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Compassion, Creativity and Action

July 26, 2010

Full Moon July 25, 2010

This lunation, we have another T Square formation, a Yod, a wonderful Grand Trine/Sextile and a lot of parallel tension in two Quincunx set-ups. And Venus sits outside all the major action trining the North Node.

This full moon continues the very narrow passage we are being squeezed through, finding new pathways for our talents, dreams and true calling to emerge. Sorry folks. this is a slow stretch we are in, you might feel like you are repeating a lot of ground. If you look carefully, you will see that what is being worked on is our ability to be flexible, really creative, responsive and attentive as we are led in entirely new directions. Even though you felt like you just reinvented yourself, the ground is changing again and you will find that what you have been through is only the rehearsal for a greater shift. Embrace it!! It’s an amazing gift. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves that we have to keep working, just keep working!!! Those who stay with it will see great results.

The planets continue to be set up to create and release tension, so it won’t feel good for a bit. Despite the discomfort, we are beginning to see the possibilities of a new way of being. We can sense it even through we are at an impasse energetically. Because we are being pulled in so many directions, we might just want to remain at home and try to relax, yet that is not too easy, for the energies want us to fix up our homes, our environments, our bodies.

We are being slowed down so that we take the correct actions based on reality, not fantasy or false hope. We are beginning to understand that the unexpected is a cauldron of exciting potential; so being precise with our actions will get the best results. There is great power in looking at our selves as right sized beings, eliminating grandiosity and it’s opposite – feeling too small. We are being pointed towards the collective power of many individuals in motion, together toward a greater good. Only humility can allow the heart opening necessary for change.

We are all going through a spiritual test right now, an initiation into a more personal spirituality. As more and more people are waking up to the power struggles present in religion that are leading us away from ourselves, we are turning to an inner source that we know has always been present, but has never been tapped before. Even for those experienced on the path, there are new unexpected challenges the require going much deeper into trust and faith than ever before. This is an active spirituality we a plunging into, balanced by daily spiritual practice, and acting from that place. This is not sitting still in the monastery, it is moving into action compelled by strength and power of inner stillness. We need to bring out the spiritual warrior energy and honor it.

It is a time of small, grounded steps toward freeing our selves from the bondage of control and manipulation. We are all being manipulated in so many ways; we are being offered a chance to step away from the madness. Again, the theme is about taking small steps to free ourselves from consumerism, religion, politics, hot button issues, personal prejudices, and debt, by having awareness of how these things keep us bound and reactive. By slowing ourselves down and dealing with what is around us right now, we have the ability to transcend our circumstances. Waking up to the fact that when facing extinction, none of the crazy things we keep ourselves occupied with really matters. What matters is our families, and friends and keeping them safe and close. What matters is how we live our lives in every moment and our response to our own personal power. How are we going to use our insight and wisdom to be a part of what is unfolding?

The yod poses very elegant questions that will be on our minds for months to come – What part are we going to play in the unfolding of a new workforce of people ready to change from the deepest aspects of themselves? How are we going to use our talents and gifts to heal humanity? How can we operate from a deeply held humility and really reach the hearts and souls of those around us? How can we learn from our mistakes, maintain a sense of power, infuse ourselves with spirit and stand in our convictions? It’s a lot to take in all this emphasis on the understanding of personal power and the creativity of the moment. We are it folks. Lets get going!!

It all seems so challenging, and down right scary. It is, but as we ease into it, or get pushed, the influences are steady and stable if we hang out in creativity, action, a sense of leadership, and take a big leap of faith. The whole idea is that we are setting the table for compassion and love to be a natural state. Anger is a call to action, not aggression. War cannot exist in a field of love and forgiveness. The opening is happening now. And more will be revealed.

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