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New Moon April 14, 8:30 am

April 15, 2010

At the solstice in March the Sun moved into Aries, and today the Moon joins the Sun in Aries.  This coming together of male and female energies initiates a balance of the outer drive for power with the inner flow of feminine creativity and intuition, and we can use this moment of balance to move ahead in the world through action and new beginnings. The newly direct Mars was very active in the Solstice chart and a lot has happened in the past 3 weeks. In this New Moon chart Saturn takes over that role, which establishes a trend of action, movement and events that keep right on rolling. This means that there will be a progressive shift of established power bases, as well as secrets exposed and limitations lifted. It’s a good time to engage in change that you have been avoiding, as the energies are there to assist you like never before.

This new Moon squares exactly the Solar Eclipse that was just before the Haiti Earthquake, so I feel that large earthquakes will continue to happen (as I post this I just heard that indeed today there was another one in China). The square suggests more tectonic activity. I guess the earth is feeling the changes too. As a species, we are learning to process these earth events in a new way, feeling less victimized and allowing ourselves to become more awake and aware. It’s like the earth itself is trying to get our attention and shake us into selfless action, as there is much to do to help those being affected by the earthquakes, long after the event itself. I personally am putting in a plug for continued attention to our closest neighbor Haiti, which is still struggling on a daily basis much as it did immediately after the earthquake. Keep them in your prayers.

There is another yod this New Moon (involving Chiron/Neptune, Sun, Moon and Saturn), some call yods the finger of God, I feel that they are a powerful direction of energies into a specific place. This time, they are channeled into Saturn, which I began to speak about above. The Sun and Moon send their balance of energies into Neptune and Chiron, healing and releasing Spiritual intention. This gets channeled into Saturn in Virgo, which provides the cauldron for progressive healing to take place. This wise energy calls for deep integration of spiritual principles, so there is a lot of energy to reinvigorate personal spiritual practice right now. It is also wonderful time to receive regular energy healing and bodywork to heal conditions long held in the body. Or to begin a bodywork practice. As we process the deeply held wounds we have been working on, the subtle changes of that work is becoming evident and will continue to unfold in new ways. The North Nodes influence leads us to a wise feminine understanding of our karmic paths and allows us to recognize new ways to heal ourselves and others with compassion and understanding, instead of confrontation and anger. It’s a gentle healing energy.

Chiron will enter into Pisces April 19th.  The last 2 times this occurred in recent history was in 1960-68 and 1910-18, when the summer of love and the civil rights movements began and earlier the spiritualists movements took hold. I think people will once again become interested in these ideas and will personally experience oneness, universal connection, and divine love and wisdom. There will be a lot of movements that inspire people to look beyond themselves and not only feel the love, but act selflessly from that place to help others. The power of Saturn holds this promising outlook for us all.

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