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New Moon Feb 15th at 5:02 pm EDT

March 15, 2010

Willow tree from Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This new moon in Pisces creates an intense urge to connect to the world of spirit. The New Moon underscores the need to process deeply held beliefs about the unseen nature of things, our understanding of subtle energies, and how to create new structures around what we perceive. How do the religions we were brought up in stack up to how we see things now? What do we expect from our spirit communities, how are we in harmony with then and what more do we need? Many will be finding the relief that comes with establishing a spiritual practice that is a regular part of their day. With all the changes and shifts going on, the inner world is becoming a source of strength and reliability. With Saturn’s help, we have the inner space to process and communicate the insights and active mental state that this new moon brings us. Things like meditation and yoga, anchor us and allow for new ideas to generate. And what a good time for that, as the astrological calendar comes to a close and the new energies heralded by the Sun entering Aries on the 21st at the Spring Equinox become available. With Mars having gone direct five days ago, we have a lot of energy to get things done, which is a good idea before Mercury goes retrograde in April.

Satrun and the conjunction of Moon, Sun, Mercury and Uranus form a t-square with Pluto, throwing energies into Cancer, which means that we still haven’t seen the last of the fallout from the housing crisis. It may take a new turn, with innovative solutions, ideas like co-housing, community housing and things like that.  New ideas of what home means to people, home and community. There is a strong need for regulation, low income housing programs and ways for people to take ownership of their communities without getting buried with high costs.

These same energies have a lot to say about earth changes as well, we will see more of this through the summer and fall. Being in tune with Mother Earth during this time will help us integrate the energies that are being expressed through the earthquakes and wacky weather we are experiencing. Destruction is a natural part of the regenerative power of the change from winter to spring, even when it is extreme as we witnessed in the East coast this past weekend with high winds and flooding. So no use being afraid, we are in it now and we must find ways to go with it and learn from it. With Mars trining Saturn, our bodies are one place where we can harmonize ourselves. In fact, working with acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic, Alexander Technique, all have good effect now. Our bodies are channels for the energies that are taking place on the earth, so any work we do to clear our own blockages, helps the earth to express energy through our bodies, almost like walking antennae! I will be writing more about this in the coming days.

Relationships are another focus with this New Moon. With Pluto sextiling Chiron and Neptune, there is the processing of deeply held wounds that starts to restore a sense of serenity and calm to our relationships. A lot of dirty laundry came out, and if you were dealing with it, there might have been some pain, but you will be feeling a lot of relief from shame and self  blame. An opening is happening for living a more authentic life, but first we have to let go of all the things we have constructed to keep ourselves from being “found out.”  This is good news, cause I think we are all tired of the constant attention we pay to public figures foibles. Maybe embracing our own imperfections will not only allow us to share more openly with the people in our lives, but with those around the planet as well. As we understand our relationship to all beings, the groundwork for greater change on the planet is being put into place. Finding out who we are and letting our true purpose ring out from within is our opportunity at the moment.

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