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Full Moon in Virgo at 7:08pm EST tonight

February 28, 2010
Sun conjuncting Jupiter

Sun conjuncting Jupiter courtesy SOHO Observatory

The full moon in Virgo this month is again another portal for undeniable change and growth. The moon phases have become interesting to watch, as they have been tightly aspected by a number of planets at each phase for well over a year. It is not unusual for there to be one or two planets aspected (which means that their measured places in the heavens numerically match each other in different combinations) in a new or full moon chart, but in the past six months, almost all of the planets have been involved in these events. This month, ALL the planets are involved with each other. This is interesting. Moon phases have always been important times for us humans to tune in to the subtle energies and harmonize with them. The moon is the closest heavenly body to us, and the effects of her gravitational pull create energies that allow us to get closer to the divine, almost pulling the subconscious to the surface. This effect is duly recognized and celebrated by all indigenous cultures, and we need not be shy about using it.

Today’s vibration is in full effect at 7:08 pm EST. There is some tension in this chart, which is beneficial tension, but over all the energies are ones of harmony and good feeling. The sun conjunct Jupiter is of course opposite the moon, which gives us the opportunity to look directly at our overly expanded human egos…hmmm are we really causing global warming, or are we contributing to a mess that is being exacerbated by the natural cycle of earth changes. Sorry didn’t want to open that can of worms, but couldn’t resist that one!! What are we really responsible for and can we become accountable for that? Yes we are adding a terrible burden to the earth, so that she is not able to handle the natural stresses put upon her right now as she goes through some natural adjustment. With less oil in her to lubricate, and less ionosphere to protect us, we are being bombarded. Maybe this is not all bad, the sun and earth together are making themselves felt by us, and changing our energies, hopefully in a good direction. Our intent is the most important thing here…intention is amazingly important at this time. Our thoughts and desires will change the course of humanity and this full moon opens the doors for us.

Snow Moon As photographed by Dan Bush in Albany MS

Pluto is trining the moon, which is at the bottom of the chart, and is asking us to take a look underneath things and see what it is all really about. Supported by Uranus conjunct Venus trining Mars and opposite Saturn, we are being prompted to find the beauty in taking action to set up new ways of doing things. Being leaders in our own lives, maybe we bring giving into our homes and teach our kids about the harmony that is created by giving to others and gratitude in appreciating what we do have. Right now we can see the collective shadow place we all inhabit in this earthly mess. If there is suffering out there, it is in me as well. I am not directly responsible for atrocities in some places, yet I really am because I participate in systems that make those atrocities possible. The way I buy clothing, or shop at big corporate stores, or other conveniences that make my life better, sometimes make others lives worse. These kinds of ways in which we are all connected are coming to light now. We can make different choices. Change can really happen when people start making different buying choices. We can speak loudest with our wallets.

Neptune, Chiron and Mercury are in conjunction, semi sextile to Mars, asking us to look to a deeper way of healing our wounds. This combination of energies points to psycho-spiritual healing through thought and action…phew, all those years of therapy are going to pay off!! As our wounds are being exposed, those who haven’t worked on the therapeutic level will be either acting out, or have new opportunities to heal. Because so many people have been confronted with change this past year, their new circumstances are putting them in a better place whether they like it or not!  The higher minds is being activated into engaging on a new level, as it is not so sidetracked by our deeper wounds and so much has been stripped away that we can take advantage of this emerging energy. If you are not meditating, now is the time to set aside even 5 minutes to be in stillness.

For those in the spiritual and healing realms, your work is being refined and don’t be surprised as new systems and ways of doing things come to light within you. Take note of this and let your self be led to incorporate new awareness in your work. Even though the outer world is not yet set up to fully utilize the gifts you offer, the time is coming when your work will be fully understood and valued by the mainstream. In the meantime, refine your abilities and find ways to make your work accessible to people you might not have considered reaching before.

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