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At a Crossroads, What Do We Choose?

June 26, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Saturday June 26 7:31 AM

Today we have a grand cardinal square and lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse can be seen from many parts of North America…check it out at

This chart is amazing in its simple and straightforward message – we are at a crossroads and unless we use the tools at our disposal for radical change, we stand to lose a lot. As I mentioned in my previous Solstice reading, squares are resolved by standing in the middle and looking up, consider each energy that is tugging on you, and finding it’s highest expression.  Although this is a cardinal square, which implies activity, movement and ambitions, the house placements and the planets involved express the subconscious, healing deep wounds, and subtle energies mixed with inventive new structures and creative new ways to think about our lives. In the face of the biggest ecological disaster to the oceans we have ever seen, we have a world stage that might be as receptive as it ever will be to embracing the new. But this chart implies that there is a lot more change to come and if not embraced, upheaval and difficulties will be what we encounter.

Breaking it down into 4 essential ideas to consider:

  • Today is a time of reassessing, looking at what we want to create. What is our part in this unfolding drama that we get the privilege of participating in? We are invited to look at our shadows and not hide our warts. In fact we have an opportunity to come to a place of deep humility if we can think about offering ourselves to the service of humanity in an imperfect way, just as we are. Although we want to submerge and hide when we come in contact with our faults, countering that with constructive, piercing action brings balance.  The deep processing of our wounds allows insights to come to us that help us move into nurturance. The Solstice established a theme of keeping focused on the bigger picture and of service. Here we are encouraged to further that, with knowledge of our own selves and the tools we use to overcome personal difficulty applied to the larger community.
  • As we take time today, also consider what truly makes us powerful. Power comes from the inside, when we have grappled with ourselves and can plumb the depths with confidence; we express power with, not over others. This is where we are headed, if we can stretch ourselves to act on this concept and bring our healing into alignment with our actions. If you can’t find a job, create one that can help others face the problems you are facing. Be co-creative, and express your power, not submerge it.
  • We are asked to consider changing our philosophies, maybe even replacing traditional religion with a new way of looking at humanity. Radical expansive thought and new creations abound. Get your inventor hat on!! There are a lot of new things to be created, be part of it.
  • The fourth thing we are asked to look at is to create healing structures, spiritual houses that include the mystical and subtle energies. Creating structures that include the unseen world and its counterparts is where spirituality is finds it’s highest expression. Our relationship with the subtle world is coming into focus and as more people experience the paranormal. We are healed and brought into alignment when we acknowledge the forces that live all around us and guide us every moment. Asking these forces to work with us is what they have been longing to do, they just have been waiting for us to wake up and realize they are there.  Subtle forces also have much to lose if the earth goes down. We must learn how to use our connection to them in a more conscious fashion than we are encouraged to by current religious dogma. It’s another way of eradicating fear, as most of us grew up being afraid of what goes bump in the night. Developing these structures by having a daily meditation practice, retreats and constant replenishing of our selves through inspirational reading are ways to take this seriously.

One last thought…we must all learn how to be leaders of unconditional love, examples of compassion, true caring and trust. Outside the struggle is just simple love. This is who we really are. Adopt an attitude of love today and see what happens.

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