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Summer Solstice, Monday June 21st, 2010, 7:30 AM EDT

June 20, 2010

Wanting to settle into the sensuous relaxing summer rhythm, it might be hard to let go and relax with all the changes happening in our lives. As we assess what is happening, take a look at the Spring Equinox intentions you created. How are they coming along, and what new has been added to your plate? Don’t get side tracked by all the inner chatter, let the emerging potential of this Solstice get you back on track with your intentions. It’s important right now to embrace our potential, and not be daunted by the circumstances around us. The dawning realization that old ways of being will not work in the same way anymore plays on any insecurities that we might feel. How we use our minds to see clearly and yet be patiently in the unknown is the dance, for we do not have the experience to know where we are headed yet, but need to have clear and stable thoughts to get us through the mire of fear that always precedes our greatness. We have it in us to be amazing, but do we believe it? This is the time to think and create big, for the power is with us to manifest what we really want.

This solstice with five tight oppositions, grand trine, and grand square; is preparing us for the big cardinal grand square on the June 26th Eclipse, opening a door for more shifts. The way to resolve oppositions, which tend to pull us in different directions, is to put ourselves in the middle and reach upwards towards a spiritual solution, in an alchemy of sorts. Harnessing the creative potential in this way also keeps us centered and stable in the midst of great force, finding our power and strength. The Grand Trine increases our intuition. So we have these four strong ideas:

  • Abundance and expansiveness coupled with explosive insight of actually revamping how we hold ourselves in the world. This allows us to create new philosophies and methods that give us the power to change anything we want. Think big!
  • Allowing new structures to emerge, we will be able to organize ourselves from the bottom up, de-cluttering and making a strong financial and personal core.
  • Allowing ourselves to discover hidden humility and releasing shame helps us to clear the way to move ahead from a place of love and compassion.
  • Allowing intuition, our higher self, and help from our spirit allies to filter through will allow us to claim our power and relax with our shadow self. The ancestors and spirit guides are very accessible at this time, and all we have to do is ask to be shown how to work with them.

The great gift of this Solstice is a chance to be restored to balance by allowing ourselves to let go and surrender. Part of refining the ego is to be brought to ones knees. We are getting a first glance at that. Letting go of preconceived ideas of power, we are challenged to contemplate surrender of all that gets in the way of feeling love. What does love actually mean to us? As we are moved to help others, to be of service, there is a huge part of our defenses that falls away, much like a glacier cracking off a huge face of ice…down it goes into the ocean of collective humanity. Ahhh, our authentic self peeking through!

Interestingly enough, Mercury is the only planet not involved here…floating free. Where are our minds, how are we going to see the positive while embracing the shadow? Are we being allowed to have a momentary overview, a renewal of critical thinking that allow us to not be unduly influenced by our circumstances? In the coming Eclipse/New Moon on June 26th, Mercury comes into play conjunct with the Sun. This is too close to see beyond the ego. It’s as if we get a glimpse of our minds outside of events during the Solstice, then plunge right back into them. Hopefully we bring insight with us as we see ourselves being projected on to the Moon during the Eclipse, our shadows visible for constructive action.

Happy Solstice, take it all in and I’ll have another New Moon reading up soon!!

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