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Last nights Full Moon in Sagittarius 5/27/10 7:08 pm EDT

May 28, 2010

Again we have a planetary set-up that has all of the planets contributing to a major shift in consciousness. I know, that is the phrase going around, but in astro-speak, that is what is happening in the heavens. All of the planets are in a dance that is pretty incredible. Just to note, this kind of action is not common, in fact it is rather extraordinary. Most lunations involve a few planets, but not ALL the planets, in rather eloquent configurations, I might add.

Take note that Uranus is entering Pisces this month. This extra bang creates some cosmic relief, much the way a thunderstorm changes the electrons in the atmosphere around you. It just feels better when you release pent up energy. We also have Chiron entering Pisces, so the healing nature of the release is quite potent, and long needed, on a mass scale. Thus the idea that we are being shifted as a people…or maybe the planet is being shifted and we as humans are feeling it and expressing that feeling in how we process the shifting energies. Are we being egotistical thinking that “we” are the targets of this change…maybe we are being changed cause we happen to live here. Just a thought!

I have this idea, really spurned by the writings of Barbara Hand Clow, Carl Calleman, and conversations with Andrew Harvey, following crop circles, my experiences in non-ordinary reality as a medium and shaman, and my study of astrology and the cosmos. Ya, I know a lot of different things, but they all add up to some interesting thought.

Here it is. The earth is an energetic being all to herself. She emits energy, has a subtle body, meridians, chakras, she has a consciousness. Entities spring out of her; she holds the dreamtime, the underworld, the shamanic realms, the roots of plants, and the roots of our very energy bodies. She opens vortexes to take the dead, their bodies and their spirits. She is magical and we are mini versions of her energy in human form. We feel things as emotional beings that allow us to handle energies and process them as thought. There is a reason for that.

I believe we are all here for a very important reason, that we chose to be here, and we are very distracted from our real purpose by the mishigos that comes out of our minds and becomes form, created jointly as a species. The “bag we drag,” as Robert Bly puts it, has caused us much pain, and it is about to be dealt with so that we can focus on one thing, channeling energy as lightning rods for the earth. Do you remember the movie The Fifth Element, when the character Lilu saves the world when she is held up by Bruce Willis and she channels a huge beam of light that stops the catastrophe? Well we are that, if we could just settle down and still our minds for a few moments, we would realize that WE are the way the world will be “saved.” We don’t have to ascend as a people, be perfect, become gods…we already ARE gods. We have no idea. It isn’t about global warming, eco disaster, any of those things, although I believe we are headed for that on some level if we don’t wake up to the simple truth. It’s about being still and listening to the energies around us, and responding to the call. I believe the clues to that are in the astrological energy keys these powerful lunations are laying out before us. What to do about it will come from inside each one of us when the time is right. We are not far off from that time. Everyone gets to participate, whether they like it or not, but I think it is most helpful if one is conscious of being a helper, and recognizes that we are being called on to do so.

Getting down to the astrology, lets see how these ideas play out. Tonight’s Sagittarius Full Moon is in a Scorpio 1st house and it is aspected by both super charged Chiron and Uranus which are entering new houses. So, we have the chance for new beginnings, as we are being collectively challenged to heal spiritually. Uranus is gently tugging us towards allowing our subconscious to embrace new ways of seeing ourselves. The energies prompt us to take philosophical actions, as we are beginning to feel a personal philosophy forming around the penetrating insights that are emerging from the subconscious fog we have been in. The qualities of those insights are tempered by those gentle spurts of spiritual healing energies; mass healing of deeply held traumas that have been played out by the ego self, which allow expanded insight and innovative intuition. A change of pace is called for as we actually feel a pressure to be home and work on our property, making it nicer to be in. The moon is also feeling the female recognition of the power of well channeled sexuality, so it is a good time for hanky panky and getting closer to our partners, as well as just letting ourselves feel powerful, if we chose to hold that sexual power inside ourselves. Mostly there is a stripping away of a lot of outer distraction to get to an inner core of feeling that has been repressed for some time.  So don’t be afraid to let it out!

There is an interesting parallel pair of quincunxes involving both the sun and the moon. Quincuxes create tension between 2 planets that are not quite opposite each other, and pull energies from one another. Here we have dual male and female energies – Moon quincunx Venus, and Sun quincunx Pluto, with Moon being opposite the Sun and Pluto being opposite Venus. Feminine receptive energy coming to terms with repressed power and a surge of energy to express it in an innovative, intuitive way. Along side this an illumination of the egoic battles and power struggles that have been dominating the world stage.

What this energy will allow is a shift from absolute power over others, to cooperative power that comes from a commitment to create a stable sharing of resources and empowerment to challenge the status quo. Creativity will be challenged, but will resurge due to the need for new solutions and scientific breakthroughs. It reminds me of the change from the 60’s to the 70’s where challenges to the status quo unleashed a flow of creativity in education, science, and commerce and as a result, the 80’s flourished. Then there was a conservative backlash as the weaker sides to all of that expansion were revealed. We became very complacent and let those in power have all the power they wanted. Now the urge inside all of us is to connect to our own power, our creative ability to renew, now that so much has been stripped away.

There is less energy to hold onto old ideas, and provocative challenges become a call to action to rise up and get moving. I hope that means we will see many more people becoming involved in our democracy, as democracy only works when all individuals take responsibility for the collective whole. That means all of us taking personal responsibility!! What a concept! Instead of this seeming to be a huge task, what we will find is that it is becoming a way of being that is intuitive and natural, part of the flow of life, and not another agenda to add to our complex lives. Imagine what can happen if people are including thoughts such as cooperative living, energy efficiency, local food, urban gardening, recycling, less consuming, more relating, just to name a few. Some of these ideas are already a big part of our lives and people are taking them to the next group level. What happens when we make changes like making love and forgiveness a priority, incorporating practices of stillness and respect for nature, realizing that we are all subtle energies interacting with each other. The things we forget and this lunation reminds us is that we need to use urgency and force, our power, to implement these things, along side of softness. We don’t wait until forgiveness takes hold, we have to work at it. Things that don’t come naturally need practice, and we are reminded that owning our power takes practice too.  So take a cue from this energy and find ways to implement this in your own lives.

The whole time, Mercury is encouraging us to THINK, to use our minds and inhabit our personal power to choose, to discern, and to filter all the information we are bombarded with. Being stable in our minds gives us the ability to be successful in our lives, it creates the fertile ground for manifesting our divine desires, and the ability to speak them into reality. We are being called on to evaluate what we are bringing forth. What are we creating? And how to we want to manifest love, harmony and a restoration of our planet and our own security? What are our lives going to look like in a few years? This is one of those ah-ha moments…and holding stable thoughts illuminates the work we have done on our psyches and the work that still needs to be done. It’s within our grasp now to heal ourselves from our collective traumas, and our personal trials. But it is work to hold right thought, a clean steady mind, and really depends on the discipline of the practices we use to hold onto positive thought while working with the negative. The shadow does not go away, it cannot be pushed away either, but this lunation speaks of the ways it can be blended into a complete package of who we are in a healed and grounded fashion. Accepting our faults leads us to living in harmony with others.

Finally I want to touch on the ever present Pluto Square Saturn still opposite Uranus and Jupiter conjunct and quincunx Chiron and Jupiter conjunct. This energy is a bit intense, and asks us to become more of who we really are by letting new structures into our lives, forming a daily spiritual practice and learning how to surrender with grace to long held life challenges. Daily meditation or inspirational thought prepares us to listen to the messages . Letting go is the only way to transform and it is getting easier to do so. It absolutely can become second nature to surrender to a divinity that is inside us. Meditation or some type of contemplative practice opens up these doors for us. This is good practice for becoming a people united in one world, each uniquely learning to get along with ourselves and by measure, each other.  As Cat Stevens said “Oh, baby, baby it’s a wild world. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.” We all need something more substantial to lean upon right now, and faking it just won’t do!! It’s gotta come from inside.

Happy full moon friends!!

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