also have greater access to the shadow and the good things that reside there with the creepy things. You will be able to retrieve things that can help you more because you will be able to travel to what might have been dangerous territory in the past and not be triggered by it. The more you begin to work with this idea, the purer the vehicle. This will enable you to become polished and skilled at helping others.

It is a time to begin to understand your purpose and to heal past karma. This can only be done by examining your relationships to the earth, energetically, physically and emotionally. We need to understand how to work with the earth as conduits of its power. We are channels of earth energy and that is our birthright. It is why we are here. We are being asked to align with that energy.

Goddess spirituality is beginning to take hold, but not exclusive of theology, more in a partnership with it. Who is to say that we can’t believe in god AND attend some sort of religious practice AND embrace goddess? She is creativity, abundance, and light, true abundance that springs from the inside. Cooperative abundance.

There are 2 yods in this reading. Yods are like fingers of god. They point to great destinies and unleash energy to that purpose. They are powerful indicators of change.

The first yod indicates powerful spiritual force for healing humanity, combined with pre-Christian spiritual technology, and ways to access the underworld that teach us about handling our over grown egos as a human race. As we become comfortable surrendering our egoic drive to a higher purpose, we will create new direction and purpose that affects the higher mind and transforms our karmas. We have all been here before and we will find that we have access to the accumulated soul knowledge that can nurture the planet. If you are a healer, or inclined in that direction, you will know more about your purpose over the next 3 months. Those that are already doing that work will feel a shift, and a deeper purpose and connection to healing power will be evident.

Yod number two reinforces this, but is more directed to dealing with war, leadership and the right use of will. The unpredictability of events, blended with a mind focused on higher purpose, will release creative and spiritual forces that will either point to the madness of war and aggression so that even the door knobs get it, or will expose the insane people who promote and perpetuate war and what motivates them will be revealed. Whether people will be crazy or not, they will be taking action!! This energy also shows how technology and the internet will have a huge role in revolutionary change and unrest, and healing on the physical body that creates spiritual transformation as well as a new way to resolve conflict. I already see this using Skype to do Reiki sessions and coaching over the internet/phone with people all over the world. It is truly amazing the tools we have at our disposal at this time.

All in all, this is the portal of change, and it is step one – do we jump in or do we have to be dragged in? Each of us gets to choose. Regardless of what we decide, things are in flux, the sand is shifting and things are not the way they were before. This gradual shift is the only way larger change will happen, so get ready, the ride has begun!!! Just remember, no matter where you land, the final outcome will be good. It just will not be comfortable. For a lot of us it will be painful for sure. But it will get better. This is an exciting time because we all get to contribute to something new, something that comes from us in alignment with the earth. It might seem impossible, but look at all we have created so far. I’m sure the cave guys are saying – Who knew?

Have a great holiday and solstice!! I look forward to seeing what 2010 will bring us.

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