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Solar Eclipse Sunday July 11

July 9, 2010

New Moon in Cancer at 3:41 PM with a Solar Eclipse that begins at 2:15 PM and ends at 4:52 PM EDT. The Solar Eclipse can be seen in the South Pacific at Easter Island and then in parts of Argentina and Chile. See more at:

This chart refines the energies expressed when the sun entered Cancer of the Solstice, and the June 26 Cardinal Grand Square. A great shift has taken place in the subtle energies around us, and with help from divine source, we are getting in touch with our abilities to create new things in our lives. This chart reveals the unfolding of several key energies, as shown by a newly retrograde Uranus at 0 degrees Aries, a mostly Cardinal T – Square, and two interrelated yods.

First I want to get into this mostly cardinal t-square, which is still holding some of the energy from the past full moon lunar eclipse and grand cross. When we faced ourselves a few weeks ago and looked deep inside out hearts to what we really want to create, what did you find? Did it seem impossible? Did you just want to chuck it all? Well here we are, the wheat is about to be separated from the chaff. This rebirthing isn’t going to be easy, take it from a Mom. But the amazing strength one gains from going through the eye of the storm is upon us. Gather up your mental and creative power to keep your heads on straight. A day or two of wallowing is ok, but then, get a mental grip on yourself and snap out of it. Get back to the hard work of creating. And don’t stop. Our life depends on each and every one of us moving right through this.

T-squares want resolution, to throw energy into the empty quadrant, in this case Cancer/8th house, other peoples money, taxes, the occult and fear of death. So, what is on everyone’s minds…Are we getting what we paid for with our governments, are they able to take care of us at all, is there a secret agenda, can we really work with the unseen world in terms of manifesting and setting ourselves right, and how does loss make us more compassionate?

With this in mind, the temptation is to blame the powers that be, but lets not miss the point. Real power lies with the individual. It’s up to us to redefine the structures that allow us to excel and create our own wealth, wealth of the heart and wealth of collective intelligence. Each one of us is being called on to imagine our own path as a leader, and to develop a philosophy of leadership tempered by power from within channeled from the divine. As we all beginning to see, we are lightning rods bringing down divine energy from source. The true nature of each individual is revealed when we master the darkness in our hearts so that we can see the beauty of our souls. That is our birthright and lets not get distracted from it with all the ways we use to tune out.

We have been offered a glimmer of what is changing in our world since late May ‘10. Now we get a chance to let the seeds of what’s new take hold and resonate with our hearts. The new will unfold in exciting and unpredictable ways, so it’s important to stay centered, allow for feeling uncomfortable. Don’t try to force or judge what is happening. A new you is emerging. This is where we see the divine interacting with our will…taking actions around what is showing up in our lives will reap the most benefit if we can stand to let the new things grow. Staying open and creating a space for grace amid great uncertainty allows you to choose to stay in a higher vibration.

There is a lot of manifesting energy alive in this chart…an absolute ability to create long term projects that are heart centered and active – social entrepreneurs, now is your time to make new strides. It is a time of leadership, rising up and demanding that love and compassion be center stage. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people experienced a heart opening at this time, spontaneous forgiveness, or ease around difficult situations. It’s as if all the energy of conflict just doesn’t have the importance it once held and it makes you think differently. For example, realizing that conflict at work just doesn’t seem really relevant now, allows you to free your energy to attend to things that really matter to you.  Something new is calling, slow down to hear what it is.

This new moon eclipse is going to push us past our fears, and will rile up our anger to do that. Use it constructively. As the energies around us are highly unpredictable, being conscious of the fact that anger can get out of hand and planning to use it constructively is key. Having a way to distance oneself from it will help. Meditating, taking a walk, exercising, making a phone call to a trusted friend, running the energies of anger through your body, all of these things allow for more opportunities to work with anger than being consumed by it. Rest with anger, then act with energy!!

Lets look at the first of the 2 yods. The idea here is about healing the way we relate to authority and power. Because we deny our own power, we have had a very warped view of our leaders. We want them to look good and to fix things, save us, and to be perfect, to be different than us. A very tall order. We have been projecting the image of our disavowed shadow onto political leaders, religious leaders, teachers, spiritual teachers, policemen, and celebrities. And we got what we paid for. Finally maybe this is getting shattered. Democracy is an advanced concept of self governance, based on individuals knowing them selves. Looking deeply into our hearts for direction, each individual gets to choose. If we are all leaders participating in Government, anyone can step up to be a humble servant, and each individual has equal power. This is a hard concept to truly grasp, because look at how many people were left out of it over the centuries. It is time for a readjustment of what we need and what any human individual is truly capable of as a leader. It’s time again for the god/king concept to take hold, but this time within each of us. Maybe then we can pick a spiritually aligned person with a foundation of clear sight, who knows how to provide security and is grounded enough to rebuild our country.

The second yod is a bit more subtle. The focal point here is touching the hearts of many by a deeper spiritual healing and alignment at our very core, it’s our root chakra that is being woken up. Many of us will ask, what the heck have I been plugged into? We are being asked to readjust at a very core level, to begin again and really examine what we are connected to. Sitting on the earth and running our energies down into the earth is one way to harness this energy. What is our primal nurturing relationship with spirit? Plumb the depths and find that connection. We are going to need it in the years ahead. Step into leadership to create new healing structures and modalities to deal with what is unfolding. So many people are starting over and need direction. People are beginning to ask the good questions. And a lot of us have the experience to guide others through in our own unique way.

It’s time to shine.

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