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Full Moon in Libra Monday March 29th

March 31, 2010

The Full Moon in Libra Monday March 29th was chock full of amazing and confusing energies, as they burst onto the scene. A lot of these energies were wrapped up in subtle emotions, and the full effects of the full moon will not be felt till today, so it’s interesting that life intervened in the timing of sending out this report!! With the Moon conjunct Saturn and a sextile by Mars, many people experienced the awareness of emotional difficulties around people who tick you off, and restraint around emotion, which after the fact can be channeled into constructive action. Why do some people have that effect on us, and what can we do about it? What is a more balanced approach that we can follow to interacting with difficult personalities and how can we remain detached and calm in the face of acting out? As emotional reactivity is high now and being expressed in politics and especially, getting a handle on how this crops up on our emotional screen is a wonderful thing to start working with differently. It’s hard in the face of it to realize that peoples stuff is not about you a lot of the time, it’s about their own history. How we stand with that in someone becomes our issue, and our triumph if we can learn to be calm, reflective and restrained while someone acts out. It sure helps to get to what the REAL issues are, instead of the surface uncomfortability. Steadiness and uncompromising acknowledgement of our own issues, gives us new insight to how we can better navigate our relationships and use the energies of anger to take bold new steps in more constructive areas.

People are at this time embracing an inner wisdom, looking deeply inside themselves to find purpose and meaning to integrate the new spiritual understandings that are slowly changing their outlook on life. This is evidenced by Scorpio rising (deep wisdom) trined by Jupiter in Pisces (spiritual philosophy) and sextiled by the North Node in Capricorn (practical application of life purpose).  This is important, as so many people are shedding a past that was shaped by outside forces, and just can’t help but just be their true authentic selves right now. Since many of us find this uncomfortable, it can get mixed up in our character defects, but we will get better at expressing our authentic voices as we just use those rusty muscles a bit. As we gain confidence expressing this energy, we will begin to shape new destinies for ourselves, which a lot of us are struggling with right now. Bringing in the constructive emotional energy available to us right now, trust your insights and take the steps necessary to make your values, and what gives you meaning, take center stage in your life.

Another Yod this month reinforces some of the issues I have spoken of above, and we will begin to take steps toward healing our selves and humanity, with unexpected insight and mental clarity about how important it is to integrate the feminine sides of our nature with the male active parts. Yods are called fingers of God, they point to what needs to be transformed; in this case it is Saturn in 11th house Libra, loosely combined with the Moon. Retrograde Saturn is reminding us to be clever and methodical in all our affairs, reinventing ourselves with authority and measuring our actions with insight. How best can we structure our lives to reflect a changing economy, changing planet and emerging consciousness that includes all creatures? What steps can we take to re-imagine our careers, our dreams and our place in what is unfolding? How can we really be leaders and responsible in a communal way for this democracy we are part of? Saturn the focus of the yod is being strongly influenced by Neptune/Chiron on one side, and Mercury/Venus on the other side, both of those energies are being funneled through Uranus to push Saturn to act differently. So we have on one side a build up of the healing abilities many of us have access to, or the feeling of needing to be healed and to heal humanity, and on the other side a lot of mental focus on creativity, art, feminine wisdom and self-expression. Both of these are funneled into Uranus, which relates to the modern ways we are using energy, through healing the subtle body through Reiki and other energy modalities, as well as expressing it on the internet, ipod, computer and other technologies. These new technologies, both spiritual and electrical, as well as feminine earth spirituality of the spoken and intentional, become a focus in the reinvention of our lives. It’s really interesting!! It is as if we are all giving permission to the inclusion of spirit in all things into the equation of what is real and what is not…spirit is proving to be real. Unseen energies are being researched, written about, practiced and explored with results that compel us to recognize that things are much more interesting than we think they are!!

Lastly, the T-square of Saturn conjunct the Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Pisces and the Sun in Aries is outing a lot of pressure on the home front. Saturn and the moon are looking for new ways to organize consciousness, Pluto is providing personal experiences of how we need to deal with our own shadow sides and our egos are taking a bruising by the unexpected challenges that are surfacing due to layoffs, dwindling resources and having to readjust to lives that were not really authentic, but grasping for something that was not reflecting our true selves. This is shaking out in many people looking at their communities, ways of being in relationship and what families and individuals hold dear and how they express that in their home life. Many people are downsizing, or reorganizing and it is stressful. Many are ahead of the game and are hunkering down. But for all of us, there is a new level of stress in managing everyday affairs that wasn’t there before and takes up a lot of time and resources. Make sure that you are not depleted by this and get rest and exercise to counteract these stresses!!

In general, the lunar cycles continue to push us through our paces and if we can attune ourselves to this energy and not fight it, we have a greater chance of finding harmony and healing and living truly compassionate and fulfilling lives. But this does come with the painful inner reorganization that begs us to heal and be accountable in ways that we might not have wanted to before, and it is a small price to pay for authenticity and true inner freedom. So keep with it people, it’s really worth it in the long run!! And there is a lot of help available to all of us in places we might not expect to find it. Help turns up because we are compelled to move outside of ways that just are not working anymore. It’s the most interesting part of this journey we are on!! So till next New Moon in Aries on April 14th at 8:30 am, happy trails to you all!!

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