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Taurus New Moon tonight at 9:05 pm EDT

May 13, 2010

This new moon, right when we want to settle in, feel good and tend to our gardens, we are being pushed to work on much deeper and more uncomfortable themes that surfaced over the past six months. How can we live together, what part do we play in the unfolding drama, how can we embrace our shadows and learn how to love ourselves, and how can we reframe our lives to adjust to the new world that is emerging around us? As we are coming to the end of the Mayan calendar, we are experiencing what Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Calleman call “time acceleration.” Everything is speeding up, information comes at us a mile a minute, and we feel like we are struggling to catch up. Onondaga Elder, Chief Oren Lyons says, that the traditional wisdom for the end times is “when things speed up, slow down.” That is essentially what we are being asked to do, slow down, turn off our iphones, and tune into the majesty of the earth around us and listen for messages of how we are to live our lives.

Again, we have another chart where every planet is involved in an aspect; a grand mostly fixed square (Pluto is in a cardinal sign) and another yod. The focal point is once again Saturn, as last month we felt the hand of change, again change starts to take shape in new structures and tears down things that no longer serve us. Saturn is still in Virgo, so even though we resist change, it is good for us; and if we allow it, healing as well. This time, Saturn is in the 10th house, so change is public, involves new careers, and visible structure. Things that we undertake now will have long lasting effects, and will provide new platforms for our place in the world. So even if you don’t have it all figured out yet, taking some action at this time will establish new direction, as many will be feeling the call of the spirit right now with that yod calling for us to think clearly, heal our spiritual soul longings, and take a chance starting something new. Now is a good time to write proposals, understand how to implement our ideas, and slow down enough to get it right.

There is a lot of pressure right now in our home lives, it’s really hitting home that things are not in balance in our world. There is a big disconnect between the populous and the leaders we put in office, between the corporations and banks and us the consumers. Because so many are feeling this on a personal level, things that we might have pushed away before about how the world operates, now is inescapable. We have access to reality and a level of critical thinking that is uncomfortable and painful, but necessary for our growth. I know, that’s something that your Mom would say!! But it’s true; we are face to face with our shadow, our collective choices and our responsibilities that we haven’t been able to accept about the world. The truth is, it doesn’t end with putting a good person in the White house, true democracy demands that we stay active, stay informed, stay with it, all the time. Democracy is a full time job for every constituate. It is not something we hand off to a president, or a senator and then let them go do their job. It’s OUR job!!! The energies of this new moon nudge us to accept that reality and step up to the plate. At least by taking one action.

Another thing we have to deal with is that our delusions are coming apart as we are being prompted to be in our higher minds and really think. It’s a time to assist this process by meditating and calming our thoughts so that we can think rather than react. There is a lot to think about. Spiritual leadership is being scrutinized, as the Catholic Church faces up to its years of sexual abuse and misdirection of sexual energies through celibacy as a failed idea. Philosophies of positive thinking need to be balanced with an acceptance of, and refining of, our negative habits. Fiscal crisis in our governments reflects our own spending habits and our relationship to consumerism. Our desires and fantasies of the “ideal life” are missing something…are we really living our life purpose? Many will be called to find their purpose over the summer months, and if we don’t, we will be faced with deep personal crisis when the cardinal square of June 26 comes about. This portent June Full Moon will put us face to face with our deepest selves, but will cause great heartbreak if we don’t let the coming moon phases and the planetary pull move us along towards our true north.

Women take center stage this month, as feminine wisdom starts to cause tension in the male established hierarchies, pushing for change. Also, there is a lot of healing of personal relationships as one embraces a spiritual perspective of compassion and trust. The focus is on things close to home, as people are not traveling as much this summer, and things that really matter have a chance to get the attention they deserve. The balance of the inner female and the inner male in all of us begins with allowing the inner male to lead and take action around the intuitive inner feminine’s vision.

Another note, lightworkers are being shaped and molded by this new moon, and many of you will find that your modalities are unfolding in new ways. Let the expression of healing energy change form, and you will be amazed as new ways of working with subtle energy start to teach you brand new things. Trust and let it guide you. Your clients will be happy with the results!

Enjoy these energies and have fun integrating them into your life…they are just waiting for you to do so!!

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