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New Moon in Aquarius at 9:52 pm EST Feb 13th

February 12, 2010

Well another amazing new moon is taking place on Saturday evening. This potent New Moon is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and the Tibetan Calendar. The Year of the Metal Tiger heralds a year full of intensity, change, drama, new inventions, new opportunities and the possibility of disaster and big shake ups…all echoed by this very active chart. I also see another opportunity to open to this year of the goddess – in numerology, 2010 is a 3 year, and it asks up to work with intuition, beauty, art, music, prosperity and abundance issues to reflect on the goddess within.

The striking thing about this chart is the two yods, which are interconnected with each other involving the planet Mars and a Venus Neptune conjunction. Both are focal points and contributing forces to each yod formed. So the male and female forces are being united in different ways to combine intuition and action, which is what a lot of us could use right now!! And with the boost from Jupiter, female wisdom and energy is being asked to step alongside male energy to make things happen.

In Yod 1, accessing intuition, art, goddess spirituality and shamanic energy, combined with the ability to process underlying motives and personal power blocks, allows one to take action and put yourself center stage. No more wall flowers, no more denying personal power. In order to stand up in this economic mess, we all have to find out where we are most effective and take action towards the collective good…by speaking our minds!! The power of social media and blogging is changing the way the world listens, and we all have an opportunity to join with others and make ourselves heard. We can form a collective voice that really has weight, and many of us will find that. It also calls for a personal plan of action, so taking time to write down your intentions this day are very important ways of focusing your mind to help you create an innovative solution to problems that might seem insurmountable. Intend to make a difference, and write it down for yourself.

Yod number 2 focuses on the divine female intuitive energy, bringing structure and action together…and I would say research as well. Science is taking great leaps toward proving the existence of the effects of intention, prayer, ritual, and energy healing…all potent expressions of this new moon’s energy. This is a great time to practice Reiki, therapeutic touch, acupuncture or many other energy modalities. Also the focus is on nurturing the earth and our relationship towards our planetary home. So even mentally sending good intentions to our planet will actually have an effect right now. If you have not already established a personal spiritual practice, now would be a good time to do so. Even meditating for 5 to 10 minutes a day brings great results.

This yod also points to a shift in the way we relate to spirituality as an expression of the feminine, intuitive quality of being in the flow. With Sun, Moon, Chiron and Neptune conjunct near by the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, access to healing the deep wounds caused by aspects of religion, dogma, politics and cult abuse is available and in our consciousness. A transformation of the way we have ceded our power to others is underway. Healing our wounds allows us to regain our minds and our critical thinking skills. We are allowed to question everything. We have inner authority.

As we grasp this, we are again brought to look at war and conflict in a new manner. How do we process conflict and what has spirituality taught us over the past 30 years about resolving differences? Saturn brings us the ability to tolerate difference, but we must work at it and keep it constantly in our minds and acknowledge that peace is only available by the measure of our own healing. Unless we process our piece of the collective shadow, we cannot bring peace to any conflict. So that means that people who have engaged in therapy, and are taking responsibility for their own messes will turn out to be the leaders. People who have made mistakes and learned from them will become our greatest resource. The shift from the perfection and glamour that we imagine others to have, to an acknowledgement of the power of healing and regeneration from the inside will be a way to transform our situations from fantasy of what we should have to reality of what is. The peace this brings will reflect the actions we take in the world

Uranus, the only planet loosely connected to all this planetary action is going to show us how to make change over the next few years as it moves into Aries. As it sits in Pisces it will reveal innovations and more insight about inner spiritual technologies and how they have and affect on us. More will be shown about insight and penetrating change.

This New Moon is a huge opening for new energies to start pouring into the earth plane for healers, light workers and those involved in helping people with change. This energy helps to balance ego with a healthy dose of surrender – enough ego to get things done and enough surrender to not let your work get mucked up in controversy. The use of intent is important to keep you focused and clear of the shadow, and keeping clear boundaries with your clients. This will allow you to harness the tremendous healing power that is around us, but it will be useless unless you are working on yourselves. It is important for healers to work on their own issues at this time and consciously avoid burnout by getting the therapies one needs, as your clients will otherwise push your buttons and make your work ineffective!!!

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