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New Years Eve Blue Moon 2009

December 30, 2009

I think it is rather significant that we have a Blue Moon tonight as we ring out the old year and ring in the new. And it is a wonderful time to partake in some Blue Moon magick! The chart of this full moon, as well as it’s other magical correspondences, makes it one that can help us manifest changes in our lives that have been brewing since August 2007. Plus there is a partial Lunar Eclipse as well. Lots of energy to work with.

So what is a Blue Moon you ask? It is the second full moon to occur in any one solar month. They happen every 31 to 33 months. Blue Moons are said to reflect the Full Moon in the Otherworlds, so it is an extra potent and prophetic time to ask for help from your ancestors, spirit guides, and other divine beings. As you reflect on what it is that brought you to this point, complete with failures and accomplishments, you have an opportunity to plumb the depths as it were, for new insight about how you tick. With new information about yourself, look at what you want to change and what new energies you want to manifest. Ask the moon goddess Selene to increase your intuition and for the wisdom to use the information wisely. Set goals for the next Blue Moon which is August 31, 2012.

This Blue moon falls on Dec. 31, 2009 2:13 pm EST at 10 degrees Cancer, opposite the Sun in Capricorn (10 degrees) conjunct Venus (7 degrees) and Pluto (3 degrees). The small shadow partial Eclipse will be seen in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The goddess energy of the moon is magnified by the planetary positions in this amazing chart. Moon in Cancer is nurturing, kind and supportive of creating a home inside and out. So no matter if you have lost your home, or are moving for any reason, it is about feeling at home inside yourself that counts. Knowing this you can live and be anywhere, and you can recreate a new home. At the same time, with the stellium of the Sun, Venus and Pluto opposite the Moon, we are challenged to be at home in the world, connected to others by a deep inner core. Our ego’s have taken a beating this year, in so many ways. The only way to be at peace is to surrender to something greater than ourselves and let go. We are being called upon to birth the Earth Goddess, bringing her back from the ashes of our smoldering ego’s. And what comes of that will be very magical, we will discover our individual power comes from letting go and being able to listen.

Saturn is squaring the moon, telling us, to slow down, calm our emotions, give our inner life some structure, and to record our dreams. The wisdom wants to emerge as a plan, as a set of steps to take and will unfold over a period of time. So use this annoying taskmaster to get your emotional affairs in order, and build a nurturing base for yourself…that includes money and a secure living situation. Many of us will find ourselves working from home.

The yod in this chart is about leadership and action that sparked from unusual insight and purposeful thought that is poured into a humanistic cauldron of healing passion and spirit. So spiritual solutions are manifesting as actions right now. We are all being called on to be leaders, which means taking action in the world, regardless of anybody following. Clear action, motivated by higher thought and passionate heartbreak, as my dear friend Andrew Harvey, architect of Sacred Activism, likes to call it. It is a time for activism that springs from a sacred place, our hearts and our souls, so that it can take root in the world.

Here’s my take on this…we have been living a topsy-turvey year, and find ourselves disoriented, worn out and really asking What’s Next? Our usual defenses and attitudes are not working. Surrendering is the perfect course of action. It’s not the giving up kind of surrender, but feeling like giving up brings us to that. It’s more like the kind of surrender that happens from our inner beings, when we lay aside our ego’s and our plans and openly and with out gile ask – What’s next, oh great Architect of the Universe? –  Even though I might not really believe in that at all right now. And then create space to listen for the answer.

A lot of food for thought as we bound into another chapter of this interesting ride. Strap on your seatbelts folks!! Celebrate with love in your hearts and don’t forget the curiosity. And remember to breathe. Aaaaah!

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