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Spring Equinox begins Saturday at 1:33 pm EDT

March 18, 2010

Well all I can say is phew, we are finally entering a new phase!!! Yea! The energies set forth by this chart are powerful forces setting the stage for economic and societal change all through out the spring till the summer solstice in June. The reflection of that on an inner level is apt, as we are asked to get our houses in order and take account for the ways we have not been practical about our finances, and use our creativity to plug into this shifting landscape and find our way. As we see old structures crumble (the Catholic Church, Wall Street, Banking in general, and even our legislative branches) and new players enter the stage (China, for one) we will be seeking the balance of resources and intellectual capital, as well as initiating systemic change of entrenched problems. The old ways are so weakened right now that implementation of better structure has real hope. All resistance will falter, because it can no longer hold up. I would not be surprised to see a national program of upgrading our energy grids and delivery, railroad systems, urban transportation and transportation system as a whole being presented in the coming months as a way to revive the economy.

Also, the healthcare system is much more fragile that we think, and regardless of endless political posturing, somehow the light will be shown on this and a new healthcare system will emerge. People want the truth, as we all become more frugal and financially responsible, we will in turn want our leaders and corporations to reflect that as well. Fancy advertising and hype are losing their hypnotic effect and the kool-aid is wearing off so to speak! Healthcare and how we take care of our bodies is under review and new and innovative technologies emerging around both healthcare and alternative medicine. There is a lot of energy available to gain healing in our subtle bodies, as Chiron and Neptune continue to partner up. Their energy is activating the moon, which is making an elegant and beneficent connection to Mars, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and Uranus. So dreams, inner worlds and the subtle realms are available to our bodies to feel and channel, our minds to process in innovative ways that reflect who we really are, and create new structures for our selves that reflect that. The urge will be to be more authentic, reveal our inner landscape and bring it to all of our outer dealings. Allow our egos’ to be refined by allowing the inner beauty to shine forward…no longer any energy left to repress who we really are. Come out, come out whoever you are!!

With Cancer on the horizon of the chart, I can’t underscore enough the importance of harmonizing with nature. I talked in the March 15 New Moon reading about earthquakes, and I have to emphasize that they will continue to rumble as the poles shift. The earth is expressing new energies and we are connected to her shifts, and in fact can ease the shifts if we learn to work with her in the subtle realms. I think of the earth rumblings as the earth letting us know about the stresses she has been holding for us, and the strange and unpredictable weather as release of those forces as well. The Shamanic practice of just sitting on the earth and letting her energies release through us in a sort of orgasmic force is truly enlightening, we are constantly expressing earth energy all the time and just don’t know it. Becoming more conscious of this and actually directing this energy will be the next stage of working with subtle energy on the planet. I will be posting some simple meditations that we can use to become more conscious of this connection in the coming days. If it’s nice out, go and just be in nature this weekend. And get in touch with gratitude for all the earth does for us.

We have the opportunity to begin again in the cycle of the seasons, starting with this Equinox itself. I have been engaged in the practice of working with the seasonal and moon cycles to manifest and direct my energy in harmony with the earth’s energy for a few years now, and it has changed how I look at the very idea of manifesting. The energy of the shift from inner contemplative Pisces to outer me-focused Aries is a powerful time to really get in touch with what you want to create in the coming year and imagining yourself doing so. Picking two to four things, clearly state your intention and before committing, try it on fully, do you really want this? If yes, put it down. And pay attention to what you are thinking about and feeling as well, because unconscious things also seem to take root and manifest at this time. Really be clear about your unacknowledged thoughts and dreams this equinox!! But most of all, play and let that inner you out!!

Another way to start working with energy is to participate in the Wednesday Night Clearings my Reiki Master Kathleen Milner and I (and a lot of others!) started doing over a year ago. It’s intention is to clear away dark energies and allow more of the light into our planet and our selves. It assists light workers and just feels good to do. The invocations are on the tabs on the top of my web page, and you can copy them and do them along with us. Or, if you want, just sit and meditate at 8:00 pm your time, and hold a positive attitude for as long as you would like. If you have Reiki attunement, send to the earth, send to the healers, send to the intention of healing. It’s a great way to connect and a lot of people are doing this.

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